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One Winged Devil... Angel of Death... Monster... Those were the titles demons bestowed upon him when he descended to Gehenna and killed countless demons in his rage. She was just an ordinary girl who used to dream of an angel with emerald eyes, growing white wings on his back and ascending to the sky... One day, angels started falling from the sky. He fell in her backyard. And for reasons unknown, he treated her as if she was more precious to him than anything the world can offer... * * * * * Ps. On my third run to edit this work. Please comment if you like it.

Romance / Fantasy
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I was falling from Eden.

I knew it was the Judgement, an order passed by mother to banish angels with an impure heart. Before today, I had only heard about it from mother. And as I fell, I knew I won’t ever be able to go back to Eden.

I didn’t know why mother exiled me. I didn’t sin... Perhaps trying to seek revenge was my sin. Perhaps losing myself to my wrath was my sin. But how could I have let off those filthy demons? I would do the same thing even if I get another choice.

I didn’t want to live anymore. My life had no purpose left. I couldn’t find my angel. Mother stopped talking to me after I returned from Gehenna. And now she even exiled me. That was as far as I could go by myself.

It actually felt free. I thought of dying and getting eternal peace by merging with the lifestream. It burned all the chains that were binding me to this world. My heart was at peace.

I closed my eyes and adored the cool winds blowing over my face. I felt the winds flutter her hands in my hair. Her whispers in my ears felt like melodies I’ve longed to hear for years. I was happy that I was able to fly for one last time even if it was while falling.

A smile crept on my face, stealthily. Time slowed down as my wing came out on its own and wrapped itself around me and hugged me tenderly. The pain was finally going to end.

But then I heard someone calling out to me.

“Fly! You idiot.”

That voice was so familiar. It sounded so much like that person I spent my life searching for. I opened my eyes to look towards that person. That presence was so bright.

Could it be really her? I wondered as the memories flooded my mind. I remembered the promise I once made. I remembered her curse. Her voice pulled me back from the doors of death.

My wing spread itself afar, desiring to soar towards the heaven somewhere down there in the heart of my angel...

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