Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Home For Good

Emma's P.O.V.

Four Months Later

Emma sat back on the couch as she reflected on the last four months.

It hadn't taken her and Darren no time at all to pack up her apartment, to be honest she was glad to rid of the big city. Small town living was just in her bones she guessed. Darren drove his truck pulling the small uhaul with her belongings as she drove her car. The smile on her mother's face made Emma beyond happy. Emma just wished she had moved back sooner before her father had passed. She knew he was smiling down on them though.

In the next few months Emma took her free time, since she was no longer working, to make Darren's home their home. She choose Darren's childhood room to make the nursery for their son. She almost had everything complete except the crib, which Darren refused to let her go ahead and buy. Insisting none of the ones she picked were perfect for their son.

Emma loved being back home. She loved cooking dinner for herself and Darren. It occasionally included their parents. She loved walking to her mother's house to have coffee in the mornings, chatting about her pregnancy.

Emma still remembered in perfect clarity their parent's reactions when they announced their engagement. No surprise, but tons of happiness. A lot of finally's. Emma smiled as she looked down at her ring. It was beautiful, Darren knew her so well. It had a silver band and one two carat diamond. On the inside of the band, Darren had it engraved with 'My Lifetime Love'. When Emma saw the engraving, she cried.

Emma slowly rubbed her growing tummy. She was finally showing now. It was only a small bump, but you could definitely tell she was pregnant now. Emma smiled as she traced patterns on her tummy. She was ready to feel the first kick. They still had yet to pick a name. The only part of his name they had picked was his last name, Jonesy.

Emma stood up and made her way to the kitchen after looking at the clock. Darren would be home soon for lunch. Over the months they had created their own routine. After that terrible night six almost seven years ago, Emma never thought she would be right here, right now in her life.

After she was finished cooking, she had made a chicken ceaser salad, her new favorite thing to eat since she had become pregnant. She sat on the porch in the rocking chair Darren had made for her a month or so ago.

Emma had forgotten just how much she loved this town. She looked around her and took in all it's beauty. The only thing that was missing now, was their son. Emma rocked and traced patterns across her tummy as she waited for Darren to pull up.

Finally after a few more minutes of waiting Darren's truck pulled into the driveway. He hopped out with a big smile on his face. He planted a kiss on her lips as he helped her to her feet. She kept insisting to him that she wasn't crippled, but he kept insisting that he didn't care.

"What's for lunch today love?" Darren asked with a smile as he went to the fridge and poured them both a cup of white grape juice.

Emma brought the Bowl of salad to the table and went to retrieve two smaller bowls and forks.

"You should already know." Emma said with a grin. She made it a habit to eat this at least once to twice a week now.

"Of course, we haven't had it in a few days." Darren joked as he fixed first her bowl then his own.

They chatted about their mornings as they ate. It may seem like a boring life to others looking in, but it was perfect to Emma. She didn't want her life any other way.

"No kicks yet?" Darren asked. He was also impatiently waiting for their son to begin kicking.

"Not yet, but the doctor said, he probably already is kicking, I just can't feel him yet. He said I should probably start feeling him here in the next few weeks." Emma explained to Darren. The doctor had told her with first babies it usually took a little longer to recognize the feel of the baby's movement's. Emma was beyond ready.

"I'm ready." Darren carried their bowls to the sink and then helped Emma to her feet. "Come on little guy. Daddy's ready." Darren got down onto his knees and spoke to their son. Emma smiled. Darren planted a kiss on her stomach, then stood and placed a kiss on her lips.

"Off already?" Emma asked him. She had to admit the free time was beginning to get to her. She was becoming restless.

"Yeah, but, I am interviewing a few people today," Darren said to her with a smile. They had talked about him finally hiring a couple maybe three people, so they could spend more time together. "So fingers crossed." Darren kissed her one more time before hopping in his truck and heading back to work.

Emma stayed by the driveway and watched until he was out of sight. Smiling, Emma made her way back inside to kitchen. Cleaning up their dishes and putting the left over salad away.

Not having anything left to do, Emma made her way to the nursery. She sat in the rocker Darren had crafted for her an traced patterns once more on her tummy. Feeling herself get a little sleepy she stood and went to their bedroom to lay down for a nap.

She fell asleep quickly, dreaming of the day they would finally meet their son, and in that dream she finally produced what she thought would be the perfect name for him. Jared. Jared Thomas Jonesy.

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