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Chapter Thirty-Two

Marcus greeted a refreshed James in his office and extended a seat to him. Ekon and T followed in behind him, both dressed in clean clothes and unarmed. James limped to one of the chairs and gently sat himself down. After much contemplation, Marcus had come to the conclusion that he had handled everything he could. He offered to get James’s mother the best medical care he could and in return, James turned over a new leaf.

“I’ll have your mother transferred to Italy and you’ll have 24 hour access to her ward at the hospital” Marcus added.

He slid a contract toward James and ticked a pen.

“This is your contract to become a part of my business. I expect you to give me your full cooperation and loyalty. The bloodshed ends today. The last thing I want to do is put my men at risk again for something that happened ages ago.”

James nodded with a smile. He was glad everything had been sorted out. Additionally he wasn’t dead so that was plus. The only thing he needed clarity on was Garrett.

“What’s happened to Garrett now?” He asked.

Marcus leaned into his chair and swiveled left and right.

“He’s dead”

James chose not to ask anymore questions. There was nothing more he could do for Garrett and things were probably better this way. He signed the contract without further issue.

“I’m tasking you with the responsibility of alerting the families of the members that died. T can help you if necessary”

James smiled at him. “You know, you’re different than I expected. From my grandfather’s stories, the Ndrangheta’s were a murderous group.

Marcus listened to the man talk. He had used the past tense. For some reason it struck a cord. He closed his eyes and swiveled his chair to face the wall behind him.

“Don’t be fooled James,” He stated in a deep voice. He faced the man again but this time with a gun in hand.

“I’m extending mercy now but the Ndrangheta are still murderous. My men and my business come first.”

James nodded numbly. “Apologies. Again, thank you”

T helped him to his feet and escorted him from the office. Ekon remained behind and stood guard by the door. Marcus had now returned to his previous paperwork and didn’t spare him a glance. Until the clock started to touch 9PM, he looked over at Ekon again.

The tall man was still standing by the door and had his arms crossed.

“You can leave Ekon,” He stated.

The tall man shook his head. “Actually, I’d rather stay by your side. Your safety is my top most priority”

Marcus chuckled lightly and returned to his work. If the man wanted to stay, he would leave him be. By 11PM, Marcus decided to pack up for the night and Ekon escorted him to his car. Ekon opened the driver side door for him and Marcus got in. He had started spending his time with the gang and slept in one of the many rooms available on the floors below.

Ekon shut his door and saluted him as he drove off. Now in the warmth of his car, Marcus’s thoughts trailed back to Ellen. She had felt soft and lush pressed against him and her lips tasted like apples. He had also gotten the chance to run his fingers through her hair, as he had wanted many times before. She had become a drug. Which was why he was hoping she was asleep.

He needed to talk to her but more than that he wanted to fuck her. He wanted to hear more of her moans. He had no more restraint to stop himself from doing just that, so it was best to get work done instead. As he pulled into the driveway, he spotted the light on at the side lawn. He parked the car and walked around.

Ellen was seated on one of the chairs in a pair of pink shorts and another sinfully short white crop top. Her stomach was exposed to the soft light and her breasts almost looked like they wanted to spill out. Her hair was tied up into a ponytail out of her face. He marched over to her with tension all over his body.

Ellen looked over her shoulder to see Marcus hovering. She had just taken another shower and decided to wait a few more minutes for him to return. She looked up at him and stared in shock at the painful expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

She stood up and fully faced him. He seemed as if he was struggling with something and she wanted to help him.

“Marcus, talk to me, I want to help”

Still, he hadn’t said anything.

She touched his cheek gently and that was what broke him. The tension left his body as he hoisted her in the air and hugged her body to his.

“What are you—”

Her response mimicked his earlier as he took her by surprise instead. He closed the patio door with his free hand and marched down to his bedroom with her still tucked against his chest. She hadn’t pushed against him and he felt a swell of confidence rise in his chest.

“Marcus, what are we—”

His lips silenced her. With much pressure, he gained access to her mouth. His tongue pushed against hers in the most erotic way she’d ever felt. She wanted to feel more. She tightened her hold on his shirt and pushed against his lips.

Marcus’s body melted with hers as he pushed her onto her back on his bed and raised her hips to meet his. Ellen froze under his touch.

“Marcus, we can’t do this,” she breathed.

The ringing in his ears effectively blocked her out. He had to have her. There was no denying the bulge in his pants. He shimmied out of his clothes until he only remained in his boxers. Ellen took in the sight of him and bit her lip.

Marcus knew he couldn’t wait. He reached for her shirt and forced it off her. Her bra followed after. Her breasts were now on full display for him. He latched a nipple between his teeth and sucked leisurely at the two peaks.

“Marcus...stop” Ellen rasped out between breaths.

She wasn’t a virgin but she didn’t plan on doing things this way. She’d only been with a few guys that she could still count on one hand. Her inexperience and his honed skills scared her. She wanted to stop him but at the same time she wanted it to happen.

“Marcus,” she tried again.

It didn’t look as of he could hear her. He looked up from her breasts, stared at her for a second then reached for her shorts.

“No,” she stated a bit more harsher.

He tore her shorts off in one tug and her panties followed suit.

“Marcus stop,” she pleaded. His right hand connected with hers and gripped her waist tightly. He had now shoved off his boxers and his pole was now pressed against her opening.

She panicked.

“Marcus, ahh—”

One thrust and he was buried deep inside her. Ellen tried to breathe at how massive he felt inside her. She had known he was packing but being impaled by the length of him was different. She tried to speak again but this time he started moving.

His hard thrusts met her hips and Ellen found herself rendered speechless. His hand holding her in place by the waist and one caressing her nipples. Her hand reached out for his shoulder and met hard skin.


The words incoherently tumbled from her lips as he increased his speed and pounded into her relentlessly. She had wanted to stop earlier but now she wanted him to keep going. She was weak to him.

She felt the knot forming in her stomach as he suddenly stopped and pulled out of her completely. She was dazed for a second. He flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her ass into the air. He hooked a hand around her waist and then ground his erection into her again.

Ellen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as he started rocking into her, his hard thrusts hitting that special spot she hadn’t given attention to in a long time. He grabbed the ends of her hair with his free hand and lopped it around his palm once. He pulled her head back which caused her to arch against him.

He pounded into her deeper, harder and she couldn’t keep up with him. All his energy was being focused on her body right now. She bit her lip to stifle the moans coming from her lips.

Marcus removed his hand from her waist and secured it around her neck.

“I want to hear you,” He grunted as he started back the pace.

Soft moans filtered from her lips. She knew Edward was halfway across the house with Lily. Marcus knew as well but he needed to hear her. He hammered into her harder but she continued to moan softly.


His hand yanked her hair back a bit harder and he hit that spot inside her. Ellen barely registered her own voice as it echoed loudly off the walls and it continued this way.

Marcus groaned in her ear. He was coming apart. Her moans....her ass....He released her hair and pushed her face toward the pillows. In a few more thrusts, he felt her tighten and her body convulsed violently around him.

Soon enough, he followed after and emptied his seed inside her.

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