Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Nothing But Sunshine

Emma's P.O.V.

Darren had now been staying with her for two weeks. They have been two glorious weeks, filled with laughter and so much love.

Emma giggled as Darren came up behind her and nuzzled her neck, hitting a tickle spot. Darren stayed behind her, despite her efforts of trying to push him off. They stood in front of her mirror, Darren's arms around her waist his hands resting on her lower tummy. Emma couldn't lie, she loved their image together.

Darren lowered his head back to her neck with a smile and slowly began kissing her neck. Emma slowly leaned her body back onto Darren and sighed.

"OK now, you better finish getting ready, you can't go to the appointment in you boxers." Emma chuckled as she playfully shoved Darren back, who was dressed only in a t shirt and his boxers. Darren turned in search of his jeans and Emma finished fixing her hair.

"I am so ready, aren't you? I want to know. Don't you?" Darren asked as they walked hand in hand into the doctor's office. Emma had finally made it to twelve weeks. She felt as giddy as Darren.

"Yeah of course I want to know. I think it's a girl." Darren smiled at her.

"Why you say that?" Darren asked as he signed her in and sat next to her.

"I don't know, maybe cause everyone swears it's a boy." Emma giggled. It was a hunch, but Emma knew it could go either way. It didn't matter to her either.

They sat in silence holding hands. Finally after she was called she went to the back and they collected everything from her. When it was finally time to do the ultrasound the nurse went out to the front and called Darren back. Emma laid back onto the table lifting her shirt.

Just like her first ultrasound it took the nurse no time at all to find the baby.

"Oh, somebody is getting big." The nurse said with a smile. "You want to hear the heartbeat Daddy?" She asked Darren with a smile.

"Yes please." Darren said his eyes never once leaving the TV in front of them. Emma watched him with a smile on her face. He turned and locked eyes with her as their baby's heartbeat filled the quiet room. Emma saw tears well up in his eyes, causing some to swell in her own. Tears of joy.

"So, do we want to know the sex of the baby?" The nurse asked them looking back and forth between them. They both nodded eagerly.

"OK, so here are the arms, the head there. This here is baby's bottom and the legs," the nurse pointed everything out to them. "and finally if you look right here in between the legs, you can see it's a little-"

"BOY!" Darren shouted with glee before the nurse could finish.

"Congratulations you guys. Daddy here's the picture's, Mom will meet you back out in the lobby." Darren grinned hugely as he left the room.

"Baby looks great, nice and healthy and very healthy heartbeat. 176 per minute, very good. Keep up the good work and we will see you next month." The nurse patted Emma's leg before leaving.

Emma couldn't keep the smile off her face as she spotted Darren in the waiting room. He was snapping picture's of the ultrasounds on his phone. Probably no doubt sending them to his parents. It made her so happy that he was so proud.

"Let's go, I'm ready to eat." Emma called as she exited the doctor's office. She was soon followed by Darren. He jogged to catch up to her and grabbed her hand.

"Where to my beautiful lady?" Darren asked as he opened the passenger door for her.

"I don't know, I think I'm wanting food in tonight." Emma answered.

"Eating in it is."

Darren had them back at her apartment in no time.

"What would you like love?" Darren asked as he peeked into her fridge.

"We can order take out, I'm in a Chinese mood tonight. I want sweet and sour chicken with some rice. and four chicken egg rolls." Emma said with a smile. Darren laughed.

"You sure you can finish all that?"

"Course, I'm eating for two after all. Don't you want him to grow big and strong?" Emma joked as she rubbed her tummy.

"Even if he wasn't, I would still love you both just the same." Darren said as he patted her stomach.

"Why would your love for me change?" Emma asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because it's your job right now to get him big and strong, he is growing inside of you." Darren pecked her on the cheek then looked up the restaurant and ordered their take out.

Emma couldn't help the happiness she felt spread threw her at just the sight of him. She couldn't stop the ebbing feeling she had at the back of her mind. She felt like it was all about to come crashing down around her.

Emma go lost in her thoughts and hadn't realized Darren had joined her on the couch. He sat and flipped threw the channels on TV. Emma snuggled up on his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat. His heartbeat brought her thoughts back to his smile as they had heard their little boy's heartbeat just a little while ago.

Emma only wished things would stay this great between them. She wanted to move back to home to town. Maybe not moving in with right away, but she knew her mom wouldn't turn her away, at least until she found work out there. Maybe she could just work for, or rather with Darren at his shop. The thought made her smile. It made Emma think of her own parents in her younger days. They had always seemed to happy working and owning their little ice cream parlor.

Thinking of her father, hit Emma at her core. He would never have the chance to know his grandson. He would never get meet him, hold him, or see him smile. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Hey, Em, what's wrong? What are you thinking about?" Darren asked as he brushed a falling tear off her cheek.

"It's nothing, just got to thinking about my dad. He would have loved to have a grandson running around." Emma swiped more tears away as they fell. Darren pulled her into his lap and rocked her as she let it out.

It felt so nice to not feel so alone.

They stayed just that way until their food was there. Darren briefly left her on the couch to pay for the food and bring it in.

The aroma of what exactly Emma was craving, brought her spirits up a tad bit. Without any words they both dug in and sat back and watched a movie. At some point during the movie Emma fell asleep and dreamt of having their son and seeing her father get to chase him around their house.

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