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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Garrett paced the living room of his apartment. He was unnerved and anxious after hearing that Damon was dead. Damon was a long standing AB member when his father had appointed him as his protector. But after the dissolve of the brotherhood, Damon had disappeared. To say Garrett had been shocked that he joined with his enemies was an understatement but in the end he understood that Damon couldn’t return to a regular job.

He stopped pacing and slid on to the sofa.

He needed to relax.

By tomorrow, he’d have Marcus in his grasp and reign terror.

He’d get the revenge he had been fantasizing about since he was old enough to understand what had taken place.

His mother, though she tried to stay, had left after her last warning to him to not start trouble. How she had easily forgotten his father’s gratefulness toward them, he never understood. But his damaged soul wasn’t eased by a few words.


Marcus’s blood would do it.

He thought back to when Marcus had helped him out in prison. On two occasions he’d almost had his ass handed to him but Marcus was there to save him. He had truly wondered if this was the same man whose father had murdered his in cold blood. He expected Silvio’s son to be cold and ruthless, with only those two traits. But the man seemed to possess kindness, self control and understanding in small amounts too.

Garrett stared off at the ceiling and frowned deeply. This was no time to think differently of his enemy. He was going to set the past straight and the first thing he wanted to take from Marcus was Ellen. He had been stunned with her beauty the moment she stepped foot into the prison. At the time he didn’t express it but since he’d been in Italy, she stuck close to Marcus.

He hadn’t gotten the chance to lure her off. She was the first target and he was still surprised Damon had failed. For her to kill him meant she understood the darkest reality of her situation. That if she didn’t find the strength to kill her attacker, she would killed instead.

Edward must have drilled that into her!

“The man is practically crazy” Garrett muttered.

He’d heard of Edward’s murderous days in the past. Now he was somewhat a father figure himself. Then he thought about Lily...where was she? He hadn’t seen her in a while. The last news he heard was that she attended a party with the family at The Cordons.

She could be leverage as well...

Though he had second thoughts about involving a child, he had no option. No one was going to stand in his way. He pulled out his phone again. Though it was midnight, his right hand, James was normally up. It rang twice.

“Fuck!” came James’s voice through the phone.

Garrett heard the onslaught of bullets in the background and shot to his feet.

“What the fuck is going on James?”

“They’ve found us. I’m currently trying to retreat with the remaining few members alive!”

“What!?” Garrett paled. How had they managed to best him at his own plan. Again!

“James, what’s the location of the child!?”

A few more bullets sounded in the background and Garrett heard a soft moan.

“Shit, I’m bleeding,” James groaned.

“James, talk to me, where’s the child” Garrett pressured.

“Her last location was in the heart of the city. She was taken to another woman for safe keeping yesterday. She’s staying in an high rise apartment across from the Castel Sant’Angelo. Third floor, room 51.”

Garrett heard more bullets in the background.
“Be careful James and thanks”

He ended the call and went downstairs. The old lady living next door to him had a black Ford Wrangler parked out front. He quickly knocked on her door and rung the doorbell for extra measure. The elderly woman opened the door for him.

“Hi Mrs. Allegretto,” He greeted. The old woman smiled at him.

“My friend is in a bit of an emergency. Could I borrow your truck?”

He had befriended her for the past few weeks and she entertained his presence. Her husband had died a year ago and she felt lonely. They had somewhat of a minimal understanding and he hoped she would comply without force. He watched as she gestured to the keys hanging behind her.

“I hope your friend is okay. Feel free to call if you need anymore help” She offered.

Garrett took the keys and headed out. “Thanks! I’ll return by morning.”

He started the van and followed the GPS on his phone. He prayed that James was also doing okay. Losing the last few people important to him was the last thing he wanted. He powered the engine through the slippery roads and headed to the capital. The Castel Sant’Angelo was roughly a twenty minute drive and if Marcus was on his tail, he had to act fast.

Ellen restrained Marcus as he walked up to the last guy who was alive and clutching his injured leg. She braced a hand on his shoulder and he looked down at her with anger written across his handsome features.

“Slow down,” she whispered. “Not yet”

The plan was to get the drop on Garrett but she figured they needed one person alive. How she was able to get use to all this was still new to her but she had never been that naive. It was a eat or be eaten world. She just never knew who were the eaters and who were the prey.

Edward came up beside them with his gun in hand. She had witnessed for the first time just how deadly he was. His favorite weapon was the elongated metal knife that he had also given her to use. He was very skilled with as well, using it to cut down multiple enemies at once. His striking point was the neck and stomach. He had mercilessly stabbed at most of his victims tonight and she found it hard to watch.

Both their reasons for killing was out of necessity but Edward felt more strongly. He had been doing this for years, she had been doing it for a few weeks. She still felt sick at the sight of all the blood but reigned herself together. She gestured to the gun in Edward’s hand.

“Don’t shoot him. We need him alive for questioning,”

Edward eyed her then the man on the ground. He passed his gun to Ekon. “Fine...”

Marcus eased back. He removed his focus from the injured man and did a quick once over of Ellen. He saw no visible bruises and only a few traces of blood on her vest. She hadn’t listened to him about staying in the rear. She had almost risked her life protecting Daniel from an attack behind.

“I’m fine,” Ellen blushed.

She had caught him examining her body and felt happy he was concerned. This was a developing side of him that she hoped she’d see more of. She patted his chest.

“Lets’s go”

Edward had staunched the man’s bleeding and bundled him over his shoulder. Most of the gang had retreated back to the warehouse now and only a select few remained behind. They had managed to gain access to the large warehouse which had 300 Aryan members lounging around.

The guys walked out to cars with Ellen coming up behind Marcus. He reached out a hand to her and she took it. He pulled her to his side and nuzzled his nose against her neck.

“Hey!” Daniel shouted. “Lets get back first huh?”

Marcus ignored him while Ellen tried to push him away. She was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. Marcus pulled her into his car and let the others switch up as they liked. Once on their way, he glanced over at the woman next to him every few minutes.

“Everything should be handled in the next few hours,” He stated with a sad expression, “Which means, you’ll be able to return to Miami.”

“Yeah,” Ellen replied, “I have to finish school. We should talk to my father once we’re done.”

She didn’t want to make any promises to stay. She still hadn’t known him for that long to just drop her future in the dirt and commit to a life of crime.

“If you decide to stay, I’d be grateful”

He extended his free hand to her and she grasped it. He was asking her to stay but...could she? They were still getting to know each other, barely in fact. She didn’t know his favorite color or his favorite food, how he ended up in prison...their were many unanswered questions.

“If you chose to stay, I’ll tell you anything you need to know”

He had read her thoughts again. She decided to remain quiet and focus on the drive back to the warehouse.

More pressing matters were at stake.

They’d discuss this later.

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