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Chapter Fifteen

Daniel sat in his car outside his house. It was large estate with a white three-story house. He was dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt and sat in the back seat with T around the wheel. He had just come back from visiting Marcus and his blood was boiling. After years of trying to prove to himself that he was better than his brother, it came right back to haunt him.

The two were vastly different. Whereas Marcus excelled in business, Daniel preferred not to. He had not the interest in closing deals and securing partners. Actually, he preferred to relax. His hobbies were painting and music. He had gotten it from their mother. Where Marcus was great at composing himself around others, Daniel felt inferior. At his height, most men in the gang towered over him and he wasn't as bulky as his brother. The gym wasn't his best friend.

Daniel accepted all his differences, even in looks, but he hated the way Marcus treated him as if he was still a child. He had managed to keep the organization afloat while Edward was MIA, reassuring the investors that business would be back in full swing. He had doubled the numbers of the men working and also kept a steady check over their competitions and enemies. Marcus had to give him credit for that, right? Daniel tightened his hands in to fists and closed his eyes.

T caught a glimpse of his distraught state throw the rear-view mirror and frowned. The dark haired man in the back seat disturbed him.

"Are you okay Sir?" T asked slowly.

The man looked like he could explode any minute. Daniel slowly came to a calm, fists still clenched and exhaled. He wasn't jealous of Marcus, nor hated his brother. In fact, he was glad Marcus was the one with the responsibility. He just didn't want to be treated as a chore or a burden. He was trying his best to do it how Dad would have expected. He sighed dejectedly.

"Yeah, T, I'm fine."

Daniel threw him a small smile then exited the car. He walked up to the front door and waved T off as the car rounded the driveway and then disappeared down the street. Four guards were stationed at the front, each not looking as inconspicuous as they should but Daniel ignored it for now. He headed inside.

The entryway was devoid of any flowers ad paintings. The white tiles were freshly waxed and the chandelier was shining. A total of ten maids were busy in the living room, cleaning from top to bottom. He wanted the place to sparkle for the event. He wanted to check the other rooms but decided to leave it for later. He headed up to the second floor to his art room. It was the best place for thinking...and releasing pent up emotions.

The art room was scattered with paint. The first thing he noticed was a half finished canvas on an easel in the far right hand corner. A ocean was on the lower section and the top was blank. Carbon paper was haphazardly thrown about the room, the floor barely visible under it all. He had used and unused paintbrushes lined against the shelf and the windowsill. Daniel stepped inside, shut the door quietly and took a seat on the floor in front if the half-done painting.

He pictured the look in Marcus's eyes. He had to be worried about something. Usually Marcus communicated with him with no issues but today was different. He was angry. Daniel felt something was off for sure but he had to discuss with his brother in full first. As he thought about this, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He fished it out and unlocked it.

"A text from Edward" He murmured.

Stay out of the warehouse for a while

Daniel frowned in confusion.

I'll give you the details later. For now, try not to piss off your brother. I expected a happy reunion

"No shit, me too," He chuckled.

Daniel decided not to respond but think harder. The logic behind this latest decision had to be reasonable to ban him from the warehouse. No matter what though, Daniel couldn't see what the issue was. He acknowledged the issue was there, but what was it? He picked up a brush and set to painting. Right now, he needed to relax. Later he'd talk to his brother.

"I'm estimating a 6 week turnaround" Doc informed. Doc was a short bulky man of similar build to most men in the gang. His real name was Tommy Raynor, holding a PhD in Medicine and Ontology. He had joined the gang after Marcus made a deal to absolve his family of their debts. His parents were currently enjoying life now in Italy with his youngest sister.

Marcus looked at the X-rays laid out on Tommy's desk. The bone was already set in place and with a bit more rest, Garrett would be good. His cast was replaced with a new one to better support his thigh and restrict lower leg movement so it could heal faster with ease. He'd decided to appoint a nurse as well to assist Garrett at home until he was good on his own.

Marcus thanked Tommy and exited the in-house infirmary with Edward on his heels. Next stop was to see how Ekon was doing. On the way there, a few members greeted him as he walked past. Marcus respectfully responded but didn't stop to hold a conversation. Most he was formal with but some, like Edward, he spared to speak freely. As they walked to the lower levels to view the training, Marcus's mind drifted to Daniel. He had no clue what to do with his little brother. He loved him dearly but the idiot was bound to get himself killed. Didn't he bother to pay attention when their father took the time to explain his past?

Marcus frowned. By the looks of it, he didn't. The business was built through the blood of their enemies and there was no way Daniel couldn't know this. The Aryan Brotherhood was good at human trafficking, extortion, pressure rackets and internal discipline. Their father, Silvio Williams, managed to come to an agreement with the local California police to have the gang exposed and removed. Being honest, Marcus participated in drug trafficking and illegal weapons but the Aryan went too far. Selling innocent children to the black market wasn't his cup of tea. After the main branch of the Aryan Brotherhood died, Silvio profited on doing what they started. There was bound to be grudge if a living Aryan managed to get in his ranks.

He slowed down and allowed Edward to walk ahead of him. They were nearing the training floor. Marcus wished Daniel was smarter about these things. He followed Edward down a short flight of stairs that ended on the training area. About 150 members were down there, a few exercising, some chatting and others sparing in the additional open area. The training floor was well equipped with guns, padding and gym equipment for everyone to use freely. Edward spotted Ekon sparing with another tall blonde haired member.

They casually walked towards the sparing men who paid them no mind.

Ekon had the blonde man known as Jeremy, in a choke hold. Jeremy lost his footing for a second before he pulled Ekon with him to the floor. Ekon grip became slack and Jeremy rolled him onto his back. He slammed his head back onto Ekon and Marcus was sure he heard the crick of a bone. Ekon released blondie and gripped his nose. Both men slowly stood up and measured each other.

Marcus silently bet on Ekon but Edward pointed toward Jeremy.

In one swoop, Ekon swung at Jeremy with his left arm. Jeremy dodged but came in contact with Ekon's right arm. Ekon hooked his right arm around Jeremy's neck, pushed him to his knees and slammed him to the floor. It took a few seconds for Jeremy to calm down before he tapped out.

Marcus smiled over at Edward. "You were saying?" He coyly chuckled. Ekon turned around to see both men staring at him.

"Thanks a lot Ekon," Edward grimaced. "Now, I have no leverage"

Ekon leaned his head back to ease his nose bleed. He had no idea what the man was going on about. Marcus laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry about him. He's angry because he lost."

Edward gave him the middle finger. "Don't get ahead of yourself my friend. This isn't over"

Marcus nodded in mock agreement. "Whatever makes you happy."

Ekon finally felt his swirling thoughts settle and the bleeding stop. He looked at Marcus.

"Nice to see your training coming along. We've only been back for two days and you're already showing promise." Marcus congratulated him and encouraged Jeremy to keep training as well. He was happy the members were getting along. The last thing he wanted was internal conflict. Edward commented on the skills of the two men as well before leading Marcus back upstairs to discuss other matters.

Ekon watched Marcus and Edward walk away with a smile on his face. He had bigger things coming up for him as well and he planned to not fail.

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