Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Nervous Conversations

Darren's P.O.V.

As Darren pulled up in the driveway, he still had no idea how to bring Emily up to Emma. He was a big ball of nerves. For the most part Emma's pregnancy hormones weren't bad, but Darren knew this would probably set them off.

Darren hadn't realized he had been sitting there as long as he was until Emma was at his window. Darren jumped.

"What are you doing out here?" Emma asked as he opened phis truck door to get out. Darren looked at Emma and smiled. She was so beautiful and pregnancy suited her. Her face had a glow about it. She had her hair pinned up in a messy heap on top of her head. Emma returned his smile and kissed his cheek.

"Nothing, just lost track of the time is all. It was a long afternoon." Darren replied finally as they walked together to the house.

"I understand that. Was it busy?" Emma asked. Darren thought back to the day. They were pretty steady, but with the five of them there it wasn't too much to handle at all.

"Eh, it was steady." Darren was hoping with everything in him that he could avoid talking about the new hire's at least until he figured out how to bring up hiring Emily.

"Well, that's good. I ordered some pizza, it just got here right before you did." Emma said with a smile as she rubbed her tummy.

Darren absolutely loved her little baby bump she had grown and was ready to see it grow even more as their son did. Darren got down on his knees and placed a hand on either side of her bump.

"Hey there little man. Were you craving a little pizza, I think daddy is too." Darren placed a kiss on her tummy and stood to give Emma another kiss.

The kiss deepened and Emma wrapped her arms around his neck. Darren couldn't lie, it made him nervous to do anything with her being pregnant. He didn't want to hurt her or their son. It had been a minute since they did anything other than make out and boy did she feel so good right now. Darren felt his erection grow.

Breaking the kiss and shifting uncomfortably in his jeans, Darren smiled at her as she frowned.

"You won't hurt me you know." Emma said as they walked to the table together. "And these hormones, got me wanting you all the time." Emma stated as Darren sat down. To his surprise, Emma sat on his lap and straddled him. It was killing him. Emma tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his lips to hers.

As things began getting hotter, Darren lifted Emma up with ease. Emma kept her grip in his hair and wouldn't allow even the slightest gap between them. Darren couldn't stop himself anymore, he picked her up, his hands cupping her ass and smiled onto her lips as she gasped. Slowly Darren walked them to their bedroom and he gently laid Emma down. Darren quickly rid himself of his clothes as Emma tossed her own on the floor just as fast. Emma pulled him back down on top of her and Darren was careful not to bump her to hard.

Slowly and lovingly Darren made love to her. There were several times Emma tried to fasten his pace or push him deeper into her and he stopped it. After they were both satisfied, they lay on the bed cuddled together, limbs all tangled.

"That was amazing." Emma said breathily.

"Yeah it was." Darren said with a kiss to her head. His hand, as it always seemed to do, trailed down to her stomach and he gently rubbed it.

"I think I may have found the perfect name for him." Emma said as she smiled at him.

"Oh, yeah? Throw it at me." Darren said as he kept his hand on her stomach.

"Jared Thomas Jonesy." Emma said proudly. Darren had to admit he liked the ring to it. And instantly he could hear himself calling him JT.

"I love it." Darren said as he kissed her head again. Just then Darren gasped.

"Did you feel that?" Emma said excitedly. Darren nodded his head with a grin on his face.

"Yes, he kicked!" Darren said happily.

"He must like his name then too." Emma said with a smile.

"Course he does, his momma picked it." Darren said as he scooted down the bed to her stomach. "Little man, our little JT. I can't wait to have you in my arms." Darren said soothingly as Emma ran her fingers threw his hair. He rubbed her tummy waiting for another kick, not receiving one, he sat up and looked at Emma.

"What about that pizza now love?" Darren said as she giggled. Emma threw on her robe and Darren pulled on his boxers.

"So did you hire anyone today?" Emma asked as they chowed down on their pizza. This was the conversation he wanted most to avoid.

"Yeah, four people." Darren said in between bites. He tried to keep shoveling pizza in his mouth to avoid any more talking. It didn't work.

"Yeah, anybody I know?" Emma asked as she finished her second slice.

"Mostly kids, a boy named Tommy he's seventeen, he's my favorite, he's gonna open in the morning," Darren stated as he took a fourth slice. "another kid named John, twenty three, not a bad kid. A young girl named Lizzie she's about to be eighteen, I think she may cause problems between the boys, they were watching her all night," Another bite in his mouth, now to tell her about Emily. Maybe since she didn't know Emily's name he could escape going further. " and lastly a woman named Emily. I uh, did some work for her a while back, came in very qualified, and needed a job, so I'm giving her a trial run." Emma looked at him with questions in her eyes. He guessed she hadn't put two and two together yet and maybe it was for the best until he figured out what to say.

He knew how he felt and he felt nothing for Emily, but he knew Emma wouldn't feel the same way. She would only see the fact that the woman obviously had an attraction for him. One that she acted on in the past.

"Well, I look forward to meeting all of them." Emma said and was quiet for the rest of dinner. Darren had a million things running threw his mind, but pushed them all out as he and Emma cleaned up after they finished eating.

As they climbed into bed Darren snuggled in behind Emma and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her as close as he could. Emma giggled and snuggled into him deeper.

Long after Emma had fallen asleep, Darren stayed there, lying awake. Wracking his brain for a way to avoid any problems at all concerning hiring Emily. It shouldn't be hard as long as she keeps her hands to herself. Darren didn't want more from her, all he wanted was a good employee.

Darren finally fell asleep after what felt like hours and was glad, for once in the past few months, he had no alarm that would rip him up and out of bed away from Emma.

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