Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Time's Ticking

Darren's P.O.V.

The time since JT had been born was going by too quickly. Emma had now been in a coma for almost three weeks. The doctors were stunned. They told him they honestly couldn't figure out why she wasn't waking up. Darren thought back to the day as he stared down at their little boy, dressing him.

Three weeks ago...

"I'm so sorry Mr. Jonesy," Darren dropped to his knees as the doctor said those words. "Emma is stable now, but she isn't come out her sleep." Darren covered his face in his hands, letting the sobs come freely. He couldn't do this without her.

"What happened?" Darren still didn't know why they took her to surgery in the first place. He tried to gather his wits and stand up, but couldn't bring himself to his feet.

"She began hemorrhaging, pretty badly and fast. Lost a lot of blood. We fixed everything that needed fixing and then started her right away on a blood and iron transfusion," The doctor paused, when Darren looked at him he continued. "She is stable now, like i said, but we really don't understand why she isn't waking up." The doctor paused and allowed Darren to release more sobs and left after Darren said he didn't need anything else at the moment.

Three weeks and she still hasn't come home. Three weeks without her love. Three weeks without her laugh. Three weeks without her embrace. Three weeks without her. It was beyond hard at first. Darren was trying to take care of JT, while running his business an equally be up at the hospital next to Emma. He was lucky he was blessed with his parents, and Emma's mom. Equally lucky to have a great crew working for him.

After JT was discharged, Darren was reluctant to leave Emma, he was fine with all three of them living in her hospital room. His parents stayed with him for about a week and a half. His mother and Emma's both teaching him anything he needed to know to take care of JT alone. It was a heaven sent, Darren knew the basic's, but being fully alone with him sent him into panic mode. He barely slept, not wanting to not hear JT cry.

As for his crew, they were amazing and supporting. Tommy was picking up the slack that Darren was neglecting and Darren tried to make a mental note to compensate him for it.

Darren had spent many a nights sobbing alone in his bed. Finally he bought a bassinet and little JT stayed in the room with him. He just couldn't bare to be alone anymore. He felt so lost without Emma. He began living on autopilot. The only person he got real with now, was little JT.

"There you go little man. All ready to go see Momma now." Darren smiled down at his son, his heart filled with so much pride, joy and love that he was theirs. He had dressed him in an overall outfit with a short sleeved shirt underneath and his little cowboy boots Emma spent hours over obsessing on him just needing. Darren chuckled, thinking of Emma on that day, before a sudden wave of sadness washed over him.

There were so many things now that made him sad. Just smelling certain food made him sad. He was trying, but it was hard. Finishing up feeding JT, Darren lifted him to his chest to burp him. As JT let out a loud big burp Darren chuckled.

"That's Daddy's boy. Good job." Darren buckled JT up snuggly in his car seat and then loaded him into his truck. Realizing he forgot the diaper bag, he jogged to the house and grabbed it from next to the door and jogged back to the car quickly.

Darren's life, even with the joy JT brought into it, was devoid of laughter and joy. He hated the way he was becoming, borderline depressed, but couldn't stop it. The love of his life was in an indefinite sleep. Darren rubbed a hand over his tired face as he drove.

When they finally reached the hospital room, he smiled small at the nurse taking her vitals. He watched and learned from them over the weeks that had passed and spying her vitals on the chart, he saw they were still good and stable. After she was finished the nurse walked over to him and JT who was now happy he had released him from his seat.

"He really is so beautiful." The nurse said as she cooed and played with his little hands before making her exit. Everyone that worked Emma's floor was now in love with JT. Darren was ready for Emma to wake up and be in love with him too.

"Hey beautiful," Darren said to her as he sat close to her bed and grasped her limp hand with his free hand that wasn't wrapped around their son. "brought little man with me this time. He wanted to see you too i think," Darren choked back a sob as he continued to talk to Emma. "We miss you Em, so much," This new sob, wouldn't let Darren hold it in as it escaped from him. "I need you Em, I don't know what I'm doing, not really. I did however put on those ridiculously small boots on him that you loved. I wish you could see it." Darren looked down at JT who was sleeping soundly against his chest. Darren then laid JT down in the crook of Emma's arm and watched them as they slept. If Emma only knew what a picture that made. Darren had decided he would make the memory for her, taking out his picture and snapping a couple. With tears now flowing freely Darren lowered his head onto the bed and let them go as his lips stayed pressed firmly to their intertwined hands.

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