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Chapter Eight

It's been a week since I last saw Edward, with the added issue that the DA and Judge Martin won't lay off...what's the plan moving forward? I can only assume by now that my lack of contact with Edward has spurred him to do something but I can't sit here until then....

"Everything cool?"

Marcus looked to his left as Ekon was sliding into the available seat next to him. They were in the cafeteria having lunch, also surrounded by other inmates seated at their usual tables. The guards were stationed at the entrance and exit just in case a fight was to happen. Lunch period was normally calm but Marcus knew that a storm could happen at any moment.

He focused back on Ekon's question. "So far, yes" he answered.

Only an apple and half a cup of yogurt remained on his tray. Ekon's tray was packed with chicken and few bread sticks. Seeing as it was Friday, they were graced with a change of menu. The usual porridge, grey dumplings and stale water was put aside until Monday returned.

"I've thought about your offer," Ekon stated in a quiet breath, taking a bite of his chicken. "Without my family, I'll rot in jail. My life is practically over. At this point, if I'm selling my soul to the devil, I expect something in return."

Marcus leaned back on his plastic chair and folded his arms.

"The man that murdered my family...I want to find him...and kill him"

Marcus stared across the room at Officer Garrett and another guard that was chatting with him. The new guard had just stepped into the room. From behind he almost looked like...


Ekon sipped some of his water and watched Marcus. Marcus smiled faintly before facing him directly. He had tilted his chair towards him and leaned forward. Ekon wasn't necessarily afraid of him but he had no idea what the man was like. If he was a true killer, why should he trust his word? At this point, Ekon ignored any red flags. A way out of this hell hole and finding his family's killer was enough to push him.

"As long as you accept my offer, anything you wish, once it's within my power, I'll do it."

Ekon could see the seal of promise in Marcus's eyes and was settled at that.

"But, I have to know I can trust you. This has to be signed in blood."

So he really was making a deal with the devil, Ekon thought.


Marcus shrugged. "There isn't a definite way to do these things but...you need to show me my life matters just as much as yours."

Ekon nodded and continued his meal while Marcus focused back to the guards. Garrett stood at the entrance but the new guard - Edward had disappeared. Whatever was up his sleeve, Marcus knew he had to trust it. The two men were almost inseparable, thinking and acting on the other's moves as if they were communicating telepathically.

The lunch bell dinged loudly through the prison, alerting the prisoners that it was time to leave the cafeteria and return to their cells with the guards from their block. Ekon separated from him t head to Block C. Marcus was on Block A. They had a good distance between them to allow the deal to breathe. While Marcus had nothing to lose at this point, Ekon considered his disadvantages.

Garrett lead Marcus down the hall with a few other inmates and two additional guards. The other inmates had their feet and hands chained but Marcus was given freedom to move. Over time, it seemed Officer Garrett realized he wasn't a threat unless threatened. The other two guards locked up the rest of the inmates as Garrett led Marcus personally to his cell.

As he unlocked the sliding iron, he slipped Marcus a key.

"Your pal sends his regards," he whispered.

Marcus looked at the key in his hand.

Garrett sent the other guards off and then stepped into the cell with Marcus.

"Midnight he says...should I pick up your friend from Block C?"

Marcus eyed him calmly. "What are you getting out of this Garrett?"

The Officer peeked into the hallway then continued when the coast was still clear.

"My first month here, the inmates caught me off guard. Remember that?"

Marcus didn't forget. Garrett had been a new addition to the prison and was still learning his rounds. The inmates had decided to gang up on him. Drawing blood was Marcus's specialty but killing innocent people left a bad taste in his mouth. Even if it was necessary. The inmates had cornered him into the main bathroom and tried to choke him out under the shower. Out of pure instinct, Marcus intervened.

"Yeah, I remember," he said.

Garrett stared at him. "And then 4 months ago, in the cafeteria"

A fight had broke out. Although Garrett wasn't the official guard to intervene, he had no choice but to do the job. He'd almost gotten killed in the process too. Marcus stepped in because the two idiots fighting had ruined his quiet morning. He hadn't necessarily done to protect anyone else but...

"Garrett, I didn't-"

"I know" Garrett cut him off. "I know you did it for yourself, I wasn't expecting it was solely because of me. But you did it anyway. I respect that. Plus, I believe Judge Martin was suppose to come through on his promise but didn't..."

Marcus gripped the key.

"Normally guards don't stand in on meetings but I felt the need to have your back if something happened. I stood outside the door the last time he came here on your check-up, heard every word."

Garrett peeked in the hall again and saw a few guards starting patrol.

"Anyway, midnight. Need your friend from Block C?"

Marcus nodded.

With that, Garrett locked up and headed off. This was a first he had inadvertently helped someone and they took it personal. He didn't want to have to kill Garrett on his way out but if the fool was planning to stay, he had to expect repercussions. Anyone left standing would be seen as a suspect. Marcus slid the key under the pillow and laid down. Getting some sleep would help with later.

The 5PM bell indicating outdoor activities was rung. Marcus waited until a guard unlocked his cell and led him to the field. He more or less knew the map out of Block A to D, memorizing the few exits and entrances. A majority of the other inmates were out as well but Marcus scanned the area for the man he needed.

Ekon was surrounded by a few other inmates, chatting idly. Marcus manouvered his way over to him, motioning for Ekon to meet him by the flowers. The man followed suit and came up beside him after a few minutes. Marcus decided to keep this short. They were lost in the sea of prisoners for a short moment before the camera's could pick up on what they were doing.

"We leave at midnight."

Ekon glanced behind him then focused his attention back to Marcus.

"Officer Garrett is gonna come get you. Follow what he says."

Ekon nodded.

"Also, there's a chance this might get bloody, so expect the worst."

With that he walked off to the other side of the field. He had spent the past week talking more with Ekon which could be deemed suspicious if surveillance was doing their jobs. Distancing for the evening could be useful. Ekon also kept his distance and continued to chat with the others. Tonight would change his life, for better or worse.

"I'm visiting"

The guard at the front desk stared at Ellen with a raise brow. Visiting hours were between 10AM and 6PM. It was currently ten minutes to six. Ellen gave him her best smile and tried to remain calm.

"You have ten minutes," He dryly stated.

He slid her an ID pass and signed her in.

"Who are you here to see?"

Ellen's words got stuck in her throat. The fact she was even doing this made her sick. Thankfully, Officer Garrett slapped a hand on the front desk, giving her a smile.

"Don't worry Jayson," he waved. "I know who she's here for"

He motioned for her to follow. Ellen gave Jayson a retreating smile and caught up with Garrett. He was lanky man with shaggy blond hair. He had a gun strapped to his hip and a baton in his right hand.

"How does this work?" she asked timidly.

Garrett led her down the hallway slowly. "You're suppose to wait until midnight. I'm to get you to Marcus so you can lead him out."

Ellen nodded. He led her to a small room that resembled a closet. Orange jumpsuits were hung up on a few racks and cleaning utilities were shoved in a corner to the back.

"Wait here," Garrett instructed and closed the door.

After a few minutes he returned with an inmate behind him.

"She's involved in the plan if no one makes it out of here with you."

Garrett stepped out of the room, leaving the two to discuss a bit.

Marcus cautiously perused the woman in front of him. She was dressed in tight blue jeans, an off the shoulder purple sweater that was also cropped, showing some slight skin. She wore flats too. Her hair was gathered into a sleek bun at the base of her neck and she had her arms folded.

Shit, I'm staring! Ellen frowned, mortified.

She was also taking Marcus in. In a orange jumpsuit he didn't seem like much but his face was...handsome. He was also much more mature that she really thought about but it didn't disappoint. It was likely that he was at least 10 years older than her but age was just a number anyway, right?

"Who are you?" Marcus asked.

Ellen continued staring at him, trying her best to not look like a child on Christmas. "There's no need for exchanges. I'm here to get in and out, that's it"

Marcus sighed. "A name would suffice but have it your way. Whatever you are to Edward, I don't give a shit"

Garrett returned and signaled to Marcus.

"Time to head back Marcus"

He followed Garrett in to the hallway.

"Stay here until I come back," he pointed to Ellen.

He closed the door with a click and silence fell upon them. Ellen glanced at her watch. It was now 7:30PM. She wondered what Garrett had done with Jayson. Closing hours here had to be taken seriously so it was a surprise no one had come searching around. Seeing as it was still early, Ellen decided to take a seat on top of a small barrel. She drew one of the broomsticks close as a safety precaution.

Luckily she did because another man came sliding through the door. She prepared to put up a fight but quickly realized who it was. He had a gun in hand and was dressed in black slacks and a tight T-shirt.

"Edward," She breathed. "You almost scared the crap out of me."

He shut the door silently and took a seat on the floor across from her. "Be ready. Do as I say"

She nodded. She'd be as ready as possible.
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