Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Closure, At Last

Emma's P.O.V.

As Emma made her way threw the crowd, weaving threw people at ease, she thought of Zoey.

Zoey was new to town in their senior year, Emma tried to befriend her. Things were great. Zoey was always such a great friend. Emma supposed if you wanted a sneaky way to steal somebody's boyfriend, you would be just that. Emma felt bad, for just walking away from Darren the way she had, but it was almost as if she had a one track mind. One track agenda right at the moment.

Every single particle in her body wanted to beat the living hell out of Zoey. So she was a nun, just because she didn't spread her legs for everyone in town the way she had?! Huffing out in anger, Emma rounded a corner full of pedestrians, and was right in front of the small little café.

Emma searched threw the people outside for Zoey. Having no luck, she decided to go in the building to find her. After scanning the crowd for a moment, she spotted her. Cozying up in a corner with some guy. Once a floozy, always a floozy. Literally not even a whole hour ago she was all over Darren.

Emma shook her head as she made her way over.

"Hey, we need to talk," When Zoey merely tried to wave her off Emma snatched her arm and drug her off her newest victim. "Now!" Emma found an empty booth in the corner and shoved Zoey into it. Emma was really borderline frightening herself. She never had a track record of any violence, always more of a solve it with words kind of girl.

"What the hell do you want Emma?" Zoey spat at her as she crossed her arms and watched Emma take the seat across from her. Emma was a little scared she would hit her if she next to her.

"I want to know why, huh? Why try to ruin my life, my relationship, twice?! Why can't you find your own damn man? Why can't you have just the smallest amount of self respect for yourself? Why, why, why? Huh Zoey?!" Emma practically yelled at Zoey in the small café. Emma saw a slight hint at tears welling in Zoey's eyes, and to be super honest, she didn't care even a little bit. Zoey deserved to cry, as many tears she made Emma shed over the years.

"Look, he turned me down, this time, just go OK. Leave me alone. " Zoey began to stand to leave, before she could walk away, Emma shot her hand out and grabbed Zoey's wrist.

Emma, quicker than she knew she could move, stood and in one swift move, slapped Zoey as hard as she could. Zoey stumbled and put a hand to the now deep red cheek.

"Now, I hope, sincerely, that before you even dare to touch another woman's man, you think of that. Think of me." With that said, Emma spun around, only to slam directly into Darren's chest.

"You OK? What's going on?" Darren asked as he examined her for any marks. Satisfied she had none, he smirked at her.

"Nothing, just thought I could help her out, teach her a little lesson in tampering in other people's relationship's that's all. Are you gonna walk me back to work?" Emma looped her arm threw Darren's as they made their way out of the café, a huge grin on both of their faces as they left.

"You are one hell of woman Em." Darren said to her as they walked towards her job.

Emma smiled up at Darren. She was glad he thought so. She felt so much better. She felt as if a weight she had been carrying for years, was finally unburdened. Emma giggled and stopped when they came to her building.

"You are one hell of a man Darren." Darren winked at her before bending down and planting a big, deep, passionate kiss on her lips, causing cheers to start from the onlookers around them. Emma blushed, public displays of affection were never really her forte, but she returned his kiss, with as much passion as he had.

After several minutes, they pulled away from each other, her hands had found themselves woven into his hair and he gripped her tightly against him. They were both panting and staring into each others eyes.

"Fuck this job, come home with me." Darren said, heat and passion thick in his voice as he licked his bottom lip.

"I can't, I gotta go in Darren." Emma said, although neither made even the slightest attempt at letting the other go. It would be so easy, Emma thought, just not go in, just leave.

"Come on, play a little hooky with me, like we used to in school, it'll be fun." Darren smiled down at her and licked his lips once more. The passion and heat were still in his eyes. Emma wanted more than anything to just skip out of this city with him.

"OK, fine, wait here, I'll be right back." Emma said giving him a quick kiss. Emma giggled as Darren smacked her ass as she turned to walk away.

Emma walked into the building and smiled at the guard in the front and made her way to the elevator. She tried, to avail, to think of any good reason, to why she had to leave.

Finally, Emma made her way to her boss's door and knocked.

"Come in."

"Hey, Michelle, I'm so sorry, but I need to go home." Emma said as she stood in front of her boss's desk, wringing her hands nervously.

Michelle looked up from her computer at Emma, the anger on her face was evident.

"Why?" Michelle asked her. Emma wasn't exactly the best liar, but she tried her best.

"I'm just not feeling well. I think it was something I ate during lunch." Emma said quickly. Emma tried not to make eye contact with Michelle. Needless to say, Michelle intimidated her. She was a strong, powerful, independent woman. Michelle gave her a once over and Emma almost cowered.

"Go, but if you leave, don't come back." Michelle stated with no emotion at all in her voice. To say Emma was shocked was an understatement.

"OK, yeah sure, well I guess I quit," Maybe it was her hormones, but Emma was instantly fired up. "Have fun trying to find another employee like me." Not giving Michelle a chance to say a word, Emma turned and made her way to her desk, she collected her personal items, which only consisted of a couple pictures, and left.

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