Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Put the Past In The Past

Darren's P.O.V.

When Darren had gone back to work, he waited on his first person to show up for the interview. He was excited to finally have some people in the store to help. His store made good money. Most of the people from the surrounding towns would come here instead of making a long trip to the Lowe's or Ace Hardware. His furniture he crafted brought him in good money as well.

He had placed ad's for the position online and around town and a couple of towns that were only thirty minutes to and hour away at most. He got more responses than he thought he would. Darren was excited for the help, once he had help he would be able to finish their son's crib finally. All he needed now was the finishing touches. He already carved little bears and baseballs on the base and headboard of the crib, now he wanted to carve their son's initials at the head of the crib as well. If they could ever pick out a name that was.

Darren chuckled to himself, they were having a tough time picking names. Him and Emma both felt the same way. It had to be a good one, it was going to be with him for the rest of his life. So needless to say, no name was good enough. Yet.

Finally Darren popped his head up when he heard the bells from the door chime, signaling someone's entrance. Darren smiled as a young man approached the counter.

"Hey, I'm Tommy, here for the interview." The young man said as he shook Darren's hand. Darren smiled big at him.

The interview went well and Darren liked the kid.

"Can you start today? Like right now? I have more people coming in for interviews and could use the extra hands." Darren asked him before he left.

"Yes sir, I have worked registers before, just like this one, so I should be ok." Tommy said excitedly. Darren fished around in his desk and found a name tag and using his sharpie, wrote Tommy's name down.

"Here you go, welcome to the family." Darren said with a grin.

As the afternoon passed Darren had hired two more people and was currently waiting on his last interview to show up. So far he hired two guys, including Tommy and one female. Tommy was seventeen, the other guy, John, was twenty three and the girl, Lizzie, was almost about to be eighteen. He had all three working right after their interview, that way when closing time came he could show them all how it was done.

"Hey." Darren snapped his head up at the voice.

"What are you doing here?" Darren asked with an edge in his voice.

"Come on Darren, I'm not going to jump you ok, stop looking so scared." She said with a teasing tone to her voice.

"Emily, come on, what are you doing here." Darren asked Emily again. He hadn't seen her let alone thought about her, since she had kissed him that day. Darren definitely did not need Emma to show up and accuse him of trying anything. Not after all the hard work he put forth in getting her trust back.

"I am here for an interview." Emily stated. Darren scoffed, he never called her. He was in fact waiting on a woman named Jenny.

"No, I wouldn't have called you for an interview-" Darren began and Emily cut him off.

"I know, that's why I used the name Jenny. I'm qualified Darren. Only fake thing on my application was my first name. Come on, I could really use the job." Darren didn't believe her. He saw her house. She just a few months ago had paid him more than a little bit for cabinets. No, she had an ulterior motive for sure.

"I'm sorry, I can't do it, you are going to have to find a job else where." Darren tried to be dismissive, but it must be in this woman's nature, no wasn't an answer she was willing to accept.

"Come on Darren. Honest, I'm not here for you, sure it's a plus to have an extremely good looking boss, but I need some income, some things aren't exactly going my way recently. I need this." Emily pouted and Darren sighed heavily. He understood being in a bind.

"It's a trial basis only then. First time I feel any type of way, as in I feel like you are over stepping the boss employee relationship, it's done. Deal?" Darren couldn't deny she was qualified, otherwise, he wouldn't have called her. Emily nodded her head in agreement and they shook hands.

Darren fished her out the last name tag he had and wrote her name down. Darren felt like he was going to regret this decision, but he didn't want to leave her down and out. He wasn't an asswhole.

All Darren knew for sure, was he had to tell Emma before she saw Emily up at the store and got beyond pissed. He was sure if he explained everything to her, she would understand. He would just make sure him and Emily were never up at the store alone together.

"So, Mr. Jonesy, are you married?" Lizzie asked him, causing him to snap out of his thoughts.

"Not yet, engaged though, have a little boy on the way." Darren said with a big smile. Talking about Emma and their son always made him smile.

"Oh, congratulations. When is the baby due?" Lizzie kept up the conversation as she dusted off shelves.

"We have about four months left. I hate due dates doctors give, a baby will come when it's ready no sooner no later." Darren said as he surveyed his other new employees.

Lizzie smiled and continued with her dusting. Tommy was manning the register, John was organizing bolts, nails and screws and Emily was merely wandering around. Sure there wasn't much to do with all five of them there, but she could at least find something to do. Darren ran a hand roughly threw his hair.

"Emily, would you help Lizzie with the dusting? I have a few things to check in the back." Darren excused himself as Emily began helping dusting, reluctantly.

Darren sighed, this would more than likely not end well. Darren made his way to the back and began checking inventory. While he went threw the inventory, Darren tried to think of different ways he could bring up hiring Emily to Emma without pissing her off.

By the end of the night, he still hadn't come up with any good ideas. He went threw the closing procedures with them and when they locked the front doors and went to the separate vehicles, Emily had followed him to his. Darren looked around, everyone had already left.

"Look, I know you really didn't want to hire me, I get it OK, but I swear, the past is the past, I'm not here for any other reason besides money." Emily said as she leaned against his truck. Darren just had a hard time believing her.

"Alright, well prove it. Tommy will be here in the morning to open and you come in around lunch to close." Darren said, he then got in his truck, trying to signal to her he was ready to leave. Being alone with her at any time was not an option.

"OK, well, I won't let you down." Emily said with confidence before going to her own truck and leaving.

Darren for the first time in months was nervous to go home. He knew Emma was going to ask about the new hires. He had to tell her, he didn't want to hide anything from her, he just didn't know how. And he knew she wasn't going to be happy about it.

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