Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Emma's P.O.V.

It was around two in the afternoon when Darren let her know he had to go and check on the store, make sure everything was running smoothly. He had also said he wanted to check in on Tommy before he had left at three. As Darren was getting ready to leave Emma sat up from the couch.

"Hey, hang on, I want to come with you. Last time I was really out of the house was my last doctor's appointment." Emma smiled. Darren returned her smile, but seemed nervous to her. Emma slid her flats on and followed him out. He helped her climb in his truck and then they were off. Emma had a feeling that woman was there today and she was curious more than anything.

"You want to come in? Meet who's here?" Darren asked her without making eye contact, yeah, he was nervous.

"Of course." Emma said as they both climbed out and headed for the store. Walking threw the doors, Emma was hit with the memory of her first day back into town, as she ran her fingers along the furniture Darren had crafted. Emma couldn't stop the smile on her face from the memory.

"Hey, boss man!" Emma turned and saw a young man behind the counter. Emma smiled, he seemed like a sweet kid. Emma walked up and stood beside Darren and smiled at the boy.

"Hey Tommy, I want you to meet my fiancé, Emma, Emma this is Tommy," The two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Instantly, Emma liked him. "How have things been? You have any problems opening up this morning?" Darren asked as Emma wandered off again. She had only really been inside the one day. Emma took it upon herself and wandered into the back as she listened to the guys talk about the morning.

"Hey, I'm sorry ma'am, the back here is for employees only." Emma jumped at the sound of the voice, not knowing anyone else was here. Turning around she inspected who the voice belonged too. This was her. Emma looked her up and down as she rested her hands on her baby bump.

"I'm allowed back here." Emma said as the woman looked confused. Emma hated to admit, but the woman was beautiful. She had long hair the hung in curls that came about mid length on her back, piercing blue eyes and a kind face. The kind of face that you want to know. The woman was a tad shorter than Emma herself and where Emma was curvy, this woman lacked the curves but was rather built in the breast area. Emma smiled at the woman and reluctantly stuck her hand out. "I'm Emma, Darren's fiancé."

Realization dawned in the woman's eyes as she reached out and shook Emma's hand.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, nice to finally meet you, I'm Emily." Emily said with a half smile. She watched the woman survey her quickly. Her eyes darting first to her stomach then to the ring on her finger. When their eyes met once more, they each smiled. Neither really feeling the smile.

Not that Emma felt threatened, but she could just sense there was something going on in that woman's eyes, she could see it brewing and she didn't like it.

"Nice to meet you as well." Emma said as she went to turn she was met with Darren's hard torso.

"Shit, sorry love," Darren gave her a once over before placing a tender kiss on her lips. "I see you met Emily." Darren said and Emma swore to her it felt as if there was a hard tension in the air. Needing to get out of it before it began to suffocate her she smiled at Darren.

"Yeah, hey, my feet are hurting a little bit, I'm going to sit out in the truck and wait." Emma wrapped her arms around Darren's neck and gave him a deep kiss as his arms snaked around her waist.

Emma knew it was overkill, but she didn't care. She was passive aggressively trying to mark her territory in front of Emily. After a minute she truly just didn't care the woman stood there awkwardly as the kiss got deeper yet. Emma didn't pull away until she heard Darren growl, he nipped her lip and winked at her before she left the building.

Emma knew it was childish, but she didn't care. She had a bad feeling about this Emily, in the pit of her stomach. At least she knew after everything they had been threw that now she could trust Darren. She knew with everything in her heart he loved her and only her. He didn't want anyone else. Emma smiled as she waited in the truck. Little Jared was all worked up and kicking up a storm and then she felt her stomach growl.

"You hungry little man?" Emma asked him as she rubbed her tummy. Emma heard her stomach growl this time and directly after little Jared kicked three times swiftly. She felt him flip over and settle down as she continued to rub her stomach.

"OK, all set." Darren said with a smile as he climbed in next to her. He reached over and rubbed her stomach a second before starting the truck.

"We are hungry." Emma said with a giggle.

"OK, well, where do you want to go? Eat in or out?" Darren asked as he grabbed her hand with his free one. He glanced over at her when he came to a stop at a red light.

"Out, definitely. Let's go to that little burger joint the next town over." Emma said with a grin as Darren made a U-turn and headed out of town.

Emma held onto Darren's hand placing them both on top of her baby bump and stared out the window. She watched field after field fly by as they made their way to food.

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