Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Emma's P.O.V.

Emma quietly got out of bed the next morning, being sure to let Darren catch whatever sleep he could. She slid on her slippers and made her way to the kitchen. She was in dire need of some coffee, and maybe a few cinnamon rolls.

After getting everything ready to go, Emma sat at the table. She ran her fingers over the tables surface, thinking of the night Darren laid her back right there. She shivered from the memory. She honestly felt like the luckiest woman in the world right now.

She had a baby on the way, a beautiful home with a doting man. Darren did just about everything for her, well everything she would let him anyway. Emma smiled to herself as she fixed a cup of coffee. The sweet aroma of the cinnamon rolls now filled the kitchen.

Just as Emma was bent over, well more like a squat, in front of the oven, Darren came up behind her.

"Good morning beautiful." He said as he helped her back to a standing position and placed the rolls on the counter. Emma smiled at him and returned his kiss.

"Good morning, here you sit, I'll fix you a cup of coffee and bring you a few of these." Emma smiled at him as he went to the table.

"Thank you." Darren said with a smile as he readily took the coffee and rolls from her. They both dug in, not saying anything until they ate about two each.

"How's everything at the store?" Emma had been curious as to why Darren choose to go in so late, he had been coming home around midnight each night. she really hoped him hiring everyone would keep him home more, or at least at night time.

"It's alright, I uh, fired Emily last night." Darren said in between bites. Emma stared at him, but why. Darren was avoiding making eye contact with her. He was holding something back. She just felt it.

"Why?" She asked him simply. She sipped on her coffee slowly as she studied Darren. He ran a hand threw his hair and finally met her eyes.

"I just want to start with nothing happened," Emma's heart dropped. She knew Emily was attracted to him, anyone with eyes could tell that. Emma just didn't think she would make any type of move on him, now that they were engaged with a baby coming. Emma put her cup down and stared at him, waiting for him to continue. "She tried me last night. She was trying to suck me off. Took her shirt off, which I looked away before it was off. I swear to you love, nothing happened. Then I fired her. Got her key back and told her off." Darren was pleading with his eyes for her to trust him.

Emma didn't know what to say. They were right around the corner from JT making his debut. Darren had barely touched her lately and that has been driving her up the wall. He did although, come home last night, after all of this, and sleep with her. Was it because he denied Emily and she had made him horny?

"Say something Em." Darren said as he grabbed her hand. Emma snapped herself out of her thoughts. They were only going to a negative place. She smiled small at him and squeezed his hand. Darren visibly relaxed.

"I trust you. I love you. And I am glad you told me, and I'm glad you fired her." Emma said before lifting her cup back to her lips. Darren smiled at her and continued eating.

Emma did trust him. After everything they had been threw, she knew in her heart, he would never hurt her like that again. JT began kicking up a storm just then and Emma had to lean back and stretch her torso a little to give him more room. Darren reached over and began rubbing on her tummy, causing little JT to calm slightly.

"He's getting too big for me, I swear. Gonna be tall like his daddy." Emma said to him with a smile. They literally were down to weeks now. She found herself becoming more and more nervous as the due date approached.

"I'm so ready to see him. He's going to be perfect." Darren said with a smile as he continued to calm JT.

"I have an appointment later on today, do you need to cover a shift or will you be coming with me?" Emma asked as she placed her hand on top of his on her tummy.

"Nah today is good, Tommy and Lizzie work. We can check on them after the appointment." Darren clasped her hand and brought it to his lips. Emma smiled.

"Good, maybe you never know he might be getting ready to move on out." Emma said with a giggle as Darren pulled her to her feet.

They both got in the shower and took turns soaping each other up. Emma hated how big her tummy had gotten, but felt extremely lucky she hadn't gotten any stretch marks. It was probably because Darren, every night and morning, rubbed her tummy with the cocoa butter her mom had told her to use. Darren finished rinsing off and switched spots with Emma. As he stood behind her, Emma could feel his erection against her ass. She smiled, at least he still wanted her. He could have his pick at pretty much any woman, but he wanted her. As she turned to face him, Darren pulled her into his arms and placed a kiss on her lips.

They spent their morning naked and lovingly touching and fondling each other. It was much needed on her end. These hormones had her wanting to have sex all the time and it was driving her up the wall.

As they got ready for the appointment, Emma felt a stabbing pain threw her lower tummy, moving towards her back.

"You alright love?" Darren came rushing over with the second pain that hit her. Emma grimaced and clutched her back where the pain was resonating now. Emma went to open her mouth to speak and that's when she felt the gush of water released between her legs.

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