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Chapter Eleven

Marcus cursed as he deboarded the plane. Ellen was right behind him, Ekon after her and Edward with Lily. Marcus grabbed Ellen out of the cross fire as bullets started to shower down on them. Ekon managed to protect Lily as Edward dashed down the last few steps and took shelter. There were four men, heavily armed, standing at the entrance of the hangar. Each was expressly dressed in black and carrying a 9MM Luger Glock in hand.

The four huddled together to the side of the plane. Edward handed Lily to Ekon and produced his own gun from the carry on bag he had with him. He passed it to Marcus.

"I have extra just in case," He assured, pulling one from the base of his jeans as he spoke.

Marcus pointed to the back of the hangar for Ekon and Ellen to head to when a loud voice rang out.

"Henry told us to take you alive if you cooperate," a deep voice said.

"Who's Henry?" asked Ellen.

Marcus looked over at Edward. "My number one fan seems to know my motions well," he seethed with gritted teeth. 'The DA sent them"

"How'd they know you'd be heading to Italy?" Ekon asked aloud.

Marcus thought back to the airport.

"Did we walk in any line of sight for the camera's?"

Edward rubbed his chin. "Exit 21 doesn't have any cameras. It's used as a walk through for officials that secretly enter the country."

As the group pondered on their situation, the loud voice sounded again.

"Alive or dead, I don't care."

Marcus focused on Ekon.

"Get the baby out of here," he ordered. Ekon nodded. "And take Ellen with you"

Ellen crouched closer to to Marcus and was about to slip by him when shots were fired. Lost in their own world, one of the men had slipped under the plane and aimed at Ellen. Marcus used his right hand to force her into a sitting position and shot the man in the shoulder. He kicked away his gun and grabbed Ellen's good left arm. Edward separated with Ekon instead as they weaved their way toward the back of the hangar.

Another man came up behind Edward. Without wasting time he disarmed him with a kick to the shoulder. The man's grip released on his gun and he fell to the floor. Edward grabbed his gun and shot him in the stomach. Ekon shielded Lily's eyes has she tried to see what was going on. She was surprisingly oblivious to the current situation but wanted to be held by Edward.

"Lets switch," Edward suggested. He took Lily against his chest and handed the gun to Ekon.

On the other hand, Marcus and Ellen were on the other side of the hangar. Marcus pushed her to crouch behind a large white box positioned between two heavy machinery and pushed the gun in her hand.

"I need to disarm him," he whispered. "Shoot when I tell you to."

She didn't get to respond. Within the next second, the third man descended on them and Marcus grabbed him by the neck. His arm clamped tightly around the man's neck and he forced the gun from his grasp. It clattered against the floor. The man struggled against him but Marcus quickly spun him around and snapped his neck. His body fell lifeless to the floor.

He spun around and came face to face with the final man.

"I've been tailing you," the man smirked.

Marcus was a few inches away from him with a gun pointed at his chest. The man in front of him was a of medium build, dark skin and piercing eyes. He had a stoic expression on his face with a hint of playfulness but Marcus wasn't in the mood for talking.

"It a surprise that you didn't notice?" the man continued, "My name is Raj."

Marcus remained alert. "Well Raj, I did notice you."

Raj raised an eyebrow.

"A blue sedan, was it? Three cars behind us in the left lane on the way to airport?" Marcus inquired. "I wanted you to play your move first. I could have been wrong in what you were after"

While the two men conversed, Ellen peeked at them. Marcus seemed to be at an disadvantage. A gun aimed at him and her being a poor shot. She hadn't held a gun before yesterday and now it was as if he expected her to be a pro. Ridiculous...

Raj slightly lowered his gun but still kept it pointed at Marcus.

"My intent is to carry you back to Henry," Raj continued. "Alive if possible but if you refuse to cooperate, I may have to put a bullet in you"

Marcus frowned.

"Or two, whichever works"

Raj stepped toward him. In a split second, Marcus disarmed him and grabbed him around the neck, dropping them both to the floor. He switched his arm with his foot and tightened it around Raj's neck. Ellen jumped up and came out into the open.

"Shoot him!" Marcus shouted.

Ellen was almost frozen just watching the two men tussle. Marcus grunted. He took his eyes off Ellen and finished Raj himself, with a twist of his neck. The man slowly stopped responding until he was dead. Marcus released his legs and got to his feet. He grabbed the gun from Ellen and managed to gently push her to the exit. He saw Edward and Ekon standing by the door with anxiousness written on their faces.

"Call Daniel now!" Marcus shouted. "Get my brother here right now, I need to fix this mess."

They stepped into the airport. It was slightly empty. A few persons were at the ticket counter and some leaving to board any ready planes. Marcus stood next to a very disheveled Ellen who still seemed in shock. He gently ran his fingers through her hair and forced her to look at at him.

“Get it together,” he muttered annoyingly.

She was starting to get on his nerves again but he understood where she was coming from. He was like this once, a scattering mess in the middle of a storm. Her eyes lifted from the floor and focused on his.

“Your fine. Relax, it’ll be over soon”

As if his words affected her somehow, Ellen responded with a nod and a deep breath. He let go of her hair and put his hands back at his side. Edward hung up his cell and motioned to Marcus.

“Daniel is on his way. Also, we have to talk about Garrett,” Edward explained.

“What?” Marcus asked with a furrowed brow.

“He was placed into intensive care after you shot him. The DA suspected him being involved so he took off overnight. He tried reaching out to me. Currently he’s on the run and I may or may not have told him where we were heading”

Marcus glanced around the airport.

“He can’t make it to Italy with that leg”

“The man bust his nuts to get you here, he’d follow you if he could”

“How do you know that,” Marcus snorted.

“Because he reminds me of myself”

Marcus stared at Edward.

“When you picked me up off the streets”

While they were busy discussing, Ekon held Lily against his chest. She hadn’t made a sound since they got off the plane and dealt with Raj and his men. She hadn’t even beckoned to Edward. She settled against him and had a gentle grip on his shirt. She was staring off into space and he couldn’t help but smile at her.

He no longer felt like a fish out of water. In a small way he felt as if he had his daughter back, but he knew better. Ellen sat next to him and closed her eyes, leaning back onto the seat. Marcus and Edward continued to argue between each other.

"This isn't the boy scouts," Marcus joked with a serious air around him. "We don't just go adding people left and right. I get that he spared me one but this is different"

Edward sighed. "Just like Ekon, he had nowhere to go. He swore his loyalty to you and he kept up his end of the deal. Cut it some slack. A lot of people are here who shouldn't be"

Ellen, Ekon and Lily looked at him then.

"Yes, I'm talking you three"

It was an understatement to say the group was agitated. Each was stuck in their own turmoil but eventually they'd come to an agreement. Marcus wanted to get home and sort the matter out later. He needed a moments reprieve to himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark skinned man waving to him.

"Daniel's here. Let's go."

Everyone followed after his hasty footsteps.

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