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Chapter Seventeen

Daniel looked over at T who had been following him around all evening. The tall man was yet again walking around with no gun and Daniel was starting to question hiring him into the fold. He brushed off his concerns about T and focused on the party. Thirty people were present in his dining room that stretched through half of the house. He specifically expanded it for reasons such as this. Events of this kind had to be kept secret and behind guarded doors, especially with his brother being the head, he had to make sure he was safe.

Half of the gang was positioned at the front and back entrances and a few lingering inside. T was suppose to stroll around the floor but stuck next to him like glue. Daniel stopped by the drinks table and turned to him.

“Why you are on my tail? We’re in my house.”

T looked down at him with an expressionless face.

“I’m waiting for your brother,” the giant explained.

Daniel’s ears perked up. “For what? Why is my brother important to you?”

T looked away from him and around the room.

“I have some news for him. My plan was to get close to him earlier but your little show made it difficult. I’ll assume he saw the tattoo on my neck.”

Daniel tilted his head to the side. He was confused. Tattoo?

“What are you talking about T?”

T sighed. “You really are slow but you’ll find out soon enough.”

With that, T walked away. Daniel restrained his urge to grab him and focused on sipping a glass of champagne. He hadn’t noticed any tattoos on the mans body but looking at him now, he could see AB faintly showing through his white dress shirt at the neck. He couldn’t remember what it stood for. Maybe that’s why Marcus was pissed.

Daniel finished his drink and pulled out his phone. He dialed Marcus and waited.

“What is it, Daniel?”

Marcus’s voice came over the receiver. In the background, Daniel could hear the slam of a car door.

“I need to talk to you urgently,” He stated, trying to keep his voice even.

“Well, I’m entering the kitchen now, I can see you by the champagne.”

Daniel looked over to the door. Sure enough, Marcus stood there with Edward in tow. He was immaculately dressed in a pair of black tailored pants, a black button up and a gold jacket. The jacket was carefully embroidered with the gang insignia on one shoulder. Edward was simply yet handsomely dressed in the regular black and white tux. Daniel waited as Marcus greeted some of the investors curtly before coming over to him.

“What’s going on?” Marcus asked him calmly. He wasn’t looking for a fight tonight.

“What does AB stand for?” Daniel asked. “I saw it on T’s neck.”

Marcus’s jaw tightened. “It’s the Aryan Brotherhood”

“You mean, the same brother that father wiped out years ago!” Daniel whisper-yelled. “You could have said something Marcus! I may be slow but I’m not beyond reason! I would never purposefully screw you over....”

Marcus pushed his hands into his pocket. “I know..”

Daniel was still seething but he calmed down. “You know...I’m glad you’re back.”

Marcus stared at him.

“You are better at keeping everything under control. But that’s not all, T said he wanted to speak with you. I don’t know if that’s a good idea but...I thought you should know”

Marcus nodded to Edward at the same time Daniel motioned T to the hall. Once they out, Marcus had T on the floor, one knee prodding into his back and the other pressing down on his neck.

“Wait wait, I don’t want to fight. I’m here to warn you, you have an AB member in your ranks. He’s out for revenge”

Marcus eased his knee a little off the man’s neck. “Excuse me? You have to be a little more specific”

“Barry Mills had a son. Recently he’s been trying to gather the remaining scattered members to pledge their loyalty. He wants to fix the past. Your family murdered his”

Marcus listened to what his saying. He looked up at Edward who blocked the door from the outside, Daniel next to him with his arms folded.

“And let us say we believe your story,” Edward responded, “What do you want?”

“I’m here because I have a wife and son to protect and I can’t hide much longer. I need someone who has more authority...please"

He slighted wiggled under Marcus's hold. Edward sighed and Marcus released him. he was unarmed. There wasn't much damage he could do if he tried to take the three of them on.

"For now, I'll consider it," Marcus stated. he wasn't averse to the idea of an enemy being in his gang but he hoped it wasn't true. He would do his due investigation instead of be ignorant.

"In the meantime, you're not required to guard my brother," He ordered.

T slowly stood to his full length and rubbed his shoulder. "Actually, I'd like to remain by his side. There were a few discussions about using him as a guinea pig. I wouldn't want him getting involved."

Edward and Marcus looked between each other then at T.

"If anyone touches him, you're dead" Edward growled.

Daniel's attention whipped to his brother and Ed. Normally the two treated him like a burden but tonight, the looks on their faces held murderous intent. His heart warmed at this. Marcus had even allowed him to be involved in their exchange and hadn't said a word. He put a hand over his heart and tried to hold back the tears.

"Understood," T agreed.

Ellen was sleeping with Lily tucked against her chest when the room door suddenly burst open. She jumped out of bed in shock. Rod was standing at the door with his gun drawn and blood soaking through his jacket.

She screamed.

"You need to get out of here," He managed to say.

Ellen pulled Lily close and rushed down the stairs. The front foor was open with a running BMW waiting outside. She glimpsed four dead bodies in the living room, blood splattered all over the couches and the wall. She ignored the bile rising to her mouth and rushed to the car. She put Lily in the back and strapped her in as best as she could without a car seat and shut the door.

Running back inside she caught Rod trying to make it down the steps. She assisted him the last few down and then set him in the passenger seat. Once she was sure they were good, she pushed the car in to gear and sped off. The guard at the gate was dead and the automatic steel was still lodged open. Ignoring all else, she zoomed ahead and Rod entered the location to Daniel's house in the GPS.

She looked over him and found him drooping.

"Hey, Rodriguez"

No answer.

"Hey," She tapped his shoulder twice, "Stay with me!"

Still no response.

She pulled over to the side of the road and pulled her shirt off. She tore it in strips, tied them together, then eased Rod forward. She wrapped the shirt around his torso and pulled it tight. She pressed one of his hands over it to apply pressure

"I've staunched the bleeding for now but you need to stay with me, okay!?"

He did his best to nod. She handed him another piece she folded together. "Bite down on this for me if you feel sleepy. I need you alive"

He dropped his gun and took it from her. Once she was sure he was good, she started the car again and continued. She was now left in her bra and sweatpants. Even though it wasn't a good time to be half naked, she had to stop the bleeding and it was either the sweatpants or her shirt. She preferred the latter.

She peeked at Lily in the backseat, who remained as quiet as a lamb.

"Oh god, what's going on!?" she cried.

Steeling herself for a wild night, she pressed forward.

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