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Chapter Thirty-Three

Marcus sat in the living room on the wide sectional with a lazy look in his eye. He sipped his coffee slowly and almost out of world, he couldn’t concentrate. The living room wad devoid of any other life. He left Ellen wrapped in his sheets and hoped it would stay that way.

The first time, he couldn’t hear her when she demanded him to stop. The second time he chose not listen. The first round had been rough and he couldn’t hold back. The second had been more gentle. The third...He vividly remembered her out of control moans and it started to get him hard again.

“Shit,” He cursed as the hot liquid burnt his tongue.

His mind wasn’t focused all morning. Damn his libido for controlling him this time. He was dreading what she’d do. What she’d say. She had asked him to stop so many times. Anything he had going for himself was most likely shattered now. Edward strolled into the living room and glanced over at him almost comically.

“What a beautiful morning” He smiled. “You can hear the birds moaning”

Edward bit back a laugh and covered his lips. “I mean chirping”

Marcus rolled his eyes. Edward was the least of his problems right now.

Door slam.

His major problem was coming down the hall now.

She was dressed in his shirt from the night before and only that. Her legs were exposed to the morning light behind her and he could see the round of her ass. He forced his eyes to hers and noticed they were starting to overflow with tears.

“You’re dealing with this on your own” Edward muttered at Marcus and ran out of the room.

He put down his coffee and carefully approached her. She wasn’t moving.

“Ellen, are you okay?”

Her eyes never left his for a second and she was starting to tremble.

“Am I okay?” she mocked angrily. “I told you no...so many times”

Edward swallowed. “I know you’re—”

“NO!” She silenced him. “You know nothing! I said no...I said no”

She stepped back from him and ran up to her room. Marcus went after her. The last thing he wanted was for her to feel this way. She pushed her room door open and he managed to follow in behind her. Ellen turned as his arm touched her shoulder but she pushed it away. Instead, she slapped him across the face.

“That’s what you get,” She cursed.

Marcus restrained himself from reacting. Some part of this was his fault. He stepped closer and she pushed against his chest.

“Don’t touch me,” She seethed.

Still he came closer, slipping one hand in her hair and the other around her waist. Her tears were streaming harder now and he instantly hated seeing her like this.


The final word fell on a whisper and her eyes lowered to the floor.

“I apologize, flower,” He breathed out. “You did say no...but I...”

There was no good way to say it. He fought with the words because he’d never expected to say them. I lost control. Control was the first thing his father had taught him, especially when it came to women.

“I’m sorry...I lost control” He admitted. “When I’m around you it tends to happen a lot. I really am sorry”

The hand in her hair loosened and he was about to pull away when she grabbed him closer.

“Why?” She asked.

Her eyes were still focused on the floor.

“I think I have an unhealthy affection towards you...that and you can’t expect to wear shorts like that around me. I’m a man after all.”

She softly laughed. He pulled her against his chest and held her gently.

“How old are you?” She asked.

“I’m 45 years old”

She nodded at the math she had guessed from reading his log.

“I’m 26” She supplied.

He appreciated her asking and sharing.

“I have to return to school next week. My dad says he’s sorted my case with the DA and they addressed the school office. I can complete my tests and then wait for Diploma”

Marcus tensed. He knew this conversation was coming but he wanted to drag it out.

“Once I’m done...maybe I could come back to Italy.”

Her words surprised him. This time she was looking up at him.

“I’m sorry too. I panicked earlier...it’s not that I didn’t want this as well. Just not the best timing”

He brushed the hair from her face and proceeded to kiss her nose.

“So I have one week of suffering?” He teased.

“Something like that”

Edward peeked through the door and gawked at the two.

“Is the fire over?” He squeaked.

Marcus and Ellen looked over at him with large smiles and tears.

“Thank God. Just so you know, I’m on your side Elle” Edward stated.

Marcus threw him a glare. “Get out! I don’t like you staring at what’s mine”

Edward held his eyes to the ceiling and turned away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about my friend”

Ellen laughed as he walked away.

Marcus returned his attention to her and pressed his nose to her hair.

“I want to go back to sleep, just for today” She softly murmured.

He wiped her tears away with his thumb and noticed her eyes were still droppy. He lifted her against his chest and walked back to his room.

“Why are you back here? I don’t trust your hands” She laughed.

“Because I love having you here” He answered honestly.

He snuggled her back in his bed and joined her on the left side. She was pressed up against his front and he slid his hand from her thigh to her hip. He was still in awe of how beautiful she was. He kissed her thigh.

“Stop that,” She whined. “I’m trying to sleep”

He kissed her thigh again despite her protests. He didn’t have a lot of time before she left but they’d get down to it when she returned. He rest his forehead on her thigh and that was how he fell asleep. Ellen watched him dozed off and realised they hadn’t discussed any contraceptives. She was currently on Depo-Provera. It was an injection that lasted for a year to cover any unwanted pregnancies. It also slowed her periods to a bare minimum as she couldn’t manage the five day flow. She decided to tell him this later and closed her eyes.

Edward relaxed on the side lawn on the grass with Lily tumbling around in the flowers. The afternoon was slowly trickling in with a no sign of rain and large fluffy clouds. He was happy with the current calm and he hoped it would stay this way for a long while. Lily crawled onto his chest and he held her there.

Conflicting thoughts plagued his mind as he wondered if Lily should stay with him or go back to Judge Martin. She was almost a irreplaceable part of the family now...

“Lily, do you want to go to your father” He asked.

She may have been four but he knew she understood even in the simplest terms. She hadn’t asked for her father in the last four months as much as she did in the beginning. The child tilted her head at him.

“Uncle, I want uncle”

Edward smiled at her tenderly.

“Fine, you can stay with Uncle for a little while longer” He conceded with bias.

She launched herself at him with a squeal.

Dani and Daniel ate breakfast back at his estate around the dining table. She was still just a friend to him but they had discussed art and all manner of topics which gave her hope. He was slowly starting to delve into a friendship that would no doubt change his life.

“I’m assuming the plan is to return on Monday?” Daniel asked.

Dani nodded. “Well, for Ellen. You promised me a summer trip which I’m fully ready to take advantage of”

Daniel smiled at her.

“Fine fine...I plead the fifth”

Dani burst into a larger smile. “Let me just call Stella. Can’t ghost her like Ellen did to me”

T, Ekon and James spent the rest of the day holed up in the training room at the warehouse. James had decided to take one of the rooms there instead of a house. The friendships forming were turning his mind a full 180 and he wanted to bond with the good men that surrounded him.

Jeremy beckoned to Ekon from across the room.

“One more round” He challenged.

T shook his head.

“Jeremy, you’ve already lost 3 matches” T reminded him.

“Well, best 4 out of 5” He retorted. “I want another go at him”

James took a seat on the bench closest to them and T followed.

“You’re going to lose again” Ekon warned him as he raised his fists.

The day was going smoothly for everyone. The threat had passed and now they could relax. It was long few months but it was worth the effort.

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