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Chapter Eighteen

Ellen tried to get past the guards at the door. The two burly men gripped her by both arms and shoved her back. She pushed her hair out of her face and glanced in to the car.

“I need to get inside!” She pleaded. “He’s going to bleed to death if we don’t get him help now!”

The first guard stared at her well endowed chest and laughed.

“You think this is funny?” Ellen seethed. “I need to see Edward and Marcus right now!”

The second guard shrugged carelessly.

“I’m sorry miss, no one informed us to let you in.”

Both idiots glanced at her chest again and she stomped her foot in anger. She went back to the car and stared at Rod. He was slightly awake. The bleeding had also stopped.


Ellen looked in the back at Lily. She was crying softly and fiddling her fingers together. Ellen muttered a curse under her breath. She needed to handle this now. Steeling herself for this to backfire, she grabbed Rod’s gun from between his feet and went back toward the guards. She shot one in the shoulder and the other in the leg.

“Fuck!” The first guard shouted. He went down to the ground in seconds, gripping his leg. He couldn’t reach his gun. The second guy tried to put pressure on his shoulder as he aimed at Ellen. Bracing herself, she pushed him against the front door and it gave way. The gun was knocked out of his hand and she fell on top of him.

“You bitch” he growled.

Ellen kicked him in the stomach in an effort to gain distance as his hand almost tightened around her waist. She jumped to her feet and ran down the hallway where she stumbled on to three more guards. Their guns were aimed at her in seconds and she closed her eyes.


Her eyes flew open and she stared at Marcus behind them. He pushed one of the men aside and came towards her. Edward was a bit behind him with another man following. Relief flooded through her and she suddenly started crying.

“Rod is bleeding out,” she cried urgently. “He’s shot”

Marcus’s eyes widened. He gently reached out to her as Edward came up behind him.

“Where’s Lily!?” Edward asked with pain etched onto his face.

Ellen smiled through her tears. “She’s fine. She’s in the car outside”

Edward brushed past them and ran to the front. Marcus stayed next to her, holding her shoulder. She was mess. Her hair was in a thousand directions and he couldn’t help but not look her bra. In a different situation, he’d be turned on but blood was splattered across her chest too.

“Its not my blood” Ellen quickly stated. “I had to shoot the guards at the door”

The dark skinned man next to them spoke up. Ellen had almost forgotten he was even there. He was slightly taller than her and had a slight resemblance to Marcus. She remembered him from the airport when they just arrived.

“You did what?” Daniel asked.

“They wouldn’t let me in, I had to shoot them”

Marcus stared down at her in shock.

“Rod was bleeding out, I couldn’t just sit there”

Marcus looked away from her and took her down the hall. He saw the two men crouching at the door with bullet wounds. Ellen wasn’t a trained shot but she worked with what she had. Her mother had tried to gain her interest in archery but it never worked. After a year of classes, Ellen was still just average but her aim was good enough.

Marcus joined Edward at the stairs. He had Lily wrapped to his chest and two other guards assisting Rod into the house.

“Where’s Damon?” Marcus asked her.

Ellen shook her head. “I don’t know”

Marcus cursed. “What happened?”

“I don’t know”

He tightened his grip on her shoulders.


Ellen struggled in his hold to push him off. His fingers were boring into her shoulder and she grimaced in pain.

“Marcus, stop it” she whispered breathlessly. Tears started streaming down her cheeks again. Marcus froze at this. He stared at her for a bit more then released her. He brooded to himself until he noticed her shivering. He slipped off his jacket and covered her body.

“Get inside”

Ellen nodded and hurried off.

Edward had gone inside with Lily and the car out front was being taken around back. Daniel stood beside him.

“I know what to do” Daniel offered before Marcus spoke. “The door will be fixed asap. I’ll have a few extra men posted here until”

Marcus nodded then walked off. The event earlier had finished an hour ago with success. The previous investors welcomed him with open arms and the new additions expressed their interest. He was preoccupied with discussing everything over with Edward that he ignored the commotion going on outside. Shots were fired and the team inside was ready for action. He expected them to be prepared for a fight. What he didn’t expect was Ellen.

She had come in, running like an angel with blood marring her skin. She had tackled the guards outside and managed to make it there. Rod was now under Doc’s skillful hands and Lily was safe but he needed to know what happened tonight. He went down the hall and through the kitchen to another wide floor. It had four beds neatly lined to one side and a steel table with tools on the other side. Rod was on one of the beds with Tommy carefully inspecting his side.

Ellen was sitting next to him. She clutched his jacket around her tightly and stared at Rod with a sad face.


Edward looked over at him.

“I need to see the surveillance cameras at the house”

Edward handed Lily to Ellen and ran over to him. They hastened to Daniel’s spare office and booted up his computer. Edward signed into the profile and searched through the different accounts for the one set to Marcus’s house. He ran through the logs and brought up the most recent.

Five men had entered the house and Rod had managed to tackle them on his own. One had run off in the commotion and Damon ran out the front door after him.

“Shit,” Edward frowned. “Damon went after our fifth guy on foot. Where the fuck is he!”

Marcus rewatched the footage. All five men were unmasked and each had a AB tattoo on their necks. This seemed like a new initation logo for Aryan members. Marcus cursed again. He slammed his hands on the desk. Edward went through the rest of the footage with Ellen coming down the steps with Rod and Lily.

“Atleast Ellen was able to get them out,” He breathed.

If anything happened to Lily he wouldn’t be able to live with it. He had taken her from her home wanting to give her a new one. Now, it was proving to be difficult but he wasn’t going to give up. He shut the computer off and turned to Marcus. The man was sitting on the edge of the table with a calculative look on his face.

“I need the dead men at my house identified. Take T with you”

Edward nodded mutely.

“Restrain him if necessary. If he’s involved in this, I don’t like the idea of him challenging you alone.”

Edward nodded. “Lets check on Lily and Rod again.”

The two men went back to the previous room.

Tommy was now wrapping Rod’s wound with the help of two guards lifting him up halfway off the bed. Ellen still held Lily against her chest in a fierce hug and had her eyes closed.

Rodriguez was out cold. Tommy gave him a shot of anesthesia and stated he’d be fine in a few days. Marcus thanked him for being on hand tonight. Edward gave Lily a kiss goodbye and went off to find T.

Marcus remained by her side. Tommy and the two guards cleared the room, leaving them alone. He took a seat next to her on the second bed.

“You shot two men tonight, one of which you struck a major artery”

Ellen remained quiet.

“I remember warning you that my men are rough. That if you’re too soft they’ll smother you...I guess I was wrong”

Ellen slowly turned to look at him. He was staring at her with an unreadable expression.

“If you had to kill someone tonight to protect them both—”

“Yes” She interjected. “Lily is just a child, Rod was severely injured”

Marcus pinned her with his eyes but she didn’t back down. Lily snuggled closer into her hold and gripped her tiny fingers to the jacket.

“If I had to kill for them, I would have...”

“Without question?” Marcus asked.

Ellen swallowed and looked down at Lily half asleep.

“Without question” she whispered with conviction.

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