Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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What Are The Odd's?

Darren's P.O.V.

While Darren waited at the café he mauled over the menu. After seeing what he wanted, a BLT sandwich with fries, he set it back down and looked around again for Emma. Sighing when he still didn't see her.

"Hey there, I'm your server, what can I bring you to drink?" Darren turned and looked up the new voice that seemed vaguely familiar. Darren couldn't believe it when he saw the face that went with the voice. "Oh, My, God. Darren Jonesy?!" Darren couldn't believe his eyes. It couldn't be. Darren shook his head nodding yes to the woman. "Come on, you remember me, don't you?" She asked as she leaned in closer to him. His nose filled with her scent, fruity, apples and strawberries.

"Uh, yeah, sorry. Zoey right?" Darren really couldn't believe it at all. Zoey, Zoey was here, waitressing.

"Damn, it's been so long. How have you been? You live out here in the city?" Zoey fired off her questions as she sat down across from him. Why God, did you do this? And now? Darren looked at Zoey sitting across from him. The years hadn't seemed to be as kind to her as they had been to Emma. Her hair lacked the luster and shine it had had when they were teenagers. Her skin looked as if she got a little too much sun. And she had lost weight in all the wrong places. She had used to be such a beautiful girl when they were teenagers.

A memory flashed in Darren's mind of the night they had slept together, they night Emma had seen them. Shaking it off quickly, Darren smiled at her.

"Yeah, it's been a long time huh? You look great," Darren almost cringed at his own lie. Zoey however didn't pick up on it and she smiled and placed her hand on his arm the was resting on the table between them. "but yeah, no I don't, I'm out here with Emma. Waiting on her to get here right now actually." Darren said as he glanced around yet again for Emma.

"Oh, shit, you and Emma are still together huh? Star couple. To be honest, she was never right for you, probably still isn't." Zoey began trailing her fingers up and down his arm, feeling beyond uncomfortable, Darren pulled his arm off of the table and began wringing his hands in his lap.

"Uhm, yeah sure, anyway, are you gonna take my order?" Darren tried his best to dismiss Zoey, but she wasn't going for it.

"Come on, don't you remember how much fun we had that night? More than that prude ever did for you." Zoey smirked. Jesus where was Emma? Darren almost got up and left, as he went to stand Zoey pushed him back into his seat and sat on his lap. "We could always catch up later after my shift, you know for old times sake." Zoey began to lean in towards his face. Darren was not one to ever harm a woman, but she pushed to far. There was no way in hell, he was going to allow anything else to come between his and Emma's happiness.

"What the fuck?!" Darren asked as he jumped up, causing Zoey to fall on her ass on the pavement. "Zoey, no disrespect, honest, but that years ago was the biggest mistake of my entire life. It almost cost me the woman of my dreams. I'm happy, I love her. She's pregnant with my son!" Darren stood over her and felt only a little bad as he saw the tears well up in her eyes.

"What the hell is going on here?" Darren spun around to come face to face with Emma. Zoey stayed where she had spilled out of Darren's lap on the ground. If she was waiting for his help up, she would be there forever.

"Nothing love, this waitress was making advances, I didn't like it and I put her in her place, I let her know I'm yours. Always will be." Darren said as he crossed over to where Emma was standing and grabbed her hand. "Let's eat somewhere else." Darren said as he drug Emma away from Zoey.

"Yeah that's right Darren, run away with your little nun. If you ever want to have fun again, just give me a call." Zoey yelled after them. Darren felt his anger rising and had to check himself.

"Ouch, Darren." Emma brought him back into reality as she pulled her hand away from his grip and rubbed her wrist and fingers. Darren quickly grabbed her hand, gently this time, and kissed her hand until he heard her giggle.

He looked up into her eyes, thankfully they were brimming with love. Darren noted the hint of confusion in her eyes, but he only hoped she wouldn't question him about the identity of the waitress from the café.

Darren could not believe the nerve of that woman. Sitting in his lap, trying to kiss him. She had literally helped him ruin his life. Not this time. Not ever again. Emma was the literal love of his life. She was everything. Darren looked at her and smiled as she loaded up a hot dog from the vendor.

"Need some help love?" Darren asked with a chuckle as he watched her spill relish down her hands. She smirked at him and handed him one of the dogs in her hand and fixed the other than switched out.

After she finished fixing hers, Darren fixed his three and they found a bench to sit and eat at. They sat in silence while they ate. Until Emma cleared her throat.

"So, you gonna tell me who that was back there? That was no random waitress, she knew you." Emma questioned as she never once took her eyes off her hot dog. "I saw her sit in your lap." She added quietly.

"Then you saw me shove her off too then," Darren paused staring at Emma, who was still not meeting his eyes. When she nodded he continued. "she wasn't anyone important." Darren stated and bit half his hot dog.

"Come on Darren, if we are going to do this, and i mean really do this," Emma finally looked up at him as she gestured between them. Then her hand landed on her stomach. "then i need to trust you, and frankly, you don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to me. I love you, Darren, but I'm scared to trust you." Emma sighed as she played with the piece of bun that she had left. Darren didn't know what to say, her words hit him. Hard.

"I love you too, you can trust me Emma, you are all i want. All i need. I want this, so bad, shit i want you out of this city and living with me. Fuck this city, that job, that apartment. Come and move in with me love." Darren grabbed her hand and pulled her chin towards him so he could look into her eyes.

"You still haven't answered me Darren, who was she?" Emma was holding her ground with this. He didn't want to lose Emma or the small amount of trust he was building back with her.

Sighing heavily, Darren ran his free hand threw his hair. What the literal fuck.

"It was Zoey." He breathed out angrily. Just saying her name put a sour taste in his mouth. Darren looked away from Emma.

Emma quietly removed her hand from his and stood. Darren looked at her questioningly.

"Wait, Emma, where are you going? I didn't do anything wrong, you witnessed it. Please Emma, come sit back down with me." Darren pleaded, but still Emma steadily walked away from him, not looking back.

Feeling beyond pissed off, Darren flung his last hot dog as hard as he could into the trash bin and then took off into the crowd in search of Emma. He wasn't about to let her walk away again, not now, not ever again!

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