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White Walls


Sitting in the hospital waiting room while waiting on news about Josette makes me want to go insane. We arrived to the hospital an hour and a half ago, and I’ve been waiting since then. My heart feels so heavy and empty right now, I can’t comprehend and believe what happened. When I saw Josette in the car with her boyfriend I just knew something was going to happen. I had a gut feeling so I had to follow them. I was in my car driving behind them, and when they turned into the grassy area and parked I felt sick to my stomach. I waited just a few seconds and started to drive by slowly. When I drove by and saw what was happening I felt my blood boiling. I wanted to kill him, I wanted to end his life right then and there. I got out of the car and just starting beating the hell out of him.

I sit here in the chair non stop thinking about everything that happened. I get snapped back into reality when her doctor walks up to me. I stand up instantly getting ready to hear whatever he will say.

“Mr. Jones? Miss Gilbert is asleep right now. She is doing better. But she does have a lot of bruising, and a sprained wrist, and a few broken ribs.” He says

“Is it okay if I go in and see her?” I say worried

“Yes of course. Just be gentle, this is a probably a very sensitive and hard time for her” He says and walks away

I nod and walk over to her room. I look in the window and see her laying in the bed looking at the ceiling. I sigh and open the door slowly. She looks over and stares at me, her eyes are swollen and bruised but I can tell her eyes are filled with sadness and tears. I shut the door behind me and rush over to her side. She starts crying immediately and I never felt so hurt before.

“Please, please don’t look at me. I know I look terrible, and my face is fucked up” She sobs

“No stop Josette. Don’t say that, that doesn’t matter. He could have killed you!” I say

“What.. what happened to him? All I remember is seeing you then blacking out.” she says

“Well when I shoved him to the ground I beat the hell out of him making him black out. I rushed over to you and when you blacked out I put you in my car and rushed you to the hospital. He’s gone, I don’t know where he went” I say

“He’s gone? He probably ran and hid at some motel or got on a plane and went back to New York. I.. I can’t believe he did this.. yes he was abusive for a long time but never this bad. I truly felt like he was going to kill me, if you hadn’t showed up I probably would be dead right now.” She says

“I can’t think about that, I don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t show up” I say

“Wait, how did you even know where I was? How did you get there?” She says

“When I saw you drive by me and saw him in the car with you I just had a terrible gut feeling. I couldn’t let that slide so I followed you. And I’m so thankful I did.” I say taking her hand in mine

She smiles and lays there quietly just staring into space. I let go of her hand and sit back in the chair staring at the floor. I look from the corner of my eye and see her falling asleep. I sigh and stand up walking over to the window when the door opens slightly and a police officer pops his head in. I look at him and walk outside with him closing the door.

“Hello Mr. Jones I’m office Martinez, you probably know why I am here. I need to get information about what happened to Josette Gilbert. I was informed it was her boyfriend, you told them” Martinez says

“Uh yes officer. Her boyfriend was abusive towards her, from what she told me. And from what I’ve seen” I say

“What are the things you saw exactly?” He says

“Well you may or may not know but I am her Professor at the University here. I noticed a few bruises on her a little after she told me her boyfriend is visiting her from New York. I sort of forced her to confess to me that she was being abused so I immediately became very paranoid. I was walking to my car today in the parking lot and saw Miss Gilbert driving in her car and her boyfriend was in the passenger seat. And since I know about him and what he does I got a terrible gut feeling about it so I followed them. I stayed close behind them and at first it didn’t seem like they were arguing or anything was happening. But once she pulled into this grassy area I knew something was going to happen. I waited just a few seconds and started to drive by then I saw everything happen.” I say

The officer nods writing everything I said down in his notepad.

“Now I am going to ask you a question, don’t take it offensively but I need to ask since you are a professor and she is your student. Are you two having some sort of relationship?” Martinez says

I feel my breathing getting short and my head getting foggy. Holy fuck why did he ask that? Why did he have to ask that? I almost begin to panic but I knew that would just give it away. I straighten up and speak up.

“Oh no Officer. I’ve been a professor at the college for 4 years. I would never, I have my own girlfriend. I would never, it’s just that topic is sensitive to me because my sister was also in a abusive relationship before so it hit differently for me.” I say putting my hands in my pocket

He nods and give me a small smile, he lets me know he has to go in the room to speak to Josette about everything and get her story. I nod and go down to the cafeteria to get some coffee. I arrive to the cafeteria and make myself a cup of hot coffee, as I’m walking back to her floor I see two women who weren’t there before standing in front of Josette’s room talking to the same doctor I spoke to. I walk over to them and get their attention.

“What’s going on?” I say

“Are you the man that saved my daughter Josette? I’m her mother.” she says with tears

“And I’m Tyler’s mother” the other women says

Holy. Shit.

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