Made for the Alpha Shifter (Shifter World - Book Nine) (Series of 13 Short Stories)

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Chapter Four: Sharissa's Legacy

“Okay, let’s get everyone into a safe place,” Amirah said as she looked at her family.

“Where are we going to hide from an Elder?” Pearl asked, fear in her eyes. “I need to call my father.”

“No,” Dominic said as he took her phone from her. “He’s an Elder.”

“But my father would never put me or Ruby in danger,” Pearl said as she stared at her brother.

Dominic shook his head. “No, maybe not. But we don’t know what’s going on up there, or who’s listening in on your father’s conversations with us.”

Pearl whimpered and Dylan handed her their daughter, then pulled them against him.

Joy reached out and touched Ruby’s hair.

“Okay Cousin?” Joy asked, with the sweetest sounding voice.

Ruby looked up at Joy and nodded, then reached out to her, and Joy hugged her cousin close.

“We should go; before the Elder comes back,” Amirah said as she lifted Jackson into her arms.

Josie lifted Joseph into her arms, and the others started gathering cubs. Josiah picked up his pup, while Gerald helped Lyvia and Raj with their cubs.

They decided to hide out at the Kraftman mansion.

Pearl placed spells all over the property. They weren’t taking any chances. Pearl made sure they all sent off a signal, then she put up her strongest shield around the house.

A noise had them all turning. One of Pearls spells had been activated.

They sighed with relief when they saw Bridget standing in the middle of the living room, chains holding her in place.

“Nice one, but can you let me go, please,” Bridget said with a grunt, as she struggled against the chains.

Dylan grinned at the Vampire. “What’s wrong, Bridget? Can’t escape some chains?”

Bridget snorted. “Chains are one thing, Kraftman. But your mate’s magic is very powerful. I can see why the Elder had wanted her, then went for the next best thing.” She said as she looked over at Ruby, who was playing on the floor with Joy and Destiny.

Pearl snapped her fingers, and the chains disappeared from around Bridget.

“I think it’s more than that.”

Everyone turned to find Kota standing in the entryway.

“Kota,” Pearl said as she looked at her brother.

“What do you mean?” Dylan asked his mate’s brother.

Kota looked at his sister, then over at his niece. “You’re not only a powerful Witch, but you also have Father’s blood in you. And Ruby is strong for her age. She has come into her powers much younger than most Witches.”

“And her father is a Shifter,” Amirah said as she joined them. “That is rare in itself.”

Kota nodded. “It is.”

“But she can’t shift,” Pearl stated.

“Not as of yet. But that doesn’t mean she won’t.” Kota said.

Pearl and Dylan looked at each other.

“How did you get past my spells?” Pearl asked as she looked back at her brother.

Kota chuckled. “Did you forget the blood shield?”

Pearl groaned. She’d forgotten about that spell. It makes the person immune to anything their blood relatives cast on them, or around them.

“Nice spells, by the way, Sis,” Kota said with an approving smile. “You should be safe from any Elder. Except for Father.”

“Do you think Kristoph will come after her?” Dylan asked.

Kota shook his head. “I don’t think our father is involved with whatever is going on up there. All he told me, was that Shar and her cub were needed up there. For what, he will not say. Just said that it’s important for the upcoming wars.”

“Does he know why one of the Elders came after Pearl and Ruby?” Dylan asked.

Kota shook his head. “No. He is keeping his eyes and ears open, and he told Tate about it.”

Dylan nodded, then looked at his mate. “I hope Dad and Daryl can help them, then bring Shar and Dustin home.”


“How did you get here?”

Daryl turned to find Tate standing behind him. “My dad.”

Tate snorted. “Should have known.” He said, then hugged Daryl.

Daryl tried to pull away, but Tate held him still.

“Why?” Tate whispered into Daryl’s ear.

Daryl growled. “Because you kidnapped…”

Tate squeezed tighter and Daryl’s eyes turned golden.

“That’s what I thought,” Tate said, then let the Alpha go. “Your brother is with Sharissa. Come with me.”

Daryl glared at the Vampire but nodded.

Tate led him to a door, then knocked three times on it before unlocking and walking in.

“Daryl,” Dustin said when he saw his brother.

“Dustin,” Daryl said as he moved into the room and straight for his brother. “Thank the Goddesses.”

“What are you doing here?” Dustin asked as his brother pulled him into a bear hug. “And how the fuck did you get here?”

“Dad brought me,” Daryl said as he backed away, then looked over at his sister and smiled. “Sharissa.” He whispered, then pulled her into a hug, mindful of her stomach.

Shar smiled as she hugged one of her brothers, she hasn’t seen in weeks. “How is Joy?” She asked as she held onto Daryl.

“Yeah, we need to talk,” Daryl said as he let go of Shar.

“What happened?” Dustin demanded. “Is Joy okay?”

“She was fine, the last I saw her,” Daryl said with a sigh.

“What happened?” Shar asked softly.

Daryl looked at Tate, and the Vampire locked the door, then moved over to them.

Daryl told them what had happened, and when he finished, Shar was in tears, Dustin was fuming, and Tate was tapping his chin.

“It has begun,” Tate said, then looked at Daryl. “Do you know which Elder it was?”

Daryl shook his head. “I only know Kristoph. The Elder that came to us, had silver hair, and beady eyes.”

“That describes over half of the Elders,” Tate said as he began pacing.

Daryl looked at his brother. “What did he mean by, it has begun?”

“It’s why he brought Sharissa here,” Dustin informed his brother. “They have a traitor here and don’t know who it is. They only suspect that it is an Elder. But after what just happened down there, I think the suspicions are concrete.”

“Why would he need Sharissa here, to find a traitor?” Daryl asked, confused.

“Because he will try to kill me and take my cub,” Shar whispered.

“What?” Daryl shrieked.

“That’s why he brought me up here. I am once again, my mate’s bodyguard.” Dustin said with a grin.

Daryl chuckled at the memory of how they had met Sharissa over two years ago.

“How are you?” Daryl asked as he pointed at Shar’s stomach.

Shar smiled as she wrapped her arms around her stomach. “We’re good. Tate says that this cub is going to be very special.”

“Yeah, like your first cub isn’t,” Daryl said with a snort.

Shar smiled at the image of her little Joy saving her cousin from the Elder. Then he looked at her brother and placed her hand on his chest.

“You should know, Alpha.” She whispered.

Daryl looked into his sister’s eyes and saw something there he’d never seen before.

“What’s going on, Shar?”

Shar smiled as she gave him a shove into a seat, then sat in the one next to it.

Daryl studied her. She’s getting stronger. How had they lasted weeks without touching each other?

“To answer that question. I had Kristoph place a spell on each of them to keep them from going insane.” Tate said from behind Daryl.

Daryl scowled. “How the fuck did you read my mind, Vampire?”

Tate grinned. “Because you’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

Daryl snarled. “I’m not a fucking dog, Vampire.”

Tate laughed. “You’re on a whole different plane, Kraftman. Magic is more powerful and more dangerous up here.”

Daryl sighed and looked at Shar. “Tell me everything, Seliana.”

Shar nodded. “It took Tate a while to finally tell me why he’d brought me here. He had to be sure no one was listening in on us. See, he wasn’t supposed to tell me anything, just bring me here.”

“What do the Elders want from you?” Daryl asked.

Shar looked up at Dustin, who was watching his brother. He looked at her and nodded and she looked back at her brother.

“Our son.”

Daryl growled his Alpha growl, and Dustin found himself on his knees.

“Daryl,” Dustin growled at his brother.

“Sorry, Brother,” Daryl said as he stared at Dustin on his knees. “You can get up.”

Dustin stood and dusted off his knees.

“All I did was growl,” Daryl said as he turned to look at the Vampire.

Tate shrugged. “I told you. Magic is amplified here.”

Daryl nodded. He’ll have to watch what he says, and how he says it, while he’s here.

“Why didn’t Shar fall to her knees?” He asked as he studied his sister.

Tate chuckled. “I also had Kristoph place a spell on her that blocks any kind of controlling spells.”

Daryl nodded. Good idea.

“So why do they want my nephew?” Daryl asked as he took hold of Shar’s hands.

Shar took a deep breath and looked at Tate.

Tate nodded, then moved over to the other side of Shar’s chair and looked down at the Alpha.

“Shar’s father was a Warlock.”

Daryl jumped at the information and stared into Shar’s eyes.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. “Believe me.” She whispered. “I had had no clue until Tate told me. I didn’t believe him until he showed me pictures of my parents. They never said anything about it to me…”

“Why would they keep something like that from their daughter?” Daryl asked, shocked.

“Because Sharissa is a female,” Tate said.

Daryl looked up at Tate. “And?”

“Shar’s father’s line is only passed down from father to son, or in this case, mother to son.”

Daryl looked at Shar’s stomach. Understanding hitting him.

“It is only passed to the males of the family.”

Shar nodded. “My parents died when I was eight. I’m an only child. I was raised by my mother’s sister until I went off to college.”

“So, you had no idea that it could be passed down to your son,” Daryl said.

She shook her head. “They died before they could tell me.”

“Warn you,” Tate said.

Shar nodded. “Warn me. But I’m not giving up my cub.” She said as she wrapped her arms around her stomach.

Tate placed a hand on her shoulder. “And I’m not going to ask you to, little mama. That is why I brought you here.”

“I don’t understand. Why did you bring her here, instead of leaving her with her family…”

“Because my father’s mother died giving birth to him,” Shar whispered.

“It will be safer for Shar to have the cub here. I know a Fated Mate can’t die. But her cub will gain all the power he will need, right here, without draining it from his mother. That kind of thing could harm a cub, who is also a Warlock.” Tate informed Daryl.

Daryl nodded. He understood that.

“So, what is this shit about a traitor?” Daryl asked.

“One or more of the Elders want Shar’s cub. And they will stop at nothing to get it. Even killing a Fated Mate.”

“What? Why?” Daryl asked, confused and annoyed.

“Because he is the last in Sharissa’s line of Warlocks,” Tate said as he looked down at Shar. “And I won’t let them have my godson.”

Shar chuckled but didn’t correct him. After everything he’s done to protect her and her cub, she just might let the Vampire be her son’s godfather.

“And her being a Fated Mate, makes the cub worth that much more,” Daryl whispered, understanding.

Tate nodded. “Yes.”

No one is selling my son,” Dustin growled.

“And they won’t,” Tate said with a nod. “Kristoph and I want to find the traitor or traitors and keep Shar and her son safe. So, we came up with a plan to bring her up here, the moment I sensed her pregnancy. But I needed a reason to bring her up here, without giving away my plans. Her killing that fucker was the perfect reason. But things were getting a bit dangerous to watch over Shar, and look for the traitors at the same time, so I recruited Dustin.”

Daryl nodded. “We should have known you had a good reason for everything you’ve done.”

“How did Joy snag Ruby from the Elder, when he was vanishing?” Shar asked as she studied her brother.

Daryl smiled at her. “From what I was told, it’s part of her being the leader of the pack.”

Shar chuckled. “My little girl is a smart one.”

“And powerful,” Tate said. “I think the traitor would go after her too; if he knew her true powers.”

Shar looked at the Vampire. “Did she get my father’s gifts too?”

Tate shook his head. “No. Her gifts come from the Goddesses.”

“They may know some of her powers by now,” Dustin said. “After stopping that Elder from taking Ruby.”

Daryl nodded. “That’s why everyone is in hiding.”

“Where are they hiding?” Shar asked.

“At the Kraftman estate.”

Everyone turned to the newcomer.

“Dad,” Dustin said as he looked at his father.

Pike nodded to his second eldest. “Sorry, it took me so long. I went back down to check on everyone.”

“How are they?” Shar asked.

Pike nodded. “Good. Joy misses you two, but other than that, everyone is okay. Pearl placed spells all around the property. And they have Bridget and Kota as added protection.”

“Good,” Dustin said with a nod.

“Can you tell everyone that I’m okay. And I’ll be home in five weeks.”

Pike stared at her then looked at his sons, then settled on the Vampire. “Five weeks?”

“Shar is due in just over four weeks. And we can’t let her go home until after she’s had the cub.” Tate informed the old clan Alpha.

Pike nodded. “All right.”

“And I’ll be staying with them,” Daryl said as he got to his feet.

“Brother…” Dustin started to say.

Daryl shook his head. “No arguments. I’m staying.”

“Okay.” Tate agreed. Dustin and Shar looked at him and he shrugged. “He’s an Alpha. They will have no hold on him. I could use his help.”

Dustin nodded, then clapped his brother on the shoulder. “Welcome aboard, Brother.”

Daryl grinned. “This will be the most fun we’ve had since Tate kidnapped your mate.”

Dustin chuckled then looked at Tate. “Where do we start?”

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