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Chapter Four

Log 4
May 6th 2004
Friday Night

Tonight was a slow one. I had no one to kill, no club to cruise, Edward was even out on one of his leisurely strolls for any ladies of the night. I had grown accustomed to his schedule, even more so to his likes and dislikes. Making a friend in this type of business was rare and even with a demon heart like mine, I treasured him a lot. He helped to keep at bay some of the darkness that was looming inside me, reminding me I had power over the demons, not the other way around. I'm sitting in an empty diner, glazing syrup heavily over my donuts. I must have looked like a poor sap on a Friday night by myself.

In such silence it allowed me to remember the good times (most of which I had with Edward). We had gone on a fishing trip to Red Willow Lake in North Dakota two years ago. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing but we had money to spare, so why not? At that time, Edward looked a lot younger than he did now. His hair then was a little longer, able to pull into a ponytail. His short frame was less muscular but his biceps were getting there. His height, however, was his only downfall. I pitied him at 5' 4. But it didn't make him any less dangerous.

We had settled on a lake house nearby for three days, spending most of the days fishing, talking about our childhoods and relaxing under the smoky sky. It was the most peaceful moment I've ever had in a while. I was enjoying the memories a little too much that I didn't notice the chair in front of me move. Edward settled into the empty seat and smirked at me.

I made a joke about trolling for fresh meat which he replied to with an "I didn't find any this time"

I shared the remainder of my donuts with him and in turn, he purchased drinks for us. And that was how we settled the night. Drinking and reliving fond memories.


Ellen slid a bookmaker on Log Five and closed the book there. This log made her feel warm inside, unlike the other logs that made her shake and tremble. It made MW appear to be a regular human being with emotion. That he experienced loneliness, sadness, and happiness. But yet still he had the power to take someone's life without thought. The man was contradicting to no end. She set the book away on her study desk and ambled her way into the living room.

Dani had decided it was better for her to spend the night there and Ellen figured she should be expecting her any minute.


Ellen continued her way to the front door and opened it wide to see Dani standing there with a backpack slung over her shoulder. She let her friend slip by her and padded in the living room after her, closing the door shut. Dani threw her bag to the carpeted floor before collapsing on the couch.

"Tonight is when I die" Dani exclaimed, feigning death with a dramatic hand over her forehead.

Ellen rolled her eyes with a smile. "If you knew death was coming, why'd you take all those classes?"

Dani watched as Ellen got her textbooks, notes, and instruments and brought them into the living room. She settled on the floor. Dani followed suit and did the same.

"It's my parents," Dani explained. "The sooner I finish all the subjects required, I can get back to working with them"

Ellen remembered Dani mentioning a small beauty store her mother owned. It wasn't well known but the family made a decent profit to keep them going. Ellen had bought from them only once due to distance. While she contemplated her friend's predicament, Dani flipped to the required questions that needed to be completed. Ellen pushed her thoughts aside and got down to business.

For the next two hours, both girls concentrated on the task ahead. Every now and then Dani would broach a question by her and Ellen would slowly show her the process. By 11 PM, the two conceded they had done enough to warrant them a passing grade. Ellen closed her books and leaned back against the couch behind her.

"Why'd you leave so suddenly last night?"

Dani's voice interrupted her from her relaxing.

"You were only there for like, fifteen minutes. I left to get a refill and next thing I knew, you were running for the exit"

Ellen frowned. There was no way she could tell Dani about what she'd found. Her friend was naive but when it came to danger, she was an open book. Pun intended. She would have tried to convince Ellen to either report her findings to the police or throw the book away entirely. Then again, the whole book could just be a joke. But the handwriting, specific quotes...it all seemed to be real.

"Well, I met a guy," Ellen started cautiously.

Dani's ears perked up.

"We were only chatting for a few minutes. He mistook me for his blind date and I got nervous."

Dani pursed her lips. "So you ran off?"

Ellen giggled nervously. "In a sense, yes."

Her friend stared at her incredulously as if she'd grown two heads. Three even. She knew her excuse was a bit lacking but it wasn't entirely a lie. She hadn't looked at a man for most of her time at University. Three years. It's not that she wouldn't have liked a boyfriend but it just didn't happen. Her nose was either in a book or in a pillow. Sleep had become her best friend too. And guys weren't necessarily not lining up but she had no experience dealing with the opposite sex than the little she encountered in high school.

She had always been a center of attention. Her wide hips, thick thighs, and slightly large bottom couldn't be hidden. Additionally, her breasts weren't small either. They were just perfect. Her body wasn't horrid, in fact, it was too good that she often hid behind it.

Dani slapped her hands together. "That doesn't sound like you, but I'll accept it for now."

Ellen glanced at her curiously.

"There's either something going on between you and that man more than you let on or it's something entirely different"

"Trust me," Ellen snorted, "I wouldn't be caught with that man. His face may be handsome but his hands are..."

She caught herself in time. Bloody, is what she was going to say. Very bloody. Edward wasn't the type of man to messed with.

"Well," Dani sighed, "I wish I saw him for myself. I was too busy ogling the bartender. He's a freshman in our Bio Class."

Ellen nodded. Dani packed away her things and started to head to the bathroom with a small pack of toiletries. "A bath is in order"

Ellen got to her feet too. "I'll make us a snack while you're at it too"

The two separated Ellen to the kitchen, Dani to the bathroom. Ellen pulled out cheese, ham, and bacon from the fridge, deciding a sandwich was quick and simple for the night. As she heated the frying pan for the bacon, she thought about MW again. He was in her thoughts these days more than she intended for but the man was a mystery. She yearned to figure more about him. To understand him.

The oil started to cackle so she dropped two pieces of bacon in and packed away the rest. As they simmered, she heard the water running in the bathroom. While Dani was still out she grabbed the log from her study desk again and looked at his signature. MW could mean anything. Micheal, Matthew, Mark...Wallace, Willis, Wilson... He was a killer and could even be dead. She flipped to the last page and realized he kept writing until October of 2010. So he wasn't dead, maybe. He could also be anywhere. Leaving his log behind unless he planned to...

"Shit!" Ellen cursed in panic.

If he left the log, he must plan on returning for it. If it wasn't there then that would surely prompt a search. The last thing she wanted was to be caught with the thing. She threw the log back on her desk and carefully dried the oil from the completed bacon strips. She skillfully made two sandwiches in a jiff and sat down on the couch.

"Why hadn't I thought this through," Ellen blamed herself.

Dani came out of the bathroom in shorts and a thin camisole. Ellen stretched her plate toward her friend and they both sat next to each other in silence. Ellen was now distraught. She now realized that she was in fact dead, either way, she saw it. If he realized it was missing, they would have found her by now or be looking. She had to be smart about where she brought it and who saw it. Seeing Edward again, for certain, was out of the question. She'd have to avoid going clubbing for a while if that's what Edward regulated.

Dani finished her sandwich first and took her plate to the sink.

"I'll head to bed first. The right side is always mine," she smiled.

Ellen broke out of her depressing thoughts to smile back at her friend for a moment. "If you love my bed so much, why don't you just get one?"

"Nah," Dani laughed. "I don't have that kind of money. The mattresses in the dorms are shitty but it's better than nothing I suppose. Sleeping at your place though is a much-welcomed step up."

Dani proceeded to jokingly bow and head to the bedroom. Ellen carried her plate to the kitchen as well and washed up. The log rang in her ear like a temptress and she didn't ignore its call. As she moved toward it, it was as if the pages glowed under her stare. She scrolled over Log's 1-4 again quickly, thinking each tidbit of information through before leaving log five for another day.

She turned off the lights and headed to her room as well. If MW was looking for her, she'd have to be prepared at some point.

Yeah, she thought. I'm totally dead now.

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