Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Perfect Moments

Darren's P.O.V.

Darren sat patiently on the stairs in front of Emma's job. As he waited he watched everyone around him. People scrambling to get to where they are going. People weaving in and out of the crowd, like they had been doing it forever. People chatting on phones. People just going, going, going. Did things never slow down here? He knew with everything in him, this could never be the life for him. He preferred to sit back every now and then, enjoy the little things that life has to offer.

Darren shook his head, as he watched one poor guy get bumped a little too hard and drop his phone, only to have it stepped on repeatedly. That quite literally felt like the type of luck Darren typically had. Until recently that is. He almost had the urge to go to the guy, who was now trying to scramble out of the way of feet, as he searched for all the little pieces to his phone, and help him.

"Hey handsome, let's get out of here." Emma's sweet voice filled his ears. He turned and looked up at her and smiled. Darren stood and brushed his jeans off before grabbing her hand.

"What are those?" Darren asked as he pointed the two picture's in her hand. He knew she for sure didn't have them when she had gone up.

"Oh, just some picture's I had on my desk, wanted to bring them home, hang them up." Emma answered. Darren noticed the little hitch in her voice, the one she always got when she was trying to lie. He let it go, for now.

"Where to first love?" He asked her as they walked hand in hand down the crowed, busy sidewalk.

"Uh, back to my place then wherever you want. We could go to the park and take a nice uncrowded walk." Emma said with a smile. Darren tucked her in closer to him as more people filed in around them. That sounded great, a walk without a hundred people next to them would be nice.

"Yeah, that sounds great." Darren said with a smile.

They walked the rest of the way to her apartment in silence. As Emma unlocked her door, Darren couldn't stop himself, he reached out and grabbed her ass. He was rewarded with a jump of surprise and a quick playful slap in the chest. He plopped down on her couch as he waited for her to grab what she wanted before they left.

Once they had finally made it to the park, Darren relaxed, probably the most he relaxed he had been outside since he arrived to the city.

"Better?" Emma asked as she pulled him towards a ice cream cart.

"Much." Darren answered. They both ordered fudge pops and then Emma pulled him to a park bench that overlooked a small pond. They sat and stared at the pond as they slowly ate their ice cream. "You know, I'm kind of jealous of that fudge pop right now." Darren said with a chuckle as he watched Emma begin the suck on the pop even slower before losing herself in a giggle.

"Don't be, you can have these lips anytime you please." Emma said with a wink before going back to her pop.

"Don't tempt me gorgeous." Darren said with a chuckle. It really was too hard to control himself around her. Darren watched her as they finished their fudge pops. The sun was catching her in just the perfect light. Emma seemed to have the perfect glow about her.

After they were done, Emma turned and leaned up against Darren as he put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. This really was just the perfect moment.

"I love you Em." Darren said as he planted another kiss on top of her head.

"I love you too." Emma said, returning his kiss softly on his hand.

Darren felt like it was finally the right time to bring up everything he had been holding in for what felt like forever.

"Em, there's a few things I have been wanting to talk about." Darren began nervously. What if she turned him down?

"What's that?" Emma asked as she tried to turn to face him, but Darren held her in place. He liked the feel of the way they were sitting, it made this moment perfect for the conversation they were having. He kissed her head again before continuing.

"Move back home with me? Move in with me, is what I am really trying to ask." Darren's heart began to speed up. Emma was sitting there rubbing his arm softly. It felt like ages before she finally answered him.

"Yeah, ok, I'll do it. Fuck this over crowded place." Emma sighed deeply and Darren's heart skipped a beat. He was fully prepared to fight her on this. He had a whole argument at the ready as to why she should at least move back home, if not move in with him. It all just felt so easy.

"Really?" Darren asked as this time he let her sit up and turn to face him. She had the most beautiful smile on her face.

"Really, really." Emma said her grin becoming wider as Darren leaned in grabbed each side of her face and kissed her deeply.

"I have one more question for you then beautiful." Darren said as he began fishing in his pockets. Now this time his heart really began beating fiercely. He was almost scared it would burst right out of his chest.

"The suspense is killing me smalls." Emma said with a giggle.

Finding the little box in his pocket, Darren enjoyed the little gasp that had escaped Emma's mouth as he swiftly got off the bench and down on one knee. This was it.

"You are everything, I have loved you since I was twelve years old, you are my one and only love, my lifetime love, will you marry me Emma Smithart?" Darren tried his best to pour his heart out, he wasn't exactly the best at being mushy. He opened up the small box in his hand revealing a beautifully modest engagement ring. He had seen it in a store on one of his bored times while Emma had been at work and knew it was the one for her. It sparkled in the sun as he waited for her reply. He watched as tears began to well up in Emma's eyes.

"Yes, oh, my, god. Of course! Yes!" Emma cried out. She jumped up and into his arms and captured his lips in a passionate kiss that lasted quite a while.

Darren slid the ring on her finger and they settled back down onto the bench, his arm around her, her head on his chest and their free hands interlocked. They sat there like that until the sun was setting, they watched it go down, and Darren knew he would never forget this moment in time for the rest of his life.

Hey there all you amazing readers! I'm so sorry about the lack of updates. This week will be better! I just want to say really quick, you guys are beyond amazing! Thank you so much for all the support and feedback, you guys make this story great for me! But any who, what did everyone think? Don't be shy, drop a comment, hit that like button drop a review :) And no, this is not the end... :D
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