Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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One Last Time

Emma's P.O.V.

Emma felt like it was surreal that she had been asleep so long. Two months gone. Two months she missed with not only Darren, but also JT.

Emma looked down at her son in her arms as he slept. He seemed too big now to have ever fit inside of her. She sighed as she placed him in his beautiful crib and set up the monitors. Darren was at the store working. She was all alone except JT.

Hearing the knock at the door surprised her. When she answered it, she was surprised even further. There in front of her was none other than Emily.

"What do you want?" Emma spat out at her. Emily looked at her feet. Emma wasn't sure how she felt about this woman at all. Here before her was the single woman that consistently tried to take Darren out from under her.

"I just, wanted to come by and see how you were." Emily said nervously as she wrung her hands together. Emma scoffed at her.

"Yeah, OK, sure thing. I'm fine, Darren's fine. You aren't wanted here." Emma said angrily. All she wanted was to slam the front door in Emily's face. This woman had balls for sure.

"Yeah he wasn't fine the other night when I was here. He in fact at least had enough hospitality to invite me in. I even got to hold your son." Emily spat back at her. Emma sighed. So this must have been what Darren was trying to tell her the other night. It didn't even matter to her anymore. She trusted Darren. She knew he was in love with her. She knew in her heart nothing that shouldn't have happened, didn't happen.

"Whatever Emily, go waste your time somewhere else. The problem with women like you is that you don't know how to keep your filthy hands off of what isn't yours, even after repeatedly being rejected. Just go back wherever it is you came from and don't come back. You aren't welcome here." Emma then did what she had been wanting to do since answering the door in the first place, slammed it right in Emily's face.

Before she could think it threw she dialed Darren's shop on her cell. Waiting while it rang she thought of Emily making the store her next stop, which she was sure it was going to be. Women like her didn't give up so easily.

"D's Hardware, how can I help you?" A young sounding girl answered the phone cheerily. It must be Lizzie.

"Yes, hi, this is Emma. Is Darren around?" Emma waited and finally was greeted by Darren's deep voice.

"Hey love, everything OK?" Darren sounded worried, the way he has been since she left the hospital. Emma smiled at his concern.

"Yeah, I'm good, JT is fine. I just had a visitor and wanted to warn you before maybe she tried to make her way up there to you." Emma sighed and heard Darren do the same over the line. She could picture him standing there at the counter running a hand threw his hair.

"Emily?" Darren asked and Emma sighed.

"Yes, I told her off, and slammed the door in her face. I'm so tired of her Darren. When will she get the picture?" Emma asked him as he sighed once more over the line.

"I don't know love, but you already know, you're it for me. I don't want anybody but you, especially not her." Darren said on another sigh. Emma knew he was telling her the truth. And she felt nothing but the same in return for him.

"I know Darren, I love you. I just wanted to warn you." Emma said. Before they hung up they briefly discussed what to have for dinner now that Emma's cravings were no more. After hanging up, Emma poured herself a whisky and sank into the living room chair.

"Daddy, I miss you." She said with tears welling up in her eyes. If he was still there he would know what to do. He would know what she had to say to this vile woman for her to leave them alone. "I wish I had more time with you." Emma sat there and babysat her shot. Thinking of her father was always hard for her. She didn't think it would ever be easy, but now she had Darren and JT. The lights of her life. She felt like she could get threw anything as long as they were on her side.

Emma was four shots in when Darren arrived home.

"Hey there love, rough day?" He asked with a smirk nodding to her glass and the whisky on the table. Emma giggled as he leaned in and kissed her lips. His arm snaked around her waist as he helped her to her feet their lips never parting. Emma's hands snaked around his neck as she played with his hair at the nape of his neck.

They stayed there just like that, kissing passionately, until a shrill cry came over the monitor. They broke apart then and Darren rested his forehead against hers as they smiled at one another.

"I got him." Darren said placing one more tender kiss on her lips. Emma lowered herself back down to the chair and sighed happily.

She finally had the life she had always wanted when she was younger. Her happy ending, she thought as she watched her two loves descend the stairs. They were a perfect picture. Darren made his way over to Emma and gently lowered JT into her arms as he went off to fix a bottle. Emma looked down at their son.

"You really are so perfect little man. Everything I ever dreamed of." Emma placed a tender kiss on his forehead as JT cooed away and gripped her finger.

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