Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Jared Thomas Jonesy

Darren's P.O.V.

Darren had never felt more nervous and helpless at the same time. Emma was next to him in his truck being hit with contraction after contraction. All he could do was drive.

"Remember your breathing." Darren tried to suggest as Emma shot him a death glare.

"I'm breathing just-" Emma stopped mid sentence and grimaced, holding her breath as another contraction hit her. "Just drive!" Emma practically shouted at him. Darren flinched and mentally began timing her contractions as he drove.

They were now almost four minutes apart. Darren pulled out his phone as he drove and called Emma's mom. Before hanging up he asked her to call his parents for him as well. They were almost to the hospital. As they pulled up, Darren hurriedly got to the valet and tossed them his keys as he went around to Emma's side. He vaguely remembered the valet giving him a piece of paper as they made their way, slowly into the hospital.

It didn't take long at all for the doctors and nurses to rush Emma into a labor room.

"Her contractions?" One nurse asked as Darren watched them hook up monitors to Emma. Almost instantly JT's heartbeat filled the room. Darren instantly relaxed and then turned to the nurse.

"About four minutes apart now. Her water broke at home." Darren said as he made his way to Emma's side.

"OK, the baby is good, not in distress, momma is doing great, the doctor will be in just a moment to check for any dilation." The nurse smiled at them and then it was just them in the room. Darren stood by Emma's head and watched the monitor spike with one of her contractions. Darren smoothed her hair off her forehead and kissed her.

"You are doing so great love. It won't be long now." Darren said into her ear and Emma looked as if she was trying to smile.

The doctor came in right after that and had Emma lay back so she could check her.

"OK, well Ms. Smithart, You are seven almost eight centimeters dilated now. It won't be long at all. I know it's going to be hard, but try not to push with your contractions, at least not yet OK?" The doctor scanned both of their faces and Emma gave a small nod. She was being so quiet, Darren just wished he knew what she was thinking.

He was beyond excited to finally meet little JT. It felt as if this day took so long just to get here. Emma looked up at him after the doctor left.

"I'm so scared Darren." She whispered before looking away. Darren let her ride out another contraction before he lifted her chin so they could meet eyes.

"I'm right here love, you are doing great, you are such a magnificent woman. You are so strong." Darren caressed her cheek and rubbed his thumb along her jawline.

"I can't do this Darren. God it hurts." Emma squeezed the bed rails and doubled over, her contractions were now almost two minutes apart. Darren didn't know what to do, or what to say. He was utterly helpless.

"OK, let's check again now." The doctor said as she made her way to Emma a little while later. As she checked Emma, her face turned to a wide smile. "OK, now Darren I want you on that side and grab her hand OK, Emma you are now ten centimeters. Time to push with the next contraction OK?" The doctor waited for Emma's weak nod. "When you push I'm going to count to ten, when I get to ten, stop pushing and breath." Emma nodded again at the doctor.

Darren took his place next to her, grabbing her hand and kissing her forehead. Emma smiled up at him and squeezed his hand.

"Ready and NOW, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" The doctor counted and once she got to ten Emma relaxed a bit. Darren wanted so badly to watch little JT be born and enter the world, but he didn't dare leave her side. Another four or five rounds of counting to ten before the doctor announced he was crowning.

"You got this baby, come on, you can do this love." Darren said in encouragement as the doctor told them only one more good push.

"Ready and NOW!" The doctor counted to ten once more but this time she stopped at eight. "And there he his." JT's cries now filled the room. Darren immediately looked down at Emma who now seemed the most relaxed she had ever been. They both smiled at each other. The doctor immediately turned JT and placed him on Emma's chest. He looked so small. Darren was in awe. He finally ripped his eyes away from JT to look at Emma. Her eyes were closed, she looked so tired, and pale. As Emma's hand slowly slid off of JT, the nurses began to run around.

One nurse scooped up JT and began taking care of him, as the doctor and other nurses crowded around Emma.

"Wait, what's wrong? What's going on?" Darren demanded as he watched them move Emma's limp body. What was going on.

"I'm sorry sir, stay here with the baby. We need to move your fiancée to the surgery room, now." One of the nurses said to him, still not answering a single question he asked them. Darren tried to follow behind them, but as they reached the surgery room they ushered him away.

Darren stayed there pacing in front of the doors. It didn't make any sense everything seemed fine. What the fuck was going on?!

Darren was there, pacing in front of the surgery doors when Emma's mom and his parent's found him. He didn't even realize they were there until his dad grabbed his shoulders and stilled him from pacing.

"Son, what happened?" His dad asked as he guided him to a chair.

"I don't know, they rushed her in there, they won't let me back, they won't tell me what's going on. I don't know what's wrong with her." Darren buried his face in his hands. He felt the prick of tears come to his eyes. He felt all three parent's begin to rub his back. A sob escaped from his mouth.

"It's going to be alright, my little girl is a fighter. She's going to come out of this, just you watch." Emma's mother said to him as more sobs escaped from him.

"I can't lose her." Darren said in between sobs. His father then gathered him in his arms and gave him a tight squeeze.

"She is going to be fine son, what about JT? Let's let the doctors do their job, let's go see your son." His father lifted him out of the chair and very reluctantly Darren led them back to the labor room where little JT was waiting on them.

"Oh, Mr. Jonesy. He is beautiful." A nurse said to him as she placed JT in his arms. She was right of course. He was perfect. Darren stared down at his son in his arms as he worried about Emma. "He is eight pounds and seven ounces, very healthy. He is doing very well. Was Ms. Smithart going to breast feed or bottle feed?" The nurse asked. Darren knew Emma would kill him for giving JT a bottle, she wanted to breast feed.

"Breast." Was all Darren could muster to say. The nurse nodded her head and Darren vaguely remembered hearing her say that she would be back to check on JT in a short while. Darren stayed there rocking his son in his arms, not seemingly able to stop worry about JT's mom.

"Let me see my grandson." Darren lifted his head and looked at Emma's mom and then his own parents. He didn't want to let go of JT, it felt like the little guy was the only thing keeping him sane right at the moment. Reluctantly, he gave up his son. He watched as they all took turns cooing and loving on him. Darren wished he could muster a smile. His only thoughts were on Emma.

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