Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Late Night

Darren's P.O.V.

Darren walked into Emma's apartment behind and closed the door behind them, making sure to lock it up. Which was something he usually never did in their small hometown.

"Dinner was great." Emma stated as she flopped down onto the couch.

"Yeah it really was. I'm kinda glad i made you burn that chicken." Darren laughed loudly as Emma shot him a quick glare before joining in, laughing as well.

"You don't have to stand there looking all crazy, come sit down." Emma giggled as Darren ran a hand nervously threw his hair.

He didn't understand why he felt so nervous. This was Emma, his Emma. They literally have known each other for fifteen years. Smiling Darren sat next to her and immediately pulled her close. Breathing in deep smelling her flowery, fruit scent as he did.

"Penny for your thoughts." Emma said quietly. Darren looked down at her and smiled. She was so beautiful and it was true what people say about pregnant women, they glow. Emma looked up into his eyes waiting for his reply.

"You should know better than that, nothing going on up there," Emma laughed as he pointed to his head. "It's all you, all the time. Well you and our little nugget." Darren said lovingly as he placed his hand on her stomach. Darren found himself gently tracing patterns on her still flat stomach while they sat there.

"Who's watching the store? Don't tell me you are keeping it closed until you go back." Emma asked as she watched him continue to draw his patterns.

"Nah, it's still opening and all everyday. Our parents are taking turns while I'm out here. I wanted to wait to come out until you gave me your address, but I left before you did, I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to see you." Darren said as he met her eyes. They sat and gazed at each other for a moment, lost in each others eyes. They each had a hand on her stomach. Darren was glad he jumped the gun for the first time in his life. He needed this. Needed to be around her.

"Oh, well, I'm glad you did. I wasn't sure at first, I was nervous, but, the nerves were for no reason." Emma sighed and leaned her head back. Darren watched her as she slowly closed her eyes. He wanted so badly so kiss her neck.

"I'm glad you let me. And I know it's going to sound crazy, but I'm so happy i got you pregnant Em." Darren admitted to her. Emma opened her eyes and looked at him with her eyebrow raised.

"Well, for the record, I wasn't sure how i felt at first about it, because of well, you know everything, but I wouldn't change it for the world now." Emma grabbed his hand and gently kissed it. Emma lingered her lips on the back of his hand and Darren tried to cool the fire her lips lit inside of him. Trying to shift to a more comfortable position, Darren lifted Emma up and placed her on his lap. Which probably wasn't the best way to get more comfortable. As Emma wiggled around and giggled, his jeans began to feel tighter.

"I missed you so much Em, you really don't know." Darren said as Emma looked up at him. Darren licked his lips as Emma's gaze wandered down to them.

"You missed me? Or missed this?" Emma asked as she fixed her position to a straddle on top of him and licked her lips. Her dress had hiked up to just below her panty line and Darren placed his hands on her small waist.

"Both, if I'm being honest. That picture you sent me killed me." Darren said and as she rolled her head back to giggled Darren gave in to his want of kissing her neck. He trailed kisses down her neck to her collarbone, shivering as she moaned in pleasure.

"I'm glad. You better delete that though." Emma scolded him as she lifted his head away from her cleavage.

"No dice. You never know when I might need to catch a glimpse of you gorgeous self." Darren smirked and licked his lips as Emma lowered her head and kissed him. The kiss deepened alot faster than Darren was ready for, he groaned as his jeans were beyond uncomfortable now. Emma giggled.

"You want some help getting comfy?" Emma winked at him as she tried to get up off him. Darren quickly grabbed onto her waist and kept her in place. He didn't want to rush tonight. He wanted to revel in it. He wanted to take his time. It had been months since he got to touch her.

"No, not yet." Darren murmured as he pulled her back down into another kiss. Darren held the back of her neck as he made the kiss deeper, his other arm wrapping around her waist. Emma's hands had found their way into his hair. Darren felt his heart beginning to beat faster as they stayed like that and when they finally came up for air, he almost abandoned his will and unzipped his jeans. "Where's your room?" Darren asked. As he stood, his hands gripped her perfectly round cheeks and Emma gasped. When she gasped, Darren caught her mouth in another kiss and gently backed her up against the wall. Emma tightly wrapped her legs around his waist as they kissed deeply, passionately.

Emma came up for air, her hands still tangled in his hair and Darren not wanting to part his mouth from hers groaned and kissed her down her neck, finding her sweet spot and grinning as he listened to her moan.

"it's straight back, only open door." Emma groaned in protest as Darren stopped kissing her neck and began the walk down her hallway to her bed. As he walked Emma began kissing and sucking on Darren's neck causing him to stop a couple times to moan and find another wall to put her up against so he could catch her lips with his own.

By the time they made it to her bedroom, Darren was beyond ready to get in. He gently laid Emma down and stood at the end of her bed. He looked down at her and just marveled at her beauty. Emma blushed deeply.

"You better love it while you can, I won't be this small in a few months." Emma giggled as Darren raised his eyebrows.

"You better stop that right now, even in a few months, you will be just as beautiful, if not more beautiful. I can't wait. And just be ready, because this," Darren paused and and gestured between them and quickly discarded his clothes on her floor. His erection springing forward. "will never stop. You getting more and more pregnant, with my baby is only going to make me want you that much more. If it's possible to want you more than i do right now." Darren whispered into her ear and gently placing more kisses on her, trailing down as he gently slid her dress down, loving that she had no bra on. Before he slid her panties off, Darren kissed her inner thighs and then quickly, but not quick took her panties off tossing them to the floor with the rest of their clothes.

Emma shivered and moaned and wiggled as Darren kissed his way back up her body. As he raised himself above her, Darren brushed the tip of his penis at her core, waiting for her to meet his eyes.

"I love you Emma." Darren said as he very excruciatingly slowly began to push inside of her. Emma threw her head back and closed her eyes moaning.

"I love you, Darren." As soon as she had his name out of her mouth Darren pushed deeper inside of her.

That night Darren made love to Emma over and over again, until both were exhausted and as Darren watched Emma sleep soundly, he smiled. There was no doubt anywhere in his mind. He couldn't and wouldn't leave until she was leaving with him. Darren traced patterns on Emma's stomach gently, so as not to wake her.

"Daddy's going to make everything right, I'll convince your mommy just yet." Darren whispered to her stomach before he too fell into a deep sleep holding Emma as close as he could.

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