Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Emma's P.O.V.

After Emma had pulled herself from Darren's lips, she smiled hugely at him. She really couldn't believe how much she had missed him. And to think, she had gone six years without this man in her life. She had no idea how.

Darren stood just taking her in, Emma wished she knew what he was thinking. Right as she was about to speak, she smelled it.

"SHIT." She ran off to her kitchen and opened the oven. Cursing more as she pulled the now burnt chicken out of the oven. Darren rounded the corner with a frown on his face.

"Oh, I made you burn your food. I'm sorry Em." Darren looked a little sad as he saw the disappointment that was surely written all over her face.

Emma was literally sad. Super sad her chicken had burnt, it was enough to quickly sour her mood, slightly.

"It's OK, I just was really craving a chicken ceaser salad. Like so bad. You have no idea. I can literally taste it in my mouth." Emma pouted as she allowed Darren to move around her in the kitchen and get rid of the now burnt chicken.

"Well, if it's chicken ceaser salad you want, than you shall get it my love. Let's go, get your shoes on. We my sweet lady, are going to AppleBee's." Darren said with a wink her way. Emma chuckled, recalling their text messages.

"Are you sure, I mean you just got here. I don't mind finding something else." Emma said knowing fully that Darren was not about to let her forgo her salad.

"Let's go woman, before I change my mind and take you back into that lovely bathtub you have." Darren sent her another wink and Emma felt her face turn five shades darker as she blushed.

Emma quickly righted her hair and grabbed her favorite black flats from her closet and met Darren by the door. It was so surreal to have him here, in her apartment, in the city.

"You look beautiful tonight." Darren smiled down at her as they walked hand in hand down the block to the AppleBee's. Emma smiled up at him.

"Thank you. I'm really glad you came." Emma lightly squeezed Darren's hand and he smiled down at her.

"I told you, I would go anywhere, if it meant i got to be around you Em." Darren gave Emma's hand a squeeze back as he tried his best to weave in and out of the people on the sidewalk. Emma chuckled as she watched him. With every bump, Emma knew just from the tension in his strong broad shoulders, he was getting more and more agitated.

Some weaved and Emma bobbed and they bumped into her. This almost set Darren off.

"Hey watch where the hell you're walking pal!" Darren shouted, the person who bumped her turned began shouting back something neither of them could make out as they continued to move forward.

"Hey, Darren, I'm fine, they barely brushed me." Emma placed her hand on his chest in an attempt to calm him. Darren shook his head roughly and gave her a weak smile.

"Are you sure, cause I am more than happy to track him down and force him to apologize. You are carrying precious cargo after all." Darren smiled as Emma blushed and nodded as Darren placed his hand on her tummy and gently rubbed.

"I'm sure, and I'm sure I am, I mean WE are starving. For salad." Emma placed her hand on top of Darren's. It was as if all the other people around them disappeared in that moment. It was only them. Darren smiled down at their hands and pulled her in closer to his side.

"Then we better not waste anymore time then huh? Let's get you two fed." Darren shot her a dazzling smile and continued down the sidewalk, Emma tucked in closely to his side.

Once they were inside the AppleBee's and seated in a booth, Darren visibly relaxed. The smell of the food was enough to cause Emma's stomach to growl and she giggled.

"Hey, my name's Barb, I'll be your server tonight, what can I bring you guys to drink?" The server asked sweetly.

"I'll have a coke, light ice please." Emma answered and gave the server a smile.

"Uh, any beer you got, best one." Darren replied as he continued to look over the menu.

"How hungry are you?" Emma asked Darren, he had yet to look away from his menu.

"Very." Darren said as Emma chuckled. She already knew exactly what she wanted as she placed her menu down and waited for Barb to return with their drinks. Darren continued to maul over what exactly he wanted and graciously accepted the beer when Barb was back at their table.

"So, do you folks know what you would like tonight?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes please, well, I know anyway," Emma chuckled as Darren frowned at the menu. "I would like some mozzarella sticks and bread sticks with Alfredo sauce to start and then a grilled chicken ceaser salad please. and Please have them cook the chicken well." Emma leaned back in the booth as Barb jotted down her order. Emma nudged Darren and he looked up. Taking a swig of his beer he looked at Emma then at Barb.

"Oh, man, I guess I'll take the bourbon street steak, oh, and add some onion rings to the appetizers please, and another one of these please." Darren said as he handed Barb both of their menus.

"Alright, I'll be back in just a few." Barb smiled before turning and leaving their table.

"I'm so glad I'm about to get this salad after all." Emma smiled as Darren put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. Emma leaned her head on his shoulder and breathed in deep. Darren always smelled so good. It was a cedar and cologne mix type of smell. She loved it. Emma sighed and closed her eyes.

"I'm so glad to finally have you back in my arms again Em, you really have no idea." Darren kissed the top of her head and sighed. Emma instantly hated the fact she hadn't washed her hair earlier, she wished it had the strawberry scent from her shampoo.

"Trust me, I know."

They sat there like that just enjoying each others presence when Barb returned with their appetizers and Darren's beer.

"Just wave me down if you all need anything at all." Barb said sweetly. Emma decided she liked Barb and Barb was going to get a good tip from her. It was hard going out to eat and having a rude waitress. It made you not want to tip then feel bad for not tipping or not tipping well.

"MMM, this is so good." Emma practically moaned as she took a bite of the bread stick dipped in sauce.

"Hey now, keep that up and I'm gonna get jealous of your food." Darren chuckled as he munched here and there on all three appetizers.

Emma blushed and when she tried to duck her head to hide it, Darren caught her chin and planted a quick, loving kiss on her lips.

"I'm glad we came out." Emma said as she returned back to her food. "It's been so long since i ate out." Digging in Emma tried to keep her food porn to herself.

Darren mostly watched her as she ate, with a loving smile on his face.

Once their main meal was the on table, Emma wasted no time at all. She had half of her salad finished before Darren had a chance to eat a quarter of his steak.

"You weren't kidding about that salad were you Em?" Darren chuckled as Emma paused in mid bite and her fork full fell back into her bowl.

"No, I told you I was craving it something fierce! Pregnancy cravings really are no joke." Emma chuckled as Darren nodded his head.

They finished their meal and after sharing a dessert, Emma was beyond stuffed. She sat back next to Darren and leaned on him as she rubbed her stomach.

"Leave Barb a nice tip. I left without my purse, I'm sorry." Emma said as she continued to rub her packed tummy.

"It's a good thing I didn't forget my wallet then huh?" Darren chuckled and winked at Emma. He tucked his card into the card holder with the check. When Barb brought it back Darren signed Barb's copy and pulled two twenty's out of his back pocket and placed it in her hand.

"You were great tonight, the lady said to tip you well, we hope you have a great night." Darren smiled as he helped Emma out of the booth. Emma smiled at Barb sweetly.

"Thank you guys. You all have a great night as well, it was my pleasure." Barb smiled big and began clearing their table off. Emma hoped she had made it a little easier for the girl. She had stacked their plates and brushed the crumbs onto the plates.

Darren once again tucked Emma in close to him as they made their way back to her apartment.

Emma had a smile the whole walk back, she was beyond ecstatic to have Darren here with her. She was glad she let go of the feelings that had kept them apart.

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