Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Emma's P.O.V.

Emma was nervous as could be. It had now been a couple days since she had told Darren he could come out to the city to see her. She felt like at any turn she would run into Darren. He was the impulsive type. The kind of guy to get an idea into his head and act. She just knew one of these days he would just pop up.

Would it really be so bad though? Wasn't that what she wanted? For him to show her just how badly he wanted to be around?

Emma shook her head to clear her thoughts as she climbed the stairs to her third floor apartment. She knew eventually towards the end of her pregnancy these stairs would take their toll on her. Unless she decided to leave. Leave and move back home with Darren.

Her heart fluttered at just the thought of living with Darren. Having him right there threw everything during this pregnancy and everything that would follow after giving birth to their child.

As she unlocked her door, her phone chimed. Emma smiled. Texting was now kind of like their thing. Sure she would love to call and hear his voice, but it was easier talking over text. She didn't have to hear the emotion in his voice, she wouldn't hear his sexy deep voice flirt with her. Texts were easier.

What are you doing?

Emma read the text after she went to her bedroom.

About to take a hot bath. HBU?

Emma smirked, she knew right where Darren's mind was about to take him. She wanted it to. She would be a liar if she didn't admit she had been missing him in more ways than one.

Can I join u?

Darren's reply sent a shiver down her spine. She honestly wished he could.

I wish u could...if only u were here...

Emma blushed as she sent the message. She had never text anyone this way before in her life. It made her feel a little naughty, and she liked it.

If i was u would let me?

Emma smirked. If he only knew.

Yea, too bad huh?

Emma sighed as she lowered herself down into her tub. She wished like hell she had jets in the tub, her back was aching something fierce today. Emma had placed her phone onto a dry towel on the floor next to her.

Yea, it really is. Don't worry, I'll be joining u before u know it. ;)

Emma blushed, part of her wished she wasn't so far away from him. That she was in his tub in his house and he was just a few blocks away working. That way he really could join her.

I miss you. I want to see you.

Emma set her phone down and leaned back in the tub. She really did miss Darren. She missed how happy she was around him, she missed how good he made her feel, how complete she felt when she was around him. Maybe they would live here in her apartment. But that would never work, not with his business being in town. Emma sighed and grabbed her phone as it chimed twice.

The first message made her smile. It was a picture, Darren took a close up selfie and he was smiling hugely.

Does that help?

Emma smiled and looked at his picture again.

I think RL version is much better ;)

Emma teased Darren. It really didn't matter, picture or in person, Darren was one handsome SOB.

Oh, OK, I see how it is...u know i miss u too...would LOVE to c u right now ;)

Emma blushed. He wanted her to send him one back, but she was in the tub! Emma had never before sent any man or boy a clad picture. Shrugging, Emma pushed bubbles up and covered all parts that should be, and blushed deeply as she took the picture. Before she could change her mind, she hit send.

How's that? ;)

Still blushing, Emma anxiously awaited his reply, it took a few minutes longer than usual.

AMAZING...u have no idea what u do to me woman...

Emma blushed deeper at his words. She caught herself wishing she could see what she did to him. Emma recalled in her memory of Darren's long thick hard erection and felt tingles all the way down to her toes.

What's ur address woman?

Emma sighed, this was it, once she gave it to him there was no doubt he would be at her door in a day or so. Was she ready?

Quickly, before she could her mind, Emma texted him her address. She was ready. She only wished it wouldn't take him a day or so to get there. The way she was feeling right now, she wanted to teleport him there with the snap of her fingers.

I can't wait to c u Darren...

Emma lifted herself out of her now cold bath and wrapped her towel around herself.

Trust me, I'm beyond ready to see u beautiful ;)

Emma sighed heavily this time and set her phone down. Still in her towel she began to prep a salad for her dinner. She had been craving a chicken ceaser salad all week and had finally went out to buy all the ingredients earlier that day before work. As she went to her room to get dressed, she heard a knock at her door.

Having no idea who it could be, Emma threw on her favorite sundress and went to answer the door. On her way she stopped to check the chicken, the aroma filled her modest apartment.

The knocking was now pounding as she tried to rush to answer the door.

As she pulled the door open, her heart skipped a beat.


His face turned into a huge grin when he saw Emma. He scooped her up into his arms and slammed the door shut behind him with his foot. Emma couldn't stop her heart from pounding, it literally felt like it was about to burst out of her chest.

Darren was here. She was in his arms. Emma turned and looked into his eyes and that was all it took. Emma wrapped her arms around his neck and planted her lips on his in a long searing kiss.

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