Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Wake up

Darren's P.O.V.

Two months in total had now passed. The doctors were beginning to doubt Emma ever waking. Darren quickly let them know they weren't going to just give up on her though. It wasn't like she was on life support, she was just sleeping. Darren now spent pretty much the majority of his time here with her. On the nights he couldn't bring himself to leave her side, the nurses would even wheel him in one of the clear nursery cribs from the OB ward for little JT.

Darren hated the time Emma was missing with him. He knew it wasn't her choice of course, but still it sucked. He was a whole two months old now. At least he didn't have insane sleeping patterns anymore. JT didn't sleep all night, but almost damn near. He was getting big too. Even though he was only two months, he was so long Darren had to dig into the three-six month clothes. He was a pure joy. Darren felt like the luckiest Dad. JT rarely fussed now, unless he was hungry or needed his diaper changed. Darren smiled down at his son in his arms. He truly was the biggest blessing, he didn't know what he would done if something had happened to him and Emma. He would have lost it probably.

"I wish you could see him Em, you will fall in love instantly." Darren said, his voice full of love as he grabbed her limp hand. It still pained him so much to sit and talk with her and never get a reply. Some days he just sat and cried as he held onto her hand.

JT began cooing and looking up at him. Darren smiled. He couldn't wait to see what a fantastic mother Emma would be. He just knew she was going to throw a fit about not getting to dress him in all the little newborn outfits she had picked out, but Darren took plenty of pictures. Quite a few of them were already framed and hung around their home.

"It's so hard doing this without you, love." Darren whispered, more to himself then to Emma. Her scent was now missing from their pillows, he used to lay in bed at night clinging to them, as he freely cried in their bed. He never knew he could miss someone this much. To the point of tears. Yeah, it hurt when she had left town, but when she left then, both times, he knew she was OK and chose not to be with him. Now she wasn't OK and hadn't chose this.

Days got longer and nights got shorter as time passed. Life without his Emma was taking it's toll on him. He barely was at the store anymore. It pained him when he had to leave Emma's side to get new clothes.

"I need you to wake up for me my love. Just open your eyes, come back to us." Darren whispered into her ear as he stood to lay JT in the crook of her arm. He tried as much as possible to lay little JT with her as she slept these last two months. He wanted JT to know who his momma was. When she woke, not if, she would be devastated if their son wasn't familiar with her.

Just then his phone began ringing. Looking at the caller ID he saw it was Emma's mom. He answered it immediately.

"Hey, how is she today?" She asked him. Darren stared down at the two loves of his life and sighed as he raked a hand roughly threw his hair.

"Still the same, will you be here today?" Darren knew it was hard for her mother to see Emma this way, especially after losing her husband not too long ago, but she was still there every other day at least if not everyday.

"Yeah, thought maybe when I leave you might let me take little JT off your hands for the night?" She asked with hope in her voice. Darren truly hated being away from his son, but he also knew how much having JT around helped her threw this. Hell it helped him as well.

"Of course you can." Darren replied and he could just see the grin on her face with his words.

"I'm on my way up there now, I'll see you in a bit." They said their goodbyes and Darren hung up. While he had his phone out, he snapped a picture of his loves napping together. His phone was filled to the brim of nothing but JT and Emma.

"Your mom's on her way love. She's going to take JT for the night." He said told as he reclaimed his spot next to her and grabbed her hand again, placing a tender kiss on it.

Darren had momentarily closed his eyes, knowing Emma's mom would wake him upon her arrival. Before he knew it the sounds of coughing woke him. His eyes flew open and immediately flew to JT. JT was still sound asleep tucked in his mother's arm. Then more coughing and his eyes flew to Emma. Her eyes were open.

"Emma?!" Darren jumped up and grabbed little JT with one hand and helped Emma to a sitting position with his free hand. Emma coughed and coughed before Darren grabbed the water he had and helped her drink some of it. She coughed some more. "I'll be right back love." Darren ran from the room little JT in tow and found one of the nurses at the station. They both rushed back in to see Emma looking around the room with a dazed and confused expression on her face. Once her eyes landed on Darren she smiled weakly.

"Darren, Darren how long was I asleep?" Emma asked threw coughs. Darren hadn't realized it until now, but tears were falling from his eyes at the sight of her finally being awake. This honestly had to be the happiest moment in his life. He had her back. She was awake. Before he could find his voice once more, her mother walked into the room. Her eyes landed on him first, seeing his tears, her eyes flew to Emma and she collapsed next to him, her own tears streaming down her face.

Emma looked at them confused, and then her eyes landed on little JT in Darren's arms. She opened her arms and gestured to Darren.

"I want to hold my baby, please Darren, bring him to me?" Emma said weakly. Darren rose to his feet, and quickly was at her side. He looked down at JT who now was wide awake from all of the commotion and smiled at him. He place JT in her arms and tears welled in her eyes as the realization of just how long she had been asleep hit her.

Darren engulfed her in a hug and squeezed them both as Emma giggled. Her laugh was like literal music to his ears. He had missed her so damn much.

He pulled away and kissed her repeatedly all over her face, until he rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. Emma was back.

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