Made for the Alpha Shifter (Shifter World - Book Nine) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Epilogue: The Dating Game

-Four Months Later-

“Joy!” Amirah hollered, looking for her oldest grandcub.

“Over here,” Saffron said from the rocking chair in the living room.

Amirah smiled at her newest daughter and granddaughter.

Joy was standing beside the rocking chair, watching Saffron rock her newest cousin.

“Where’s the rest of the brood?” Amirah asked as she walked up to them.

Saffron nodded towards the hall. “Daryl set up a playroom so the adults could have the living room.”

Amirah nodded. “It’s been a blessing having you help with the cubs and pup.”

Saffron smiled down at her own cub. “It’s been my pleasure. Fourteen little ones are a lot to handle.”

“Why aren’t you with the others?” Amirah asked Joy.

Joy smiled at her little cousin. “Because Brianna likes it when I watch her.”

Saffron chuckled. “She’s not wrong there. Bri calms down the moment Joy looks at her.”

Amirah grinned. “That’s our little pack leader.”

A cry came from the nursery, and Joy looked down the hall.

“Brother needs me.” She looked back at Brianna then leaned over and kissed her cheek. She then turned and walked down the hall, towards the nursery.

“She’s almost as much help as me and Tamara are,” Saffron said as she watched Joy walk down the hall.

Amirah nodded as she turned to watch her granddaughter. “She grew up a lot while her parents were MIA.”

Saffron nodded. Brianna whimpered, and she looked at her daughter. “I think she’s hungry.” She whispered, then positioned her breast so her daughter could nurse.

“I wonder who’s next,” Saffron whispered as she rocked her daughter while she nursed.

Amirah nodded. “It’s been a few months since one was activated.”

Saffron looked up at her mother-in-law. “What if we went on a hunt.”

Amirah eyed her.

Saffron smiled. “I think we should have a clan meeting.”


“What do you mean, a hunt?” Shar asked as she studied her newest sister.

Saffron smiled at Shar. She was by far, her favorite sister. “I mean, I was online a few days ago, and came across something completely shocking.”

“Oh, I remember that,” Josie said as she pulled out her laptop and started typing in it.

“What was it?” Maddy asked as she watched her sister.

“It was a site, advertising for a greet and mate,” Saffron said.

“Yeah,” Josie said as she pulled up the page. “Saffron showed it to me, and I recognized the guys running it. They had come to me for advertising advice. But I didn’t like what they were offering.”

“What the fuck?” Maddy said with a snarl as she took the computer form her sister. “What the fuck is this shit?”

“What does the site offer?” Daryl asked.

Saffron looked at her mate. “A chance to meet a Fated Mate and fuck her.”

“What the fuck!” Sharissa hollered as she pulled the computer from Maddy’s lap and searched through the pages.

“They haven’t actually found any Fated Mates yet. But from what I’ve heard. The women aren’t exactly willing participants.” Josie informed them.

“How is that even possible?” Dominic asked as he stared at his mate.

“They bring women in from all over, and Shifters come in to sniff them out,” Josie answered.

“What the fuck,” Shar said as she held the computer up for her mate to look at it. “There’s one happening this weekend.”

“What happens at these things?” Daryl asked.

“It’s hidden as a dating site,” Josie said.

“Yeah,” Saffron said with a nod. “The women don’t know they’re being sniffed out. They think what they’re coming to, is a meet and greet dating game.”

“Oh, like those ones that you sit at a table for a few minutes, then go home with the one you like,” Tamara said as she tried to get a peek at the computer screen.

“Yes, exactly like that,” Saffron said as she looked at Tamara.

“But we think it’s a ruse. Once they find a Fated Mate, they end the game, and start a new one.” Josie said.

“What kind of new game?” Daryl asked.

“Don’t know. They haven’t found a Fated Mate this way yet.” Saffron said with a shrug.

“But we think they have an auction for the Fated Mate. Or, at least plan to, once they find one.” Josie said.

“Looks like we’ve found our first assignment,” Pearl said as she looked at the site on the computer.

“Who’s brave enough to join?” Maddy asked.

“Done,” Saffron said as she hit enter.

Everyone looked at her with wide eyes.

“Holy fuck,” Lyvia said as she stared at her newest sister.

“Give me that,” Shar said as she took the computer from Saffron. She typed across the board, then hit enter and grinned. “Do they need to know that we’re claimed?”

“Sharissa,” Dustin growled.

She smiled at her mate. “What if we find the next Fated Mate there? You did say that the Goddesses are running out of first choices.”

Dustin sighed heavily.

“I’m doing it too,” Tamara said as she took the computer form Sharissa.

“Fucking hell,” Drezden grumbled.

In the next ten minutes, every Fated Mate was signed up for the site, including Josiah.

Shar smiled at Josiah. “They’re going to love you.” She said with a wink.

Josiah smiled at her.

“Okay. So, I guess our mates are going undercover.” Dustin said with a growl.

“So are you,” Shar said as she wrapped her arms around her mate.

Dustin looked down at his mate. “How’s that?”

“You lot, are going to be the snifters,” Josie said with a laugh.

“That doesn’t sound right,” Dominic said as he pulled his mate up off the chair and into his arms.

“No, it doesn’t,” Maddy said as she laughed at her sister.

“You Shifters, are going to be there to sniff out the Fated Mates,” Saffron said as she looked around the room at the gathered Fated Mates.

“And so are you, Vampire,” Shar said as she turned to Tate, who had just popped in behind them.

Tate grinned at her. “Whatever you want, little mama.”

“Back up, I like that,” Dustin said with a nod.

Tate nodded. “Will be the most fun we’ve had, since we lost our heads.”

Everyone laughed a hollow laugh.

“Then it’s settled,” Josie said as she looked around at everyone.

The Alpha’s nodded.

“As long as we’re there to protect you,” Dustin said as he gently kissed his mate’s lips.

“Who knows,” Shar said as she turned to look at the others. “Maybe we actually will find the next Fated Mate.”

“Hmm. I wonder who she’ll belong to.” Saffron said with a smile as she looked at Tate.

Tate laughed. “I’m a guardian, and that is all.”

“I have a feeling there’s more to you than that,” Saffron said.

Shar grinned. “I’ve always thought so too.”


This book may be over but their story is not.


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