Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Chapter Three *Mixed Emotions*

Emma hadn't slept. How could she? Everytime she closed her eyes, all she could see was Darren. It wasn't easy stopping him the night before. Once Emma had seen clearly how hard he was, her body cursed her. Every ounce of her body shivered at the memory of him pushed up against her. He had lit a fire threw her body and he knew it. It wasn't fair, her body was a traitor.

Was she really just overreacting? Darren couldn't change the past. He couldn't take back the wrong he did. Emma had spent the rest of the evening equally cursing her body for melting under his kisses, and crying over the hurt she still felt. It was still raw, even after six years. Emma tried her damndest to block the hurtful memory, so far she was successful.

Emma had spoken to her mother earlier in the morning, they wouldn't be home for another two days. So she would just commit herself to staying locked up in the house. What else could she do to avoid Darren?

She made it to about 1:30 in the afternoon before sleep took over her body. Passing out on thoughts of Darren.

"I love you so much." Darren's words echoed in her head. She felt the hunger grow in the pit of her belly. Like a fire spreading.

"You hurt me, Darren, I can't do it again. I can't leap back into being with you." The disappointment on his face, the sadness, it was too much. Was it really unforgivable? We were just kids.

"Please Em, forgive me," Darren pleaded. "I need you Em," Emma allowed him to place soft kisses up and down her neck. "I want you." His lips moved up to hers. The fire ripped threw her faster than Emma knew was possible. It ran like a river threw her body as he kissed her, and settled in between her legs.

Darren continued his onslaught of passion. Making her head dizzy. As she heard the sound of a zipper, she looked and saw as his penis made its appearance, throbbing and fully erected. With a smirk Darren positioned himself at her dripping center.

Emma shot out of her sleep to the sound of knocking at the door. Shaking her head clear she realized she had not only had a wet dream about Darren, but she had been touching herself in her sleep. Drying her juices off onto her shorts she pulled open the door.

"Hey!" Emma's once best friend from school pushed past the doorway and into the house. Emma couldn't conceal her happiness at seeing her old friend and gladly accepted and returned the much needed hug.

"Riley! How are you! It's been a long time." Riley, to Emma's amusement, shot her a mean mug before smiling at her.

"Too long Em. I have missed you so much!" Another embrace. Riley sat at the kitchen table while Emma started a pot of coffee.

"I know it's been too long. It's just, when I left I left everything behind, " Emma paused and squeezed her old friends hand. " even things and people I shouldn't have. I'm sorry." Giving her hand a brief squeeze Riley nodded.

"Well you sure missed alot. Like this." With a big smile Riley presented her ring finger, which was adorned with a beautiful engagement ring.

"Oh my god! Congratulations! So who is the lucky guy huh?" Getting up to fix their cups, Emma couldn't help the pang of jealousy. She didn't have any hard feelings towards Riley. She just always thought that would be her, sitting there with an engagement ring on, from Darren. Shaking the thoughts away, she carried the two cups back to the table.

"Well, I know when you left I was with Kyle," A deep blush overtook Riley's face and it made Emma giggle. She remembered Kyle. Riley and Kyle were great together. She had always thought they would get married. "But I got touchy and moody after you left, I felt abandoned you know. And anyway long story short, we didn't last." Emma felt the sadness radiating off her friend. It tore her heart apart to know she had hurt Riley that much.

"I'm sorry Riley," Emma reached for her old friends hand and gave a weak smile when Riley didn't pull away. "I wasn't thinking about how my actions would effect others around me. I was hurt. I was broken, and young. I wish i could take it back. I've missed you, so much." Emma and Riley both wiped the tears forming at their eyes before hugging.

After what felt like an eternity they broke the hug and sat back down.

"So, his name is Liam. I met him when I left for college." Riley's whole face lit up at the mention of her fiance. Emma listened as Riley gushed over how Liam purposed. She sat sipping her coffee listening to Riley until her old friend caught her off guard. "So, have you run into Darren yet?" Emma stood up at that note to hide her emotions. If Riley saw her face, she would know everything.

"Yeah, literally," Emma couldn't help giggling as she fixed them each another cup of coffee and thought of how she had literally ran into him. "I went to that new little store in town and rounded a corner and bam. There he was." As she sat down Emma tried to conceal any emotion from her face.

"And?" Riley was not about to drop this topic and Emma knew it. Sighing, she prepared herself for twenty questions.

"And nothing. I guess." Riley huffed at Emma's reply.

"So you didn't feel anything? I mean when you saw him? It didn't bring back any leftover feelings?" Emma should have known better, she wasn't going to be off the hook until she spilled.

"I mean of course I did. How could I not? It was literally like when I smacked into him, everything I ran from smacked me." Pausing to control herself while holding back tears of frustration. Riley squeezed her hand and kept quiet. "I don't understand. I mean after everything I can't believe I still want him. You know since I have been gone I haven't been with anyone. I mean I've dated, but" Emma giggled an embarrassed laugh before continuing. "I'm still as much a virgin as when I left." Emma dipped her head low after this finding a really interesting pattern on the table. She couldn't bring herself to see any judgement in Riley's eyes.

"I always thought you and Darren had sex. You sure did make out like you did." Riley laughed as Emma's face turned a deep red. Emma had a quick flash of a hot summer night.

"Well, now you know." Emma felt like a child pouting, but even she herself couldn't believe that even now at the age of 25 she was still a virgin.

"There wasn't anyone you wanted to get dirty with? Not even out in the big ol city?" Now Riley was prying, more than she used to.

"No, I mean yeah one, once. But when we got back to his place i froze like an idiot. All I could see was," Emma caught herself before she finished. She almost admitted it out loud.

"You know that little store you were talking about? The new one?" Riley waited until Emma nodded. " that's Darren's store." Riley smirked as Emma's jaw dropped.

"I'm glad for him." And she was. Honestly. Him owning his own store wasn't enough to make everything just puff and disappear though.

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