Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Darren's P.O.V.

Another week passed and Emma still wasn't awake. Darren was a walking talking mess. He actually had to have his parents start to look after the store in his place. One night he thoroughly fucked up some inventory and ended up with 5,000 of the same screw, instead of the intended 500. Sure it was money gone, but hey now he wouldn't have to buy it for a while.

Darren sat at home, rocking little JT in the rocker on the porch. JT was his saving grace, when it came to him, Darren knew he was doing everything right. Often they would sit out on the rocker, enjoying the crisp fall air in the afternoon, just staring at one another. It was then that he decided JT looked more like Emma than he did himself.

As this last month had passed, Darren had become more than lonely. He refused to listen to anyone about Emma, not the doctors not their parents. She was going to wake up and boy when she did, he knew right then he would once again be the happiest man alive.

"You ready to eat little man?" Darren asked his son and smiled as JT cooed in returned at him.

"Hey Darren." The voice stopped him dead in his tracks as he paused mid door open.

"What do you want? I really don't have the time or interest in whatever you want." Darren spat as JT began to fuss feeling his fathers anger. Darren turned and came face to face with Emily. Who stood awkwardly on the top step of his porch. She pushed at a leaf with her foot before opening her mouth just to close it again. "Just spit it out, I have important things to take care of." He said as both of their eyes landed on the now fully fussing JT in his arms.

"Look, I'm sorry OK. I heard about Emma from John, it's terrible what you're going threw." Emily lifted her doe like eyes to his and Darren sighed as he stayed quiet and tried his best to calm JT.

"Here, let me see him?" She asked as she tentatively held her arms out stepping closer. Darren almost didn't let her hold him, but he was exhausted and didn't know how to calm the little guy, especially while he was frustrated. Reluctantly he handed JT to her.

He watched as she smiled down at him in her arms and began to softly sway. To Darren's dismay, JT calmed down. He sighed deeper this time running a hand threw his hair.

"Thanks." He muttered as she continued to smile at JT. It made him angry almost. It should be Emma there soothing their son. "You wanna come in?" Darren muttered the words as her eyes snapped to his. Pure joy on her face. She walked in his house still cradling JT, swaying with each step.

Darren heated up the formula and walked back to the living room where Emily was now seated talking and cooing with his son. Darren frowned.

"Here, it's time for him to eat if you want to." Darren handed off the bottle to Emily and every fiber of him wished it was Emma sitting there. Sadness overwhelmed him.

After JT ate and burped Emily followed Darren to the nursery and laid him down in his crib. They each took a moment and just watched his little chest rise and fall with each breath. She then ran her fingers over his crib admiring his work.

They both went back down to the living room once Darren had the baby monitors all hooked up and ready.

"You made his crib didn't you? I'd know your work anywhere. It's beautiful." Emily said as she sat on the couch and him on the chair. He tried to muster a smile but smiling didn't seem right without Emma.

"Yeah I did. Took me almost the whole nine months, me and Em couldn't pick a name. I carved his initials into the head piece." Darren said as he leaned back into the chair sighing. He remembered the smile and tears Emma had when he revealed the crib to her.

"You really are an amazing guy aren't you?" Emily asked with a flicker in her eyes of something Darren couldn't put his finger on before it was gone. Standing Darren went in search of the bottle of whiskey he kept on stand by for rough nights. Today was one, he was sure of it. Grabbing two glasses he poured them each a shot.

"Thanks." Emily said as they sipped in silence. Darren didn't know why he didn't make her leave. Maybe it was just the company. Not being alone felt nice. Pouring them both another shot, Darren stole a glance at Emily. Her hair spilling around her shoulders her eyes dark with mischief. Darren gulped his shot and quickly poured another as she giggled.

"What?" Darren asked as he then poured a fourth shot waiting on her answer. Emily giggled and shook her head.

"I can help you know, if you need it, or want it." Emily said a hint of something in her voice that Darren knew would lead to a dangerous place. A place he could not come back from.

"I don't need help. I need Emma." Darren now on his sixth shot, looked at Emily. She was starting to blur slightly and Darren swore for a split second she resembled Emma. He shook his head then and looked at her again, seeing only Emily. She was smiling coyly at him now. He only then just noticed her second shot was untouched in front of her on the table. Two more shots and he realized she had moved closer to him.

"I am so sorry she isn't here right now, she should be. Not that it was her choice." Emily added at the end of her statement as Darren frowned at her. "I could be here though you know, until she is. Help you around the house, with the baby..." Emily sighed and trailed off as she gently brushed Darren's arm. Oh how he wished it was Emma.

He closed his eyes and felt his whole body shiver. He knew what his body wanted from her right now that's for sure. Darren opened his eyes and came face to face with Emily. Her eyes darting from his down to his lips again as she licked her own lips. Darren stayed where he was, simply because his head seemed to be spinning to hard to move. He couldn't lie, and maybe it was the whiskey, but it felt intoxicating being this close to a woman again.

Darren closed his eyes and sighed deeply. He imagined Emma there in front of him, teasing him with her lips, getting just close enough, while feeling so far away. He wanted so badly to feel Emma's lips on his again. Just as Darren swore he could feel Emma's lips on his own, JT cried shrilly.

Snapping his eyes open and realizing it was Emily's lips that were nearly, but not, on his. Darren shot out of his chair, wobbling slightly. He wasn't sure what the hell had gotten into him, but he briskly turned away as Emily sat on the couch smiling coyly at him beneath her thick eyelashes.

Darren felt the rage over take him. Ignoring his sons cries for just a moment he began pacing in front of her.

"Look I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you," Emily looked taken aback at his words, he didn't care, he continued on. "I have told you over and over again Emily, this," he motioned with his hands to her then him and back again trying to make his point. "is NEVER going to happen. Get the hell out of my house, and the hell outta my life." Darren then turned and walked up the stairs and to his son. As he began to descend back down he heard Emily slam his front door on her way out.

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