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I have been in the hospital for about 2 days now. The doctors had to run some more tests on me since I hit my head really hard and I was kicked in the ribs and stomach. And in these 2 days I have not stopped thinking about Cyrus and of course Tyler. I can’t stop thinking and wondering about what’s going to happen now. What if they don’t find him? He is still out there right now, and he despises me. He wants to hurt me more than ever now, especially because it was Cyrus who saved me. Then on the other hand, I can’t stop thinking about Cyrus, and our little moment once again in my hospital room. I can’t believe I told him that I have feelings for him, I still can’t forget the look on his face.

{2 days ago}

“Cyrus I have feelings for you.” I say quickly

He stops dead in his tracks and stands there with his back faced towards me for a few seconds. He lets go of the door handle and turns to me. His face is in complete shock, his mouth his slightly open. I can’t tell if he’s upset, disgusted, happy or what. He walks over to me quickly and sits at the edge of my bed staring at me.

“You.. you have feelings for me Josie?” He says clearly shocked

“Yes, I believe so. I can’t stop thinking about you, and about everything that has happened with you and I so far. I haven’t stop thinking about you. I think about the way you feel against me, the way your hands feel on me. And everything else.” I say quietly

“Really? You think about all of that?” He says smiling

“I haven’t stopped since our first kiss Cyrus.” I say smiling back

“Josie, I haven’t stopped thinking about it either. I think about it all the time and I can’t help it. And I think about kissing you anytime I see you, but I know I can’t just kiss you anytime of the day.” He says upset

“I know, I know. I don’t know what’s going to happen, I don’t know what’s going to happen with me or with you. Or us. If there even is an us” I say

“Just wait, everything will work out the way it’s suppose to. Don’t worry, I will watch over you, and I will protect you with everything I have.” He says

Once he said that, I felt something inside me. I feel all warm and soft after he said that. I smile sweetly at him, and nod understanding. He stands up and heads towards the door but before he opens the door to leave he turns his head to me and tells me something that makes me feel so at peace.

“And Josie, there is an us.” He says and walks out letting the door shut behind him


{Present day}

I told Cyrus to go home and get some rest that day. He did leave and he’s been coming back at night. It’s about 7 pm now and I am finally getting released from the hospital. I was given some medicine to take for the the pain so we have to head to the pharmacy after we leave the hospital. I sign my release papers and my mom and I head out of the hospital. Gina left yesterday to go back to New York. She was hoping maybe Tyler would have flew back home and she would catch him. I hope so too honestly, I just want this to be over already. I don’t want this to drag on any longer.

My mom and I get in her car and we drive over to the pharmacy. The car ride was quiet but not awkward. Her and I already talked about the situation with Cyrus and I. As we arrive at the pharmacy, we get out of the car and go inside. As soon as I walk in people turn their heads and look at me shocked and terrified at my bruised up face and neck. I look down and avoid eye contact with everyone. We pick up the medicine and leave quickly as possible. Once she drops me back off at my college campus, I get out of her car and see my car there in its usual parking space. I gasp realizing that I finally have it back after leaving it in the spot.

“Gina and Cyrus drove over there to get it. They drove in his car together and she drove your car back here. Cyrus wanted you to be surprised when you get back here.” Amy says

“Awh that’s nice. They are so great, but anyway, bye momma I love you. I’ll call you tomorrow morning.” I say

“I love you too sweetie. Good night, be safe.” She says

I smile and head off to the dorm room building. I turn around and see my mom finally drive off after I get inside. I look around feeling so weird being back here. I feel my heart start beating quickly, my throat starts closing up making me feel like I can’t breath. I run and get to my dorm room as fast as I can struggling to unlock the door. As I’m struggling the door opens and I see Toni standing there with a huge smile on her face.

“Josie you’re finally back! I feel like it’s been months.” She says pulling me into a hug

“Oh my God Toni, hi! I’ve missed you too. It does feel like it’s been so long.” I say hugging her back

“Are you okay? Why are you breathing so hard? Were you running?” She says worried

“I’m okay now, but I just got really nervous and scared once I stepped in the building. Everything that happened to me in this building with Tyler came rushing back to my mind.” I say walking inside our room

“Oh I’m so sorry Jo. It’s going to take some time, but you will heal from this. You will soon be able to walk back in this building and not think about all of that.” She says

“I hope so. But let’s not talk about that right now, how have you been being here by yourself?” I say sitting on my bed

“Well I haven’t been alone. For the past 3 months I’ve been dating this guy. Nothing too serious we just talk and go on dates and hang out. But I actually didn’t want to be alone while you were gone so he stayed with me.” She says blushing

“Really? Oh my God what’s his name? Does he go here?” I say

“His name is Jeremiah. And yes he’s a junior here. Criminal justice major.” She says

“Oh that’s really great. I’m really happy for you.” I say and sit next to her

“Thanks J. But uhm, are you going back to your classes? Or taking some time off?” She asks looking at me

“Taking some time off, maybe just 2 or 3 days. I can’t miss more classes than I already have so far.” I say sitting back against her wall

“Well for tonight, let’s just have a girls night. We can pop some pop corn and watch some sappy love movies.” She laughs standing up

“Yes oh my god! We absolutely have to watch Nicholas Sparks movies.” I say laughing

“Duh of course, the best sappy love movies ever.” She says and puts a bag of pop corn in the microwave

I turn on our T.V. and play a movie pausing it until Toni gets back here. Once the popcorn finishes she puts it in the bowl and grabs a tub of cotton candy ice cream and two spoons. She quickly runs and jumps on her bed spilling some popcorn on her bed making us laugh. I play the movie and we start our girls night happily.

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