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Chapter Fourteen

Damon and Rodriguez stared at the guy in front of them. He was wearing a suit but had no weapon and was about seven-feet tall. The letters AB was tattooed on his neck in bold but wasn't easily seen with his suit collar closed.

"Can we help you?" Damon questioned with a raised brow.

Daniel slid out from behind the tall guy.

"Guys," He greeted.

Damon and Rod relaxed a little. They stepped aside for Daniel to enter the house.

"This is T" Daniel explained.


Damion and Rod looked genuinely confused. Daniel sighed.

"I don't give a fuck what the T means. He's my new guard detail for now since Marcus has you two," Daniel ranted.

"But, since the boss is back, shouldn't you consult him before you go around getting new guys?" Rod muttered nervously.

"I don't give a fuck about that either. I was in charge while he gone, he has no power over my decisions anymore. He's my brother!"

Marcus stood by the stairs with an agitated look on his face. After the disturbance last night with Ellen and now his brother, his last nerve was really starting to be tested. He pushed Rod and Damon aside and stared down at his brother.

"If you think this is a fucking game, let me remind you Daniel, until I'm 6 feet under, any decision you make has to go through me first!"

"Brother, you can't-"

"Yes, Yes I can!" Marcus shouted with rage. "This is exactly why I left Edward in charge. You're not up to the responsibility and I shouldn't have to tell you that your idiotic choices can get us killed"

Daniel remained quiet but he had a heated glare directed at Marcus. Rod and Damon slowly stepped away from the scene and ran into the living room.

"Why are you here?" Marcus asked a little bit calmer.

"I've announced to the community that your back. Our investors want to host a get together later at my estate. Bonds have to be reformed. Care to grace them with your presence, brother?"

Marcus rubbed his chin. "What time?"


"Fine. Now get out"

Daniel gave Marcus one last glance then stormed out of the house with T trailing behind him. Marcus shut the front door and went into the living room. Rod and Damon sat on the couch next to each other and turned their gazes to meet his.

"I need a report on all new members that Daniel's added since I've been MIA."

Rodriguez stood up first. "I'm on it."

He grabbed a pair of keys and disappeared.

"Damon, is breakfast ready?"

"Yeah. The cook left ten minutes ago"

"Good. Bring our little guest downstairs"

Marcus slid into the kitchen and settled on having coffee first. He poured some into a large mug and refrained from using any additives. Black was the way to go. The table was half filled with covered food trays. He lifted them off and took a seat. In came Damon with Ellen walking behind him. She was dressed in black sweatpants and a small black T-shirt. Her curly hair limply cascaded down her back and her face was clean.

"Sit" He instructed.

She took the seat opposite of him and started to reach for some bacon and eggs. She went through the tasty starters quickly then reached for fruit, a slice of watermelon. As she sat there, he became acutely aware she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were shyly peeking out. He stifled a smile. He had almost forgotten she was annoying for a second. He also looked back at Damon to see the man staring at her. Marcus shook his head in mock disappointment.

The two ate through silence, only the chink and clink of the utensils and sipping of tea. When they were done, Marcus reached out his hand for Ellen's plate. She reluctantly stretched it to him. He took it from her and set it in the sink. As he washed the dishes, Ellen fiddled with her fingers. She was nervous to say the least. Luckily, Edward came through the door at that moment. The two men exchanged greetings as Edward poured some coffee for himself.

"Doc has your update on Garrett's condition. We meet them at the warehouse." Edward took a seat. "Also, Ekon is settling nicely in to the swing of things. He's currently training with the others."

Marcus absentmindedly nodded as he was staring off.

"I've also been in touch with a few investors for tonight. I trust that Daniel has informed you?"

Marcus breathed. "Yeah, I'll be there."

"Great. Might I suggest bringing company?"

Edward's gaze slid to Ellen. She was staring out the window, admiring the plants and remaining quiet. If she was trying to be invisible, it was working. Marcus looked back at Edward.

"We've established trust with her, plus, you've decided to let her go. Wouldn't hurt to stretch her legs"

Marcus responded with the flick of a wrist.

Edward smiled.

"I'll get dressed. First to Doc" Marcus rubbed his cheek and walked out of the kitchen. Ellen shyly dropped her distant facade and looked over at Edward.

"You guys are quite a handful, you know," She jokingly complained.

Edward finished his coffee. "Well, there are perks to being friends with us. You won't get use to it though"

Ellen stood to her feet with him as he set his cup in the sink.

"You'll be coming with us to the event tonight. I have no one set to be here later and locking you in a room doesn't sit right with me anymore"

He feigned pain, putting his heart on his chest.

"You have morals now? Surprise, surprise," Ellen replied.

"I've always had them, just not directed to you"

Ellen swiped at him with her fist but he easily dodged it and headed to the door.

"I may be nice now but I won't hesitate to put a bullet in your head. Careful..."

Ellen stopped moving. She shuddered. She almost got comfortable in his calm presence. She followed him out to the living room and plopped on to the couch.

"Where's Lily?" She turned on the TV.

"She's asleep in her playroom. She'll be coming with us as well."

Ellen nodded.

Marcus came strolling out in the hall dressed in dark jeans, a white button up and black dress shoes. His hair was combed away from his face and he decided to leave the his 5 o' clock shadow growing. Ellen tried her best not to ogle him any further but it was quite an impossible task. The man came to stand right in front of her with a gun cocked in hand. He checked the chamber and turned the safety off before shoving it in a holster on his hip.

Edward eyed him with a flat look on his face.

"You expecting trouble?"

Marcus smirked. "Always"

He glanced at Ellen once more then left the living room.

"Look after Lily for me," Edward shouted as he headed out as well.

He joined Marcus in the BMW parked at the front, jumping in the passenger seat. He planned to drive but Marcus decided to do it himself. He sped out of the driveway and the guard at the gate let him out. On the road, both men were quiet until Marcus was pulling up to the warehouse.

"Daniel is going to fuck us both over" Marcus stated firmly.

Edward remained quiet.

"He had one chance to show his leadership and he did as poorly as I expected him to."

"Is it the men he's hired?" Edward questioned.

"Obviously. The man accompanying him this morning, he had AB tattooed on his neck. Do you know what that means?"

Edward shook his head with no understanding. He had no knowledge of tattoos and didn't think it was necessary. Even so, he acknowledged that Marcus knew more than he did in any given circumstance.

"AB is for the Aryan Brotherhood. Eight years ago, my father settled the score with them, leaving half a dozen members dead, including their leader at the time, Barry Mills. The remaining ninety-two members were left injured for the police to round up to San Quentin State Prison."

Edward grimaced as he took in what Marcus was saying.

"If a member is still alive, that means he's out to settle the score again and fuck if my brother knows shit about that. I can't have him running around without supervision" Marcus argued.

He parked the car at the back of the club and cut the engine.

"What do you want to do about this?"

"Remove them from the club," Marcus ordered. "I'll have to handle him myself."

"And how do you think Daniel is gonna take it?"

"I don't give a fuck. If I need to, I'll kill him myself before that Aryan does!"

With that he exited the car with a slam of the door. Edward watched him storm off inside the building. There were many reasons why rules were set in place and if anyone disobeyed, they had to be dealt with. Marcus had no other family but if Daniel was messing around with the wrong company, Edward knew he'd be faced with a difficult decision.

He sighed and then exited the car.

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