Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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The Best

Darren's P.O.V.

After about a week or so of careful observation, Emma was finally coming home. Her mother had JT while he stayed at the hospital with her everyday since she had woken up. He hadn't wanted to miss a single second more of the time he had with her.

"I'm fine, Darren, I can walk." Emma said as she waved off the wheelchair he was insistently trying to get her into. Darren smiled and hoisted her bag over his shoulder as he followed her to the exit.

"I know, I know. I just happy you are coming home. I missed you so fucking much love." Darren said with a grin as he caught up to her and grabbed her hand intertwining their fingers before lifting their hands and placing a tender kiss on her hand.

"It feels like I never lost any time at all. But I love you Darren." With her words, his heart skipped a beat. The past two months he had longed to hear her voice. Now he tried to keep her talking as much as possible.

"You know you now have a wedding to plan love, now that our little man is out." Darren said as they both grinned at each other in his truck. Darren took her engagement ring out of his pocket and slid it back onto her finger. It felt just as good now as it had when he had first placed it onto her finger.

"Yeah, but first I get to make up the time I missed, with you and JT." Emma said as she watched the world pass threw the window.

"Look, there is something I think you should know." Darren said as he came to a red light. Emma briefly searched his face before he turned back to the road.

"I don't want to know. As long as you were faithful to me and took care of JT, nothing else matters." Emma sighed and grabbed Darren's hand as they pulled up in her mother's driveway.

"Of course I did both things, but it's Emily, I think maybe she might be a problem." Darren said as he looked into her eyes. He knew for a fact she was a problem.

"Nope, I'm back now. Let her try and come steal away what's mine, I dare her." Emma said with a grin as she kissed Darren. The kiss wasn't like their usual passionate kisses, but tender and full of love. Darren groaned as she pulled away.

"Good god love, you sure I can't take you home first?" He said with a chuckle as she shook her head and quickly made her way to the door. Darren wasn't far behind her.

"He is just the most precious thing in the world." Emma's mother said as she passed JT into Emma's arms.

Tears began to well up into her eyes as she gazed down at their son. This moment was the one Darren had been waiting for the past two months. He knew she would love him to pieces. Emma gently lowered herself down to the couch and began talking and cooing to little JT.

They stayed there for a while before walking home. By this time JT was passed out and Emma was not for laying him down at all. Finally after much convincing, she placed him in the bassinet and laid on their bed.

"He is perfect Darren. You have been doing so well." Emma said to him as he climbed into bed next to her. He cuddled up to her and placed his head on her breasts. Emma began running her fingers threw his hair.

"I thought I was going to break without you." Darren said as he turned and looked into her eyes. He wasn't lying, he honestly wasn't coping well at all without her. Anybody who was around him, knew that without even being told.

"But here you are, handsome as ever, still in one piece." Emma chuckled as he looked up at her his eyes shinning.

"I missed the hell outta you woman." Darren said as he began kissing up her breast to her neck and smiled as she leaned her head back into the pillows with a moan. God he had missed her. He kept kissing upwards until he reached her mouth.

Emma hungrily, kissed him back, and this time their kiss was filled with so much passion, it was unbelievable. They both now were clawing at the others clothes until they were both down to underwear, clothes in a heap on the floor.

Darren slid his boxers down and got in between her legs.

"I love you so much Emma." He said as he looked down at her. Her face was flushed and he eyes were filled with so much love and lust alike.

"I love you Darren." Emma said breathily before Darren recaptured her lips with his. Their tongue's danced around their mouths as Darren easily ripped her panties off causing Emma to moan with pleasure into his mouth.

As he slowly entered her, he was trying so hard not to make this fast. He wanted to take his time and savor being back inside of her once more. Darren lifted up onto his elbows and stared down at her as he slowly made love to Emma. Taking her hard nipple into his mouth as he sucked and nipped at it, taking the other in his hand, flicking and pulling and teasing it relentlessly.

Darren loved how her body just came to life like this for him. Her core now dripping wet and squeezing him, he lost his control and began pushing deeper and harder. Reveling in her loud moans and when felt her tighten around him with her orgasm that was it for him. As she screamed out his name, he poured his seed deep inside of her. As deep as her body would allow him too.

Emma fell asleep after this, and Darren laid next to her, lazily trailing his fingers up and down her body. Placing a kiss on her shoulder, he cuddled behind her and tried his hardest to let sleep take him. It was almost as if he body and mind were refusing sleep to him, just in case this was all a dream.

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