Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Anxiously Waiting

Darren's P.O.V.

Life couldn't seem to get any better for Darren, until that is Emma actually told him he could come to her. The happiness in his heart was bursting.

He was going to be a father! The words never got old to him. Darren wanted to leave the minute Emma had said he could come out to her apartment in the city. She still hadn't given him her address though. Sighing Darren began getting ready to open the store.

He was a little late this morning, due to being up until almost three in the morning texting with Emma. He just couldn't help himself, she was in his every thought now. Before heading to the store, Darren stopped by her mother's house. It had become his new routine.

"Hey hon." Her mother said with a smile. "The coffee's ready at the table." She stepped aside and Darren followed her to the kitchen after shutting the door behind himself.

"Hey Mrs. S. You sleep well?" Darren asked politely.

"I did, did you? Or another sleepless night?" She asked as they both sipped on their coffee.

"When I did finally get to sleep it was good. I was up talking with Emma." Darren said with a smile.

"Good, I'm so glad she is talking with you. This baby is going to have so much love. I'm ready to meet him." She said with a huge grin. Darren couldn't agree more.

"I know. I can't either. I finally got her to agree to let me go out to the city. She hasn't given me her address yet though." Darren sighed as he ran his hand threw his hair. It was frustrating. He wished he could just go and find her. The city was too big for all that though.

"She will, it probably just slipped her mind. Let me talk to her later and remind her." They continued their chat for the length of their coffee's. After, Darren hugged her and made his way to the store.

Darren lost count of how many times he stared at the ultrasound. It was addicting to him. He was ready to know the gender. He was ready to hear the little nuggets heartbeat. He was ready to see Emma's stomach grow as their little nugget grew and thrived inside of her.

When Darren's mother and father showed up, they all gushed over the ultrasound for the thousandth time since he got it.

"I just can't believe it still." His father stated as his mother cashed out a customer.

"I know. I'm going sometime in the next week or two. Emma finally agreed to let me come out there. I want to be there when they reveal the gender." Darren stated. Both of his parents smiled at this.

"It's a boy, I'm telling you. It's just a hunch." His father said.

"I think so too, so does Emma's mom." Darren said with a smile. It would be great, his first child being a boy, but honestly Darren didn't care one bit, as long as the little nugget was healthy.

"And just because you all speak on it that it will be a boy, you just watch, it'll be a little girl. I hope it's a girl. She will be so precious." His mother gushed.

After staying for another hour or so, Darren decided to make his way home. He knew it was probably a little premature, but he wanted to start getting a bag ready. He planned on leaving as soon as he had her address.

Darren hadn't drank heavy since Emma had told him about the baby. He wanted to be perfect for her and the baby. He had even begun building a crib for the baby. He was crafting it out of a deep cherry pine wood. He worked on it a little bit everyday.

He hadn't told anyone about it yet. Darren wanted it to be complete first and even then, he wanted Emma to be the first to see it. He only hoped she would see it in person instead of over a picture. Darren wanted to know the gender for the finishing touches. He wanted to carve special objects into the wood.

Darren wanted so badly to talk her into moving in with him. He didn't want to miss anymore than he already had. Darren hated he already missed what he had.

I miss you.

Darren texted Emma on an impulse. He hoped he wasn't bothering her while she was working. While he waited for her reply, Darren fixed himself some lunch, thinking back to morning Emma had cooked them breakfast in his clothes. He sighed at the memory, it filled his brain as he thought of that morning. Seeing Emma laid back on his table, moaning in pleasure. God, he missed her. Just thinking of her had him starting to feel uncomfortable in his

Darren jumped when his phoned chimed and immediately opened it.

I miss you too, sorry I'm at work.

Darren smiled at her words. He really did miss her more than words could ever express. Every text from her made his smile grow bigger.

It's all good. I just left the store, cooking some lunch.

Darren chuckled as he snapped a picture of his five grilled cheeses he had just finished making and sent it to Emma.

Wow, hungry much?

This made Darren literally laugh out loud. He couldn't help that only one or two did nothing to satisfy his hunger.

Gotta eat something, since my favorite meal is thousands of miles away.

Darren got a little nervous as he hit send. He hoped she wouldn't turn away his flirt. He finished his lunch and cleaned up before Emma replied.

What's that? Applebees? :p

Darren laughed. Emma knew damn well he wasn't talking about no Applebees.

Yea, sure, that. ;p

Chuckling, Darren waited for her next text. What he wanted was to hear her voice. What he really wanted was to see her face, and hold her.

I can take u there once u get here. Big ol' steak on me...unless u need 5 of those too ;p

Darren couldn't suppress his laugh at that message.

He was beyond ready to see her.

Nah, one is good, but forget Applebee's, I want u to cook it for me, or I can cook for u ;)

Darren just wanted her address already.

I vote u as cook. ;)

Darren smirked.

Oh, u will love it then. ;)

Darren could picture her now. Beautiful as ever before, glowing, smiling. He couldn't wait to have her in his arms where she belonged. Always belonged.

Darren supposed she had gotten busy at work, she wasn't texting back anymore. Setting his phone on the table, he snuck off to his shed and continued working on the baby's crib. While he worked, he tried to brainstorm ways to try and get her to move in with him.

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