Love Never Fails

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Chapter 1: Visiting And Tips

I promised a lot, but it still wasn’t enough.

I loved visiting my mum and brother, I wish I could never leave. But the graveyard gates are about to close. I sigh and stand up, looking down at the two tombstones, leaving the flowers behind I walked back to my car. I got in and drove, it was dark, but that was the best time of the day, nobody could see your sad, nobody could see your hurt. Cause the sky felt the same way. The only light were the street lamps that had a slight glow to them.

I drove back to my stupid ass house, it’s run down, cheap and crap. I got out of my car and unlocked my front door, then remembered it can’t lock anyway. I push the door and step inside, sighing at the mess, not the mess I created but the mess of the house itself. The worn down couch that most likely had mice in it, my kitchen that didn’t have any doors on the cupboards, and a mini fridge in the corner, and the only water in the kitchen that runs is brown. I walk into the next room, my “bedroom” that doesn’t have a door it has a bathroom next to it which luckily does have one .

I drop my stuff on the wooden floor and climb onto the hard, dirty mattress which was on the ground. I had a blanket and a pillow and that was enough for me. I fell asleep, not having dinner. Not like there was anything to eat anyway.

The sun came through the window and hit my face I knew I had to get up. I went to the bathroom, had the quickest shower. Getting ready all I had was an oversized shirt and black leggings.

I tied my hair in a ponytail, got my little purse with my older phone in it and little cash. Leaving my house and went to work. Knowing it wasn’t going to be busy today.

“Hey” I said to April as I walked in. April’s my best friend who I met when I first started working here. It’s a small cafe around the outskirts if town, it was the only place that would hire me and it was run by the sweetest older woman, Sky. Only me, April and another girl Brit work here, like I said it’s not busy. Brit goes to college and is nearly finished, once she’s graduated she’ll hopefully get a job as a full time nurse, currently she volunteers.

“Hey, how are you London?” April says coming back from serving a customer.

“As good as it gets” I reply. “I know how it feels” she sighs and starts making the order.

April is still learning to stand on her feet after leaving an abusive relationship nearly a year ago, but it’s hard. Especially when she has no family, or money. Just like me. I’ve been working here for 3 years, April for 4.

“Hey, can you please get the next table? I heard some people come in” April says from the back, probably making some food for the other customers.

I don’t say anything, grabbing my note book and pen. I look around to see where the table is and I see a table with 4 men. I walk closer and realised they aren’t your average men. Business suits, Sharp jawlines, clean, good looking, rich. What were they going here? I suddenly got very self conscious as I stood by the table and one of them looked up, his dirty blonde and electric blue eyes really caught my attention. But I snap out of it and smile.

“Hello, what can I get for you today?” I spoke in my most professional voice, none of them looked up, still scoping out the menu, besides the blonde as he answered.

“We’ll all get black coffee, make it strong, it’s been a long night. And we’ll get one croissant with ham and cheese, one with ham, cheese and tomato, one blueberry muffin, heated, and a chicken, cheese and mayo toasted sandwich” he smiled and I wrote all if it down walking back to the register.

After I put the order and total in I started making the drinks, soon finishing I was ready to take them to the men when a costumers walked up to the till and I had to take their order. April saw and decided to take the drinks for me.

April’s POV:

I walked to the table with 4 black coffees on my tray, when I got there they were all really concentrated on their conversation so I placed the tray down, that caught there attention cause they all looked up.

Holy, my ovaries.

One had dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes, one with raven hair and silver-like eyes, one with chocolate eyes and caramel hair, and the last guy had me near sweating, he had olive green eyes and ash hair, they were all tan, all tattooed, the one with the silver eyes had the most. I was honestly in shock that these 4 men were here. But I smiled at them.

“Here’s your drinks, your food should be out shortly” I bit my lip and walked away.

When I saw London back at the register I gestured a swooning face and made it really dramatic, we both giggled and went back to making the food. Once we were done, she took it over and about 3 minutes later she came back all flustered and looked nervous.

“Holy shit” she says and comes really close, then she gave me I looked down and saw how much, $100! I saw her put the right amount (the order) in the till and she also had $100! Which means they paid $200 in tips! “Holy— I was interrupted by another voice

Hope you enjoy the tip, the food will be delicious! Hope to see you again soon” one if the men form the table said, they all smirked and some winked as the left the restaurant.

London and I jumped for joy but soon went back to work.

Nates POV:

“I’m so fucking tired” Anthony, my younger brother complained. We have been in meetings all night and all morning in a town at least an hour away. We were starved and tired, and I feel bad for Mason, he’s been driving since 4am, it’s currently 7:30. And I feel bad for my men who are in other cars who had to follow us for security.

“Guys! Theres a cafe! We’re nearly home” Diego said as we all looked out the window at a small cafe not far out Of the city. “Go in, let’s get some food” I said as Mason turned into the parking lot. The other cars followed and parked, knowing they wouldn’t get out of the car, but we’re still on look out.

We got out of the car and stretched our legs. “Let’s go” Anthony said. We walked in at sat at one of the booths against the wall. The place looked cosy and...quaint. We all looked at the menus and decided what we were having but us being to tired to look up Anthony said he’d order for us. Suddenly I heard an angel like voice..

“Hello what can I get for you today?” After that I blanked out, I’m assuming Tony ordered and she went too go place the order in. I looked up from the menu and the other guys were already looking up.

“So, what about Watson’s company? You think we should take the risk?” Mason asked.

“No, all they want is money, there is going to be no financial gain for us if we go through with it, plus they have a bad reputation, it could tarnish our name” I said. They nodded in agreement.

“What about the meeting on where Mr Ambrose said you’re too young and unfit to own this company?” Diego laughed. I shook my head. “Idiots, all of them”

Suddenly a tray was placed in front of us. We all looked up, and to say I was shocked is an understatement.

She was beautiful, with honey blonde hair, amber coloured eyes, caramel skin and a body most girls would die for, all she had on was leggings, an apron that was tied around her waist and a plain black shirt. I did see Diego really checking her out, after all she was pretty but wasn’t my type, but Diego definitely took an interest.

“Here’s your drinks, your food should be out shortly” was all she said as she bit her lip and walked away.

“Fuck me” Diego said. “You thought she was pretty you should’ve seen the other waitress” Tony said, which surprised me a little cause she was gorgeous.

“Dude, I want that. I want her name, I want her. She was gorgeous” Diego stated completely dumbfounded.

I laugh a little and all of a sudden this girl, or women comes out if no where, she was completely and utterly gorgeous. Charcoal hair, sapphire eyes, her face soft, her long eyelashes and again, she was a wearing leggings, apron and an oversized shirt, but I could definitely see her hips. I was speechless.

“Here’s your food, sorry if it was a long wait” she smiled, I heard that voice before, now I could match the voice to the person.

“Nah, don’t worry about it. We actually might take these to go if that’s okay?” Mason said.

“Uh, of course, I’ve actually got some paper bags” she pulled some out of her apron and placed them in the table.

“How much will all this be?” Diego asked. “$36:90” she said politely.

I smiled and took out my wallet. Taking out $240 I placed it right in front of her and spoke “A $100 tip for both of you” her face showed total disbelief. We all tried to hold back a laugh as she stared at the money.

“I-I can’t except this. The $40 will do. She picked up the two 20 dollar notes and was about to walk off when I spoke again. “Please, take it. You earned it, all I want is something simple I return” she takes the money off the table and looks at me.

“What is yours, and your friends names?”

“I’m London, She’s April” she answered in a quiet voice. I smiled. “Well thank you London, we’ll be off now” I wink at her and she says “Thank you” and scurries away. “Damn” was all I said.

“Told you. You don’t want to switch Diego?” Mason says laughing.

“She’s gorgeous don’t get me wrong, they both are, but April’s more my type, plus I saw Nate over here checking out London” he points to me and smiled when finishing. I roll my eyes and we start walking out but not before Tony said

“Hope you enjoy the tip, the food will be delicious! Hope to see you again soon” we all smirked, Mason and Tony winked and we all left feeling a lot better than we did hours ago.

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