Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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The Time Is Now

Darren's P.O.V.

Darren had avoided going to the store for the last month now. He went to check on the money and books and inventory, but only when it was closed and everyone was gone. He still hadn't fired Emily. Which made him feel guilty. He didn't know why, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Maybe he was over reacting. He didn't want to lose a good employee if he had misunderstood what she had done. Maybe she didn't mean to rub on him.

Darren shook his head as he kissed Emma and went to the store to check on inventory and get the new schedule done up. Taking a deep breath he went to pull his keys out of his pocket and opened the door, locking them back up behind him.

Walking to his office, he heard a noise in the back. He grabbed his bat and went in search of what had caused the noise. The doors were locked up front, so who could it be.

"Oh, fuck, jesus christ." Darren jumped as he almost swung his bat right at Emily. What in the hell was she doing here? "What are you doing here. You should have been gone a couple hours ago." Darren spat out as he tried to regulate his heart back to normal.

Emily smiled coyly at him. And made a move a little closer, to which Darren took two steps backwards.

"I just noticed you were only coming in late at night and figured I would get this inventory done. Save you some time." Emily pouted up at him and then turned back to the shelf and continued with what she was doing.

"OK, well, when your done, just lock the doors behind you." Darren said as he walked to his office. He hadn't noticed her truck out front when he had pulled in. He knew for a fact she lived too far away to walk. Shaking his head and running a rough hand threw his hair, Darren paced in his office.

Now was the time. He had to do it. She may not have tried to do what he thought she was trying last month, but the way she just smiled at him. Shaking it out of his head, no, that wasn't a misunderstanding.

Darren sat in front of the books and waited for his computer to boot up slowly. He knew he should replace it, but never got around to it. At least not yet. He had been working on the schedule for about thirty minutes before Emily came sashaying into his office placing a tiny knock on the door. Darren didn't look up from what he was doing as she walked over to him and got down on her knees in front of him.

"What the hell Emily, what are you-" Darren began to demand, Emily stopped his words by placing a delicate finger to his lips. Darren immediately pushed his chair back and away from her and stood up and began pacing once more angrily.

"Darren, come on, I wasn't going to try and fuck you," Emily said as she got to her feet and leaned back on his desk, legs spread just enough for Darren to catch a drift that she definitely intended something that should not happen, would not happen. "I was just going to play with you a little bit, take that hard cock of yours into my mouth for a little while, you look so stressed." Emily stated as she began to unbutton her shirt.

Darren couldn't help the reaction his cock had, it twitched in his jeans with her words, which made her smile. Darren frowned and rubbed a hand over his face before turning to her again.

"I don't understand you Emily." Darren shook his head as he turned away, as his cock began to lose the hardness it had gained. His traitor of a body was pissing him off, but not more than Emily right now.

"Come on, you don't have to touch me, it's not cheating if tie you to the chair first, you don't even have to touch me." Emily said and with that Darren heard her shirt fall to the floor. Not turning to look Darren sighed heavily. He didn't give two fucks what she thought, just this scene right here, would end him and Emma if she were to walk in. Especially since he had backed off of her a lot in the last month. Not for any other reason than he didn't want to hurt her. So it had been a good while since they had fooled around. That didn't matter to him though, he didn't want this bitch.

"Get out. And just for your information, yes, it is cheating, and no i would never do that to Emma. I fucking love her, she is having my son and I'm engaged to her. What fucking part of that do you not get?" Darren was now enraged. "The only lips i want anywhere near my cock is hers." Darren said as he heard her shuffling and as he turned he was grateful her back was to him and she was now putting her shirt back on.

"I'm sorry, I just I don't know, I want you Darren, so bad." Emily said with a sad look on her face.

"Look, I told you before, it's never gonna happen. I really tried hard to give you a chance up here and this was the absolute last straw. Don't come back, you no longer have your job here." Darren said to her a tears began to form in her eyes. He hadn't meant the words to come out as harsh as they had, but they did.

"Fine, but just know, she will never do for you what i would have." With that said, Emily huffed and grabbed her things and stormed out. Darren followed and made sure he got his key and locked the door behind her.

Good riddance. Darren went back to his office and sighed. He knew it had to be done. He was glad he was a stronger man than a lot others. Most men would have taken her offer and then still went home to their woman and acted like nothing was different. He couldn't and wouldn't do that to Emma. He worked to hard and waited to long to be where they were today.

Rubbing his face once more he started over on the schedule. Erasing Emily's name from her already scheduled shifts. He would either have to work the times she was supposed to the rest of this week or ask one of the other three to pick up her shifts.

It was getting close to ten at night before he had finally finished. Setting everything up for the others to be able to see their schedules he then grabbed his keys and made his way home.

Now his only thought was if he was going to tell Emma what had happened or just tell her he fired Emily. Knowing Emma though, she would want a reason. Emily was good at charming people and had over the months won Emma over somehow.

Sighing Darren walked into his house. It was quiet and he knew Emma was probably fast asleep. He sat at the table and poured himself a few shots. By the time he was crawling into bed behind Emma, he was more than a little tipsy.

He couldn't stop himself, he pulled Emma in close to him and began kissing her neck. Once she let out a small moan, Darren growled. He was beyond horny and the alcohol only fueled it more. He began softly rubbing her side and eventually and slowly entered her and smiled when she moaned louder. Darren had to hold himself back from being to rough with her as he gripped her waist and made love to her in the dark.

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