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One Year Later

Ellen walked into the club above the warehouse and spied Edward across the floor with Lily propped against his chest in the VIP area. She gracefully approached him dressed in a yellow flowy dress that stopped at her thighs and had a sweetheart neckline. Low heeled black boots covered her feet and she had a gun holstered under her dress.

Edward raised his eyes to her and the bouncer gladly let her through. She took a seat next to him and greeted Lily with a kiss on the cheek.

“Where’s your lovely boyfriend tonight?” He quipped.

“Right behind me” She smiled.

Marcus was standing next to the front door with T and Jeremy being the current bouncers for the night. He was dressed in an immaculate suit of black and gold again. His trimmed hair was curling against his collar and he had a hand shoved into his dress pants. Ellen brazenly gave him a once over and focused her attention to his lips. She couldn’t hear what he was saying but she was sure it had something to do with her latest mission.

“What’d you do?” Edward asked.

She played dumb and pretended to not know anything. “I did nothing”

Edward scoffed. “Yeah, then tell me why Marcus is looking at you like he’s ready to kill”

She glanced at him sweetly but it held no merit. Marcus stomped over to her and frowned slightly.

“Who’d you kill this time?”

Ellen looked between the two men. “I didn’t kill anyone”

“Then who is bleeding?”

She shook her head defiantly. “Nope, I’m not guilty”

At that moment, Daniel entered the VIP section with a short girl behind him. She had guaze wrapped around her upper arm and a faint red spot. Ellen looked away from Daniel’s eyes and met Marcus head on. She looked away but met Edward’s eyes instead.

She grimaced.

“Fine!” She conceded. “I caught one of the gang members grabbing at her outside. I shot him in the arm”

Marcus narrowed his eyes at her.

“I may have had Edward get me some 7.62 Caliber ammunition as well,” she whispered. “It tore through his arm and hers”

Marcus looked over at Edward who stared on the dance floor.

“I had Tommy patch her up. She should be fine” Ellen countered.

Marcus rubbed the bridge of his nose. Daniel pointed at Edward. “Again, you’re a bad influence.”

Edward ignored him and turned to Ellen. “Self control I suggest”

“Oh shut up,” Ellen sniped at him.

Daniel assisted the girl off and Marcus smiled over at Ellen.

“Please refrain from shooting my men, flower” He ordered. “The last thing I want you to do is go on killing spree”

Edward nudged his elbow at her. “I can help you with that”

Suddenly Lily grabbed his ear and jerked his head toward her. “Bad Uncle” she shouted.

Marcus smiled at the child and stepped around to hug her to his chest. “This is my date for the night. You two kill birds can enjoy the rest of your evening”

He waltzed off through the crowd and left Ellen and Edward on the couch.

“How rude,” Edward muttered, “Lily was my date”

Ellen soothed his hurt with a pat on the leg. “Marcus was mine. We’ve both been burned”

The two glanced at each other then laughed together. For the past year it had been like this. The peace had set in and business was great. Ellen had finished college and picked up her degree at the head office. Thanks to her father, everything worked out. Though she barely spoke to her parents still, but they loved her immensely.

Dani was also around the place somewhere. Daniel had taken her on a summer trip around Italy last year summer break and now she was here again to visit. The two were getting closer and Ellen kept her fingers crossed. Everyone was happy.

“You know, I’m glad your apart of the team,” Edward mused.

She continued to stare at the dance floor.

“I know you said this life wasn’t yours but I’m glad your here. Marcus is smooth going, Lily loves playing with you, Ekon and T and Daniel practically worship the ground you walk on....”

Ellen turned to him. “What about you?”

“Oh, I still hate you” He teased.

She playfully slapped his shoulder.

The club was still in full swing but the two remained on the couch. Edward casually relaxed and Ellen with her legs crossed.

“I’m not feeling this at all” Edward groaned.

“Yup, same” Ellen agreed.

He was somewhat surprised she had turned out similar to him. They both craved action for some reason and he was happy he had vouched for her to join the gang. She had cemented her membership earlier that year and swore in. Marcus ordered the guys to treat her as his queen and watch her every step.

“Though I’m not no sap” He started, “I’d put my life on the line for you”

Ellen smiled at his gesture. “Thank you. You’ve turned from my enemy into a best friend”

The two looked at the party again and Edward groaned in frustration.

“I heard there’s a robbery at Piaget Jewelers,” Ellen stated in a sing song voice.

Edward looked at her. “I have a gun in my jacket”

“I have a gun under my dress”

They made eye contact. “Shouldn’t hurt to go take a look” they stated in unison.

They both stood up and proceeded to the front door. Marcus watched them pass by T and Ekon with determination etched on their faces. He ran after them into the parking lot with Daniel following behind him.

“Where are you two going?” He questioned.

Ellen responded to him with a coy look on her face. “I’m sorry honey, we gotta go”

Marcus smiled at her. “Are you going to the Piaget?”

Edward and Ellen paused by the car. “Maybe” Edward squeaked.

Daniel pushed by Marcus and came forward. “If you are then I call shotgun!”

He shifted Ellen out of the way and climbed into the passenger seat. Edward hopped around the steering wheel and Ellen settled in the back.

“Daniel!” Marcus shouted. “I thought he was a bad influence”

Daniel shrugged. “Your feminine energy is showing brother”

With that the three pulled away and headed down the road. Marcus watched them with Lily still glued to his chest.

“So I’m babysitting,” He breathed.

He tickled Lily’s stomach and she giggled in delight.

“I may or may not kill your Uncle when he gets back” He joked as she continued to laugh. He turned away from the lot and walked back inside. Ekon and T nodded at him.

“Where are the others?” Ekon asked.

“They’ve gone to pillage. I left them up to themselves” Marcus waved it off.

“I hope they get something for me too,” The tall man murmured to himself.

“You too?” Marcus sounded with shock. “You’re all crazy, you know that, right!?”

Ekon smiled sweetly.

“It’s well known Sir, thank you” T responded on the other side.

Ekon and T smiled and pointed at each other.

“Fuck off, the lot of you” Marcus said playfully.

He walked off and hugged Lily closer.

“I guess it’s just me and you now”

With that, he waved the guys off and sauntered to his private office.

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