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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Garrett cursed to himself on the training floor. He was suppose to hear from Damon four hours ago and the fool had yet to call him back. He turned to the tall man working out behind him.

"Hey Ekon"

The tall man put down the weights at his feet and looked over his shoulder. "Yeah, what's up?"

Ekon didn't move from the workout bench. He had been keeping a distant eye on the man behind him. He didn't want to get too close after the information he'd been privy to from Edward.

"Have you heard from Damon?" Garrett asked with an odd face.

Ekon shrugged. "He left earlier but didn't tell me anything. What's wrong?"

Garrett sat down and contemplated to himself for a few minutes. He needed Damon to give him update. His plan was to get Ellen out in the open and use her as leverage against Marcus. All he had to do was lure her to the car and drug her. Seeing the time, something had to have transpired in the last four hours and it didn't feel good.

Ekon watched him with a blank expression.

"Is there a problem?" Ekon asked again.

This time Garrett shook his head. "Nah, just that we had plans tonight"

Ekon nodded as if he was none the wiser and returned to his workout. Garrett packed up his stuff and waved him goodbye. He headed out to grab a cab and gave the driver his apartment address. He pulled out his phone again and it rang to voicemail once more.

"Shit," He shouted.

The driver peered in the rear-view mirror at him.

Garrett disregarded Damon's number and dialed another instead. It rang twice and a voice picked up.

"Damon isn't picking up my calls. Find him, now!"

"On it," the voice responded and he hung up.

The driver pulled over to his apartment building. He paid the man and got out. Over the last week, his leg had gotten better and he was able to move around without much difficulty. He hadn't expected Marcus to shoot him in the leg during their prison escape. It had put a dent in his plans. His two year long plan. He ran up the last few steps and barged into the apartment.

He was angry. Angry at the Ndrangheta family for ruining his relationship with his father. He was only six years old when they had staged a meeting and murdered the present members. He had been present with his father but luckily one of his men shielded him and got him out safely. His chest burned with revenge for so long until he finally decided to take action.

He had tried convincing other members to turn against Marcus but it proved difficult. All the good he had done for their families earned him their loyalty. The only person who was weak was Damon. He even tried with Rodriguez but the Hispanic brushed him off with a few swear words. He left Ekon to himself. The tall man didn't seem to have patience for him.

His phone started ringing again.

"Did you find him?"

"Yeah...we found him dead."

Garrett stilled. "By who? I sent him to deal with the woman James!"

"Then it was her. He was shot three times. Once in the head"


"The other two men are dead as well." The voice informed.

"If she killed all three then she's not as helpless as I thought she was. I'll handle her myself."

Garrett moved around the room to his laptop.

"The plan stays on track. Tomorrow night, we gather at the warehouse. Await my instructions."

The voice confirmed and Garrett hung up.

He put down his phone but traced his finger over the numbers. He was thinking of Ellen.

"Not quite helpless at all" He muttered coldly. He didn't think her training would have been enough against seasoned professionals but apparently Edward and Daniel weren't playing games. If she was able to make a head shot on her own, she would prove to be a dangerous enemy as well.

He frowned but remained positive. Despite the change in plans, he promised he would avenge his father.

An eye for an eye.

"An eye for an eye," he repeated into the empty room.

Ellen looked around the room downstairs on the training floor. There were approximately 1200 men sorting through guns filed out on multiple tables and putting on protective gear. She shivered. Daniel was right. There was way too much testosterone in the air. Edward, Ekon, T and Daniel were huddled together towards the front, already decked in their gear. She was also prepared with a bulletproof vest under her red shirt. She also wore blacks jeans with a thigh holster, cradling a Glock. Her P45 was shoved into the back of her jeans. Edward had also given her a long slender knife to conceal in her sneakers and extra magazines.

Why she was going along on this trip, she didn't know, but Marcus thought it was safer for her to be present than hidden behind. She agreed she was capable of protecting herself but the future was uncertain. Marcus rounded the last steps behind her and she looked over at him. He was also patched from tip to toe and had a gun strapped to his hip.

He beckoned to the guys and Ellen.

"As you can see, Ellen is coming with us. If shit goes sideways, who's taking a bullet?"

The four men raised their hands.

"Okay, lets do this again. I need one person, who is it?"

This time five hands went up. The additional hand belong to Rod who came up in the back.

Marcus sighed. "Ellen, please pick"

She looked at the five of them and chuckled.

"Anyone who's willing to jump in at the right time, I don't care. You all look so stupid."

The group laughed. Marcus surveyed each then looked behind at the other men. They'd all stayed loyal to him and it was the greatest feeling. The reason his father had failed and lost was because he didn't do enough to earn the loyalty he wanted. Marcus garnered trust with the men he wanted to stand by his side, he spent countless hours in the training room, taking each through their familial issues. If he wasn't with them, then they'd be against him.

Seeing them all holding up the Ndrangheta flag without hesitation made him almost cry. He held back his emotions and face them all. There was no need to explain again. Jeremy, Ekon's sparring partner, stepped to the front.

"Just say the word boss," He shouted. "We're all dying to get our hands on the assholes who dared to defy you."

Edward smiled up at him. "Say the word Marcus...they're waiting"

But he looked down at Ellen. She had her arms folded. She returned his look and turned to the men.

"You heard him"

The gang reciprocated with a roar and started to file out. Ellen followed behind the guys. They were about to catch Garrett off guard at his own game. She had placed a tracking device on Damon's phone. His body was moved halfway across town to a undisclosed location after Daniel dumped the body back at his house.

"When we get there, Edward, you take point," Marcus ordered. "Ellen, you take the rear"

They both nodded. Each piled into a car until the warehouse was devoid of any life. Last minute, 500 additional men showed up and Marcus appointed them to watch the warehouse and report if necessary.

Marcus caught Ellen before she went into the BMW with Daniel. They were riding separately but he needed to get this off his chest.

"I need you to come back alive"

Ellen widened her eyes at his admission.

"Don't do anything rash. Let the guys protect you."

She agreed with a smile.

"Sounds like you enjoy having me around" She whispered.

"Something like that"

Ellen slid into the seat next Daniel and closed the door.

"No one is to touch you," Marcus raged. "I'll kill anyone who lays a finger on you."

Daniel waved him off.

"What about me? My life? Huh, brother?"

Marcus tightened his fists at his sides.

"Protecting my woman comes first. If you return without her, I will have someone's head in return."

Daniel swallowed.

"Dramatic" He breathed and drove off.

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