Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Forget It All

Emily's P.O.V.

Emily left Darren's house in a rage. She didn't understand why he didn't want her. She knew it wasn't because she was ugly. She felt like she was prettier than even his Emma. Emily scoffed kicking a rock on her way to her truck.

She thought for sure with Emma being in the hospital, she would finally have her chance with Darren. What did that woman have that she didn't? Why didn't he want her? Emily skidded away from the house, making her way back to her place a couple town's over.

She really thought he was going to kiss her. She honestly didn't even really care if it was only because of the whisky. She just needed to feel his lips again. She couldn't put a finger on why it was she wanted Darren so badly. Maybe it was only because he rejected her at every turn. Rejection wasn't something she was used to getting. She was usually the one doing the rejecting.

Emily thought back to the day she had met him in his store. He was so handsome, standing there deep in thought, a hand in his thick curls. Emily had slowly found herself more and more addicted to him as he stayed at her place working on her cabinets. She would watch him from her house sometimes. Seeing his sweat glisten on his skin. Watching his strong arms flex with strength every time he sanded the wood down.

She had even let herself daydream of him whiling pleasing herself. She would think about him coming up to the house, sweat like a shine on his body and when she would go to him, he would take her in his arms and kiss her passionately. He would lay her back on the soft grass while they fumbled around trying desperately to rid each other of their clothes and once the task was done, she would grab his hard cock and stroke it while he moaned into her mouth while they kissed...

Emily shook her head. No need to get herself worked up over a man that made it more than clear tonight, that even drunk he wouldn't have her. Why? Why? Why? Why? It was all she could think. Emily almost felt disgusted with herself. Why couldn't she just step back and leave him alone? He was the only man she had ever felt this craving for. This deep need to have him. No matter the cost.

If she could, she would admit, she was being a bit of a sleaze. And she kind of starting to hate herself for it. Emma wasn't a bad person, and obviously neither was Darren. So why was it she couldn't just let them be and let them have their happiness?

Maybe it was because she envied them to her core. She had a good man. A caring man. Then he took off with some floozy. things are never as good as they seem on the outside and neither are people. People tend to hide the worst part of themselves, sometimes not even to their own selves.

As Emily pulled into her driveway she sighed. John was still here. She had met John while she still worked with him at Darren's store. He was nice enough, but he still had a young boy mentality. All he ever wanted to do was get her naked. She honestly didn't even really care for him, but he was a good lay and she needed it.

Walking inside, she saw John instantly. He was sitting on her sectional in the living room one leg swung up on the couch the other dangling to the floor, in nothing but his boxers. He was a handsome guy, with his broad shoulders, muscular build, tanned flawless skin, vibrant green eyes and curly black hair. Emily thoroughly enjoyed looking at him.

Emily slammed the door shut announcing her arrival and John tossed her a smile over his shoulder.

"Hey babe. How's your parents?" John asked as he diverted his attention back to the TV. That's right, Emily had almost forgot, she had told him she was going to visit with her parents before she had left earlier. She smiled at him.

"Just great. You eat yet?" Emily answered and then asked him. She saw his used dishes scattered about on her coffee table and sighed. Such a boy, least he could do was put them in the sink.

"Yeah, yeah I'm good. Why don't you come have a seat babe?" John said winking at her and patting his lap. Emily sighed, deeper this time as she began cleaning his mess.

"Nah, I'm hungry, going to fix me something to eat." Taking his dishes into the kitchen she loaded them into her dishwasher and fixed herself some soup from a can. She didn't feel like putting an effort forth into a meal.

She sat at her island and grimaced. How in the hell is that Emma got a man like Darren and she was stuck with John? Emily made a face as he cheered for whatever team he watching play football on her TV. He reached down and scratched his balls and Emily shook her head. Such a boy. He was very well endowed though, so she guessed that made him a little less of boy. Emily chuckled to herself. Like the size of you cock can make you a man.

Emily sat and watched John as she ate her soup. This wasn't any type of long term thing. It wasn't even a relationship. More of a they filled each others needs type of deal. She had even told him not to tell anyone they were together or even sleeping together. She hadn't wanted him to mention it around Darren.

Ah, Darren, she thought with a sigh. She wanted him so badly. Wanted his strong arms wrapped around her pinning her to the wall while he ravished her. Shuddering, Emily smiled to herself.

She was determined to have him, she wasn't ready to give up yet either. Every man has a breaking point, don't they? Eventually when his precious Emma doesn't emerge from her sleep, he will turn to her, and have her. Then she can move in and have him and his beautiful son all to herself. That should be him and her not him and Emma.

Emily finished her soup and as she started the dishwasher, she felt the clawing need to be filled and sauntered over to John on the couch. She stood there for a minute waiting for him to peel his eyes away from the TV, when he paid her no attention she began stripping her clothes off. Once she had her bra off she slung it at his head along with her panties and that's when she finally got his attention.

"MMM, come here woman." John said with lust filling his eyes and a mischievous grin on his face. Emily smiled coyly and walked over as he sat up and she straddled him.

She rode him fast and hard while keeping her eyes shut and picturing Darren, oh how she wished it was his hands gripping her waist tightly slamming himself into her with each thrust. Emily bit her bottom lip to keep herself from moaning Darren's name out as she finally had her orgasm. John having his shortly after.

Emily stayed on him for a second panting when John smacked her ass.

"Alright babe, let me finish this game, then I have got to go. Gotta open the store in the morning." Emily huffed and got up off his lap and made her way to her shower. She knew Darren wouldn't be so quick to end their sessions if she slept with him, he seemed more of a cuddler to her. She was definitely determined to find out on her own though.

Hey there guys ! Sorry this chapter took so long to get put up, took me a minute to try and get into Emily's line of thinking...I've never been that kind of girl, so it was a little harder for me than i thought it would be...I hope it came out OK. So, what do you all think?? Drop a comment, hit that like button if you haven't yet even drop a review and let me know how I'm doing so far :) Love everyone's feedback, you all are great, you keep me writing!
As always...STAY AMAZING!!!!
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