Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Chapter Four *Russian Roulette*

Darren's P.O.V

When he woke up, it was accompanied by a hangover. After he drank a bottle of water and took two aspirin, he got ready for another long day. As he walked by Emma's parents home he couldn't stop himself from looking over.
The night before had rocked him to his soul. Being in between her sweet thighs again, was heaven. He understood what happened in their past was what held her back, but it was six years ago. Six long years. And he was a kid, if he would have known back then how massively he fucked up, it never would have happened.
Darren went about his day opening the shop and filling orders. He had just lost his only employee to college, so he worked open to close everyday. Normally it didn't bother him, but today he itched for closing. He wanted to talk to her. See her. His every thought lead back to her. Dusting off the 'Now Hiring' sign, he placed it in the window.
When it hit 5pm, he decided he would close early. He just couldn't focus. Emma was so present in every thought. He walked aimlessly, letting memories flow as he walked home. By the time Darren had reached his street his head and heart were aching. Emma was the only one he ever loved.
Before he could talk himself out of it, or waited until he was drunk, he walked up to her door and knocked. It felt like an eternity had gone by before she answered.
"It's not two in the morning." Darren's attempt at a joke hung in the air. Emma hadnt even cracked a half smile. His heart raced in his chest.
"What do you want Darren?"Emma's voice was emotionless. It hit him like a bullet to the heart.
"I just want to talk Em," he watched as she sighed and rolled her eyes. Maybe it was a mistake, coming over. "Please. Just give me ten minutes." Another sigh as Emma stepped aside. Darren couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. Being inside sent a onslaught of memories to his brain. "Do you remember all the times you snuck me in? And we would lay in your bed, making out and whispering all night." Darren felt like he won a prize as Emma slowly let a smile light up her face.
"I also remember getting caught," Darren remembered with perfect clarity. "My dad kicked you out. Wouldn't even let you get your clothes." They both laughed at the memory. Darren couldn't help but to get a slight arousal from the memory. He had been just about to take off his boxers and enter Emma, when her father had burst into the room.
"I'm sorry Emma." The words hung between them. Thick in the air. Emma was staring at the ground twisting her fingers together in her lap.
"I was so hurt Darren. I-I loved you." His heart ached with her words. He could see just how deeply his betrayal had affected her.
"And I love you. Still. She was just i dont know, a mistake. I wish I could take it all back. Take you back." Not being able to control himself, Darren reached across the table and gently pushed her hair behind her ear and lifted her chin. The tears that welled up in her eyes broke him.
"Darren, I don't know if I can just pretend like it never happened. I want to. I want you," that was all he needed to hear. Almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth, Darren was pulling her up out of her chair. His mouth was on hers in a split second. Her lips soft and delicious.
Emma melted in his hands, there was no restraint from her tonight. Slowly he felt her hands move up his chest and around his neck. For someone who couldn't forgive him, she sure acted like it was forgiven. Darren didn't even want to dwell on that. He learned to live in the moment. And in this moment he wanted her. He slowly backed her up and then lowered her down to the couch easily maneuvering himself between her legs. Darren deepened their already passionate kiss before moving his kisses lower, trailing down her jaw to the little weak spot on her neck. He suckled at her neck until she let out a soft moan. The sound of her pleasure rocked his body. Darren trailed his hand down Emma's body until he got to her core. He caressed her mound threw her panties, feeling the wetness on her panties he let out a low growl.
"So, wet." Darren moaned as her hips rubbed herself harder on his hand. Darren couldn't keep his hands or his mouth off of her. All her moans only fueled his hunger for her body. All these years Darren had ached for her. Wanted her. Needing to be inside her, finally. He pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles. While he watched her face blushed from pleasure, he reached down and began undoing his jeans, his penis had reached a level of hardness only Emma could accomplish.
Emma placed her shaking hands under his shirt. Finally feeling her touch him after only dreaming of it sent a shiver threw his whole body. Slowly he felt her hands explore lower until she reached his boxers. She looked up at him as if asking permission. As far as Darren was concerned she didn't need to ask permission to do anything to him.
"I want you Darren," at her words he grinded against her showing just how much he wanted her. Darren began kissing her neck again, fighting every urge in his body to bury himself deep inside of her. He wanted this to be perfect. He felt like he had waited too long for this moment. "Darren wait, I need to tell you something." Lifting himself to look into her eyes, he had a moment of panic. This wasn't going to happen, she had a boyfriend. Why else would she stop him. "I'm-I'm a virgin."
Darren felt his whole body stiffen. If he kept going, which he was more than sure Emma didn't want to stop, he would be her first. Just like he would have been if he had never messed up six years ago. He couldn't fight himself anymore. Letting out a low growl, he claimed her lips once more. Feeling her dripping core he lifted himself up and looked into her eyes. Her face had a deep blush, his dreams did her no justice.
"Are you sure Em?" His tip resting just at her dripping entrance, he waited. He needed her to say she wanted this, him.
"I want you Darren, please just-" her pleas cut off by a long moan as Darren thrust his full girth inside of Emma.

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