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Chapter Twenty-Six

Ellen went through another bout of training with Daniel and Rodriguez that morning; now taking a shower and cooling down after the vigorous activity. The two had gotten harsher with her but she took it with stride and managed to come out on top. They praised her for her quick learning and in return she kept her guard up. She agreed with Marcus on safety first.

They’d also shown her the basics of the P45 gun Edward had gifted to her in holster the night before. She slid it out from her desk drawer and examined the sections.

“Black polymer frame with stainless slide,” she murmured.

She pulled back the chamber and counted the bullets. “Six bullet capacity with one extra in the chamber...”

"No magazine disconnect, browning recoil lug and drift adjustable" she continued quietly.

She closed the chamber and twisted her hand left and right. She had done a few practice shots and most came out good but she wanted to get better. She holstered the gun and strapped it to her waist. She pulled down her white oversized sweater above her blue jeans, effectively hiding it from sight. She slipped on her sandals and decided to head to the warehouse.

Marcus had offered to bring her earlier but she could manage on her own. As she went down the stairs, she noticed Damon lounging in the living room. He looked over at her with an eerie smile.

"Where to?" Damon asked in a sing song voice. He jumped to his feet and came over to her.

"I'm heading out," she responded with a straight face.

"Then let me drive," he offered.

Ellen pushed past him and to the front door. "Again, I can manage on my own."

Damon braced his hand against the door which slammed in her face. "Care to tell me where you're going then? Marcus did leave me in charge of you"

Ellen swallowed. Marcus hadn't left him there at all. If he had, Marcus would have warned her. Damon was lying. She braced herself for a struggle.

"You know, I've been wanting to speak with you alone," Damon continued with a nasty smirk. He trailed a finger along her exposed shoulder where the sweater slipped off. Ellen stepped away from him to gain some distance.

"About?" she asked.

"Let's have a seat."

She eyed the couch and his hand. His gun was holstered on his shoulder. She had a greater chance of shooting him before he shot her. She followed him to the sofa and sat down.

"I wanted to discuss with you if you thought it was strange having Ekon around?" Damon started.

Ellen crossed her legs and calmed her nerves. "How do you mean?"

"He's been discussing some secret plans with Garrett. In fact, the two seem suspicious"

Ellen forced her eyes to his. The lies were piling up now...

"I wanted to speak with Marcus myself but...I'd need someone on my side. Would you do that?"

His smile became more crooked the more he continued to talk and Ellen's blood was starting to boil. He was trying to bait her.

Edward barged into Marcus's office and pushed his hands off his keyboard.

"Ed, what the-"

"Wait" Edward shouted.

He brought up the camera system at the house onto Marcus's laptop and selected the one for the house. After the first incident, Edward had Daena monitor the cameras at her desk. She signaled him and he was surprised to see Damon and Ellen on screen.

The recording came up and Marcus watched as Ellen lunged at Damon and grabbed his gun from his shoulder holster. He struggled against the arm she pinned across his neck and watched her fire the bullets around the room until his chamber was empty.

"What the fuck is he doing!" Marcus seethed.

"Wait wait," Edward pushed his seat back to select the next recording.

They continued to watch as Damon pushed her off and she slammed into the coffee table. He got on top of her and gripped her neck. Ellen jabbed three fingers at his throat which forced him to loosen his hand and she kicked him off. Damon was visibly angry and they both stood to their feet.

In one swift move, Ellen pulled her gun out and shot him once in the chest and once in the leg. Damon collapsed to the floor.

"I think...giving her a gun was a good idea" Edward mumbled.

Marcus continued to watch as Damon tried to stand. His voice came over the recording.

"If you kill me, Marcus won't believe that I attacked you"

He had a hand pressing down on his leg to stop the bleeding.

"Want to bet your life on it?" Ellen replied with a stoic face. Her gun was held limply at her side.

Damon frowned. He lunged at her again but he was at an disadvantage. Ellen didn't falter. She swiftly pointed her gun at him again and shot him in the head. Damon immediately stopped moving and fell against the carpet at her foot.

"Yeah...I'm not giving her another gun," Edward joked.

Marcus turned to him. "How long ago was this backed up to the files?"

"An hour ago. I haven't called her as yet" Edward admitted.

As Marcus reached for his phone, his office door opened and in came Ellen with Daena behind her. Tiny flecks of blood stained her white sweater and the end of her jeans.

"She's clean Daena," Edward stated and the woman released Ellen, closing the door behind her.

Marcus and Edward stared at her. She was standing there as if nothing happened but they knew better.

"Everything good?" Edward asked vaguely.

The dead look in her eyes shifted and she smiled. "Yep, nothing I couldn't handle"

Marcus stared at her with shock. Soon enough it subsided and he began to laugh. Edward shifted in his seat and scratched his head. This would be a story to tell to the guys, he was sure.

"What's so funny?" Ellen asked as she came closer.

Marcus slowly stopped laughing and looked at her again. "Nothing, just surprised. I think you left a dead body in my living room"

Ellen sheepishly shrugged. She'd forgotten about the cameras around the house. "My bad. There's a lot of blood to clean up. I called Daniel to handle it for me."

Marcus placed a hand under his chin and still couldn't stop smiling.

"He had it coming," Ellen argued. "Son of a bitch tried to bait me into his trap. He was clearly saying I'd be marked off the list first so I had to do something"

"Calm down," Marcus said, "I completely understand."

She nodded in relief.

"Then I don't need to tell you about the two guys outside right?"

Marcus and Edward looked at each other in confusion.

"Outside?" they said in unison.

Edward brought up the camera footage for the front door. Two other armed men were standing outside. Ellen disarmed the first and shot him in the neck. She also managed to disarm the second one with more difficulty but got him in the stomach. They were both lying across the lawn in a pool of blood.

Edward rushed over to her and extended his hand. "Your gun"

Ellen pulled out her gun and gave it to him.

"You're banned from using this for a while," He murmured and stepped back to Marcus.

"What? Why?"

Edward didn't look her in the eyes. "You have zero control," he joked. "And quite frankly, I'm afraid to see what you would do to me if I was on the receiving end"

Ellen pouted. "It was your training, you idiot"

Marcus watched them both in awe until he was brought out of his reverie with his phone vibrating. He pulled it out and answered.


"Hey bro, uh...think Ellen left a huge mess in your living room"

"Yeah, I saw it. I'd like to make this an announcement, stop destroying my couches."

Ellen, Edward and Daniel coyly remained quiet.

"I'm talking to you three! Every time you kill someone, it's in my living room, please, spare the decor" Marcus sighed.

Daniel agreed through the phone and Ellen and Edward too.

"On a side note, she did a real piece of work with the guys outside," Daniel explained.

"We know," Edward and Marcus replied in unison. "Just get it fixed up. Thanks"

With that he hung up and folded his arms. Edward walked back to Ellen and held up his hand for a high five.

"High five to blowing that motherfucker's brains out"

Ellen tried not to laugh but she still did.

"I don't recall teaching you that but it was badass"

Marcus shook his head at the two and smiled.

"Now...we just need to handle Garrett."

Edward spun around with vigor. "I call dibs on blowing his brains out"

"Hey!" Ellen punched him playfully.

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