Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Darren's P.O.V.

Two months later...

The days and weeks were now flying by. Darren was trying his hardest to put the finishing touches on JT's crib. He was working on it now. Carving his initials in while Emma was at her mothers.

Things were going surprisingly smooth at the store. No problems, not even from Emily. Maybe she took the hint. Finally. Emma was more restless than ever as the due date was creeping in they only had about two months left now until JT should make his first appearance.

As Darren finished up, he wiped the sweat from his brow and stood back and admired his work. Emma had been driving him up the wall about buying a crib, said nothing felt done because they didn't have one. Darren smiled to himself.

Darren made his way over to Emma at her mothers house. Not bothering to knock, Darren entered and followed the sound of their voices to the kitchen. He smelled a mixture of coffee and cinnamon rolls, Emma's newest weakness.

They both turned and smiled at him as he entered.

"Can I borrow Em, for a minute?" Darren asked Mrs. Smithart. She smiled and nodded her head. Darren helped Emma up to her feet. She now adapted more of a waddle then a walk and she constantly spoke of how much she hated how big she was. It made Darren beyond happy to see her grow. Her glow was radiant, she looked so beautiful to him.

"Where and what are we doing Darren?" Emma sighed as she tried to keep up waddling next to him. Darren chuckled.

"Just to my workshop behind the house." He said throwing a grin at her. Emma smiled at this. She had been bugging him to let her in, which for obvious reasons, he never let her, until now.

"Really, finally. I was starting to think maybe you had a dexter like kill room in there." Emma teased him as she poked him in the ribs. Darren chuckled and shook his head.

"OK, hang on," Darren got behind her as they stood at the door and covered her eyes with his hands. "No peeking." He said softly into her ear. Emma sighed, she didn't have much patience left these days.

Darren nudged the door open with his foot and lead her inside until she stood right in front of the crib. Darren removed his hands and waited. When he heard no response from her he peeked around at her face.

Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"It's so beautiful. You made this?" Emma asked as she ran her hands over the finished wood.

"Yeah, I started right after you told me you were pregnant." Darren said with a smile.

Emma threw herself into his arms. Darren felt the tears roll down his neck and then his chest. He had forgotten to pull his shirt back on before he went to retrieve her.

"I'm so glad you like it love." He said as he pulled back from her with a smile on his face. It brought more joy to his heart then Emma probably understood.

"I love it Darren. I love you. It's amazing, your amazing." Emma stared at the crib for a minute longer before turning to him. "Now lets get it inside." She said excitedly.

"OK love, I'm gonna call someone to lend me a hand, no you can not help." Darren said with a chuckle before she could say she was going to help. Emma huffed at him and rubbed her tummy.

"This really is so perfect. I never saw something so beautiful." Emma said the tears coming back as they walked back to her mothers home.

Darren squeezed her hand in his and smiled at her. "Glad I didn't let you buy one." Emma giggled.

"Yes, and glad I didn't go and buy one anyway, which I almost did." She said with a short giggle. They got to her mothers and Darren kissed her.

"I'm gonna go shower up and check on the store, see if maybe Emily can handle it alone while i snag Tommy to help me." Darren pecked her on the lips and smiled as Emma rushed as much as she could to her mother. No doubt gushing over the crib.

Tommy had become his new favorite employee. He always went above and beyond, especially for a seventeen year old.

Darren showered quickly and made his way to the store. He wanted to get the crib in the house quickly, before Emma lost her mind with waiting.

Tommy greeted him quickly as he walked in.

"Hey man, I need your help real quick since it's slow. Where's Emily?" Darren asked, Tommy motioned to the back as he cashed out a customer.

"Emily?" Darren called into the back. Not getting a reply, he went in search of her. Finally he found her, taking inventory.

"Oh, hey Darren, I was just getting inventory done for you. I know it's been hectic lately what with the baby almost here and all..."Emily trailed off and let her eyes fall to the ground.

"Thanks, look, I need Tommy's help really fast at my house, think you can handle this alone for about 30 minutes?" Darren asked as he leaned up against the shelves. Darren watched her eyes trail him from head to toe slowly. Darren shook his head, she had been doing so well.

"Yeah, you know I can." Emily said as she brushed by him. As she went by she turned and brushed her ass against him.

"Emily, come on man, I really don't want to have to get rid of you. Back off." Emily's face fell as Darren turned and left with Tommy.

Darren tried his hardest to get what Emily had done out of his mind. It wasn't stuck because he liked it and wanted more. It was stuck because he was frustrated with her. He thought she really understood he didn't want her. The only thing left he could do was fire her. It made him feel bad, he should have known better from the start to not even hire her.

Him and Tommy moved the crib to the nursery with ease.

"You made this boss man?" Tommy asked. Studying Darren's work.

"Yeah, took a while but I just finished today." Darren said with a proud grin.

"You think maybe you could show me sometime? I would love to learn how to do this. It's amazing." Tommy said in awe. He turned to Darren and Darren grinned at him.

"Yeah sure, just come on over on one of your free days. I'd love to teach you. I taught myself and it was a long, hard process. Not to mention painful." Darren laughed and clapped Tommy on the back. He would love nothing more than teach Tommy his skills.

After saying bye to Tommy, who insisted on walking back to the store, Darren went inside and began preparing dinner for him and Emma. He was trying to work things threw in his head. He eventually settled on the best thing being, firing her. Shaking his head Darren poured himself a little shot, it had been a long day.

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