Once In A Lifetime (Lifetime Love)

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Emma's P.O.V.

Five Years later...

Life has never been more perfect. Emma thought as she sat back on her rocker and watched with a grin as Darren and JT threw a football in their backyard. JT was growing faster everyday and growing to look more and more just like his father. Emma took a sip of her coffee as they played.

Finally after a few more minutes JT came running over to her.

"Momma, I'm hungry, Daddy said to ask you if you are ready to cook dinner with him?" JT asked with a lopsided grin, causing him to look exactly like his father. Darren came over to them, ball in hand and reached out o help Emma up. JT's little hands flew to her stomach. "When's baby Abby gonna be here to play?" He asked as he rubbed her ever growing belly. JT smiled as she kicked his hands.

"I'm hungry to sweetie and just as soon as she is ready. Just ask your Daddy, babies decide when it's time." Emma smiled at her son before returning the tender kiss Darren placed on her lips.

"What do you want to eat tonight love?" Darren asked as all three of them walked inside together. Emma had been on a Frito pie kick this pregnancy.

"You should already know my love." Emma said with a giggle as Darren shook his head in understanding.

"Go wash up buddy while Mommy and I get to cooking, after you are all cleaned you can go ahead and watch Hulk." Darren said as he ruffled JT's hair.

JT smiled big and hurried off to wash his hands. The Hulk was his favorite super hero this week. It changes regularly. As soon as he was out of the room and they heard the bathroom door close, Darren took Emma into his arms. Her heart still would race from the anticipation of kissing him. Darren tangled one hand in her hair as he pulled her face to his. The kiss was searing with passion as most of their kisses always did. After pulling away for air, they stood with their foreheads together.

"I love you Em." Darren whispered into her ear softly. Emma smiled at him as she looked into his eyes. His eyes, even after all this time, were still filled with so much love when he looked at her.

"I love you too Darren," She replied easily. "Now let's get to cooking my love." Emma giggled and went about getting everything ready as side by side they stood in the kitchen fixing dinner together, listening to the sounds of the Hulk coming from the living room.

Emma wouldn't change her life for the world. In fact she felt as if she was the luckiest woman there was. She had her handsome, amazing, husband, a beautiful, sweet, caring son, and a little girl on the way. She felt as if she couldn't ask for more.

Emma was nervous for the delivery, but the doctor's reassured her every appointment every labor and delivery are different. It didn't help the anxiety though as she watched her adoring husband brown the hamburger meat.

As Emma layered the Frito's in the bottom of two pans, she watched Darren layer the meat on top and then they each grabbed a bag of shredded cheese spreading it on top of the meat before sticking them in the oven to melt the cheese.

Her stomach growled and little Abby kicked away furiously as she watched Darren pull them out after a couple minutes. Emma set the table and called for JT.

As Darren dished out dinner, Emma felt so blessed. Darren grabbed her free hand and held it tight as he sent a wink her way while JT wasn't looking. Emma felt the blush creep up her neck. Five years and this man still made her react this way.

Life honestly couldn't get any better. Emma felt the love radiating from the house and smiled. She was so glad she had come back home.

Hey guys...I'm sorry it's so short. :( I really hope everyone truly enjoyed 'Lifetime Love' :) The journey and emotions in this story came to life for me as I wrote the words for you all. You guys are truly the best readers a girl could ask for!
I know sadly this is over now, but if you do so love my story, check out my other two :)
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