Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Darren's P.O.V.

Darren stretched his arms above his head and looked over at Emma. She was still sleeping soundly. Not wanting to wake her, he carefully and quietly went to the bathroom.

Darren got into the hot shower and stood there for a minute. These past couple of weeks have been completely amazing. Then getting to learn, in person, that they were having a little boy, filled Darren's heart with joy. He wouldn't have cared about having a little girl first, but he couldn't lie, he was ecstatic it was a boy.

When he had sent the ultrasound to his parents, his father told him he already knew and his mother said she was happy for him. She was always saying it didn't matter. Which she was right, what mattered was he was healthy and growing.

Darren began to wash his body and jumped when he felt Emma's hands begin to wash his back.

"I thought you were sleeping good." Darren said as he turned and smiled down at her.

"I was, then I turned over and when I didn't feel you next to me, I couldn't fall back asleep." Emma said as she washed his chest now.

Darren smiled down at her, he felt the same way. All Emma had to do was shift away from him and he was waking up.

"I am so ready for you to start showing." Darren said with a grin and he began to lather Emma's body up.

"I can sure wait." Emma said with a scoff.

"You are too beautiful, i hope you know that love." Darren said as he turned her around and washed her back.

As they took turns rinsing off, Darren stared at her. She really was so beautiful, he felt so lucky to have her and to be having a child with her.

After their shower Darren wrapped up in a towel and watched as Emma got ready for work. Darren couldn't lie, he was completely bored during her work hours, he would pace and clean and then eventually some nights cook dinner while he waited for her to return. He was beginning to start missing his work.

"Any plans for today?" Emma asked as she sat at her vanity and did her hair and make up.

"Eh, probably just the usual, wait impatiently for you to come back." Darren said with a chuckle.

"Why don't you meet me for lunch today then?" Emma asked.

"Sure, you want me to pick you up from work?" Darren hadn't seen her place of work yet. He knew she worked in PR but wasn't to sure what all her job entailed, or where she worked for that matter. He knew she did well for herself. Her apartment was great and spacious.

"Nah, that's OK, I'll meet you there, there is a small cafe right like two doors from my job, I'll text you directions and send you a picture of the building so you can find it easy." Emma said with a smile.

"OK, but I mean if it's right by your job, I can always swing in and get you first." Darren said as he watched her put on her finishing touches.

"It doesn't matter really. I just know you hate this place, all the people, didn't want you interacting any more than you need too." Emma said with a chuckle. She stood and made her way over to him. She placed a tender kiss on his lips and Darren stood to walk with her to the door.

"Yeah, yeah, I can deal with them, no biggie, I have matured a little bit if you hadn't noticed." Darren said with a goofy grin.

"Uh huh, if you say so." Emma said jokingly. She kissed him one more time and then was off to work.

Darren sighed and ran a hand threw his hair. Now what was he going to do for three hours while he waited to go meet her for lunch.

Wringing his hands and pacing were always what seemed to happen first. Today he decided to switch it up a little and called his mother.

"Hey mom. How is everything?" He asked after she answered. He was beyond ready to get back into his little hardware store. His hands were itching to finish the crib he had started and now he knew it was a boy.

"It's good, business is steady. How's Emma?" His mother asked.

"She's good, little man is good too. I wish we were back home. It's actually killing me more than I thought it would to be away this long." Darren admitted to his mother.

"I'm glad she's good, but I know what you mean son, it's OK though. I promise we know what we are doing. Besides before too long, you and Emma will be returning here, i bet." His mother always knew how to put a smile on his face. She was right. Darren knew deep in his heart, Emma wanted to raise her children in their little small town, she always had.

"Yeah, you're right, but I guess Imma let you get going. I love you, tell dad I said hey." Darren waited for his mother to return her love before hanging up.

Darren plopped down on Emma's couch and sighed. It was only 9:30am...what in the world was he supposed to do now?

Darren played a few games on his phone, and eventually ended up taking a nap while waiting to hear from Emma.

Darren enjoyed his little nap, as always he dreamt of Emma. Darren woke to the sound of his phone going off.

Checking it, he saw Emma had just sent him the directions and picture of the little cafe. Grabbing his keys and Emma's spare key to the apartment, he headed out the door, beyond ready, already, to see her.

It hadn't taken Darren long, nor was it too hard, to find the little cafe tucked in the corner. He sat at one of the outside tables while he waited anxiously for Emma to get there.

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