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I’ve been staying in my dorm room for 2 days and now it’s my first day back. Toni has told me that the word got out about me to my classes. I don’t know how but it did. Knowing that people know now makes me want to hide in my room forever. After getting ready and grabbing everything I need I head out the door locking it behind me. I quickly walk out of the building and head over to the building where Professor Jones class is. Going up the elevator I start to get nervous coming back to class after everything that happened, and the fact that my entire class knows about it.

Once again I feel like I’m losing the air inside me, I can’t breath. I lean against the elevator wall and slide down sitting on the floor. I breath in and out hard and fast, I feel tears filling up in my eyes. I don’t know if I can do this today, I really can’t. Once the elevator gets to the floor his class is on I stand up and rush out of the elevator looking around. I take a deep breath and walk slowly to his classroom door. I look through the window and see Cyrus already at his desk and it’s so clear he’s looking around the room for me. I stand there and stare at him hoping he would see me. I feel a smile come to my lips when he does see me, he looks up and sees me. He smiles softly which makes me immediately open the door and walk inside confidently. Everyone’s eyes turns to me and the class gets quiet.

I take a deep breath and look away from everyone quickly going down the stairs. I take my seat and sit there quietly, my eyes go to Cyrus and he’s already looking at me.

“Start teaching. Please.” I mouth to him

He nods and looks over to the class and begins to teach the lesson for the day. And of course I have no idea what he is teaching because I’ve been gone for days. Luckily though, slowly during the class I start to figure out and understand him. 1 hour left in class he assigned us to just read the last chapter in our book and analyze the entire last chapter. As I’m writing notes for the book I notice that the guy next to me is trying to get my attention.

“Hey hey, your name is Josette right?” he whispers

“Uh yes, but I prefer Josie. Do you need help with something?” I whisper

“No no thanks. But uh I’m Jesse. I just wanted to say that I heard about what happened, basically everyone did. But I am really sorry about what happened to you, you didn’t deserve that.” He whispers sympathetically

“Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. I’m still sort of dealing with it you know, I can’t just instantly forget about it.” I sigh looking at his face noticing how good looking he is

Now don’t get me wrong, I just got out of a long abusive relationship. And I am kind of having a little thing with Cyrus and I really like it and I really like him. But this guy, Jesse, is so handsome.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to try and forget about it right away. You need time to heal, I won’t try and act like I know what you went through but I just know it must have been terrible. And I know you literally just got out of a relationship. But you are really beautiful and you seem so sweet and great, if you don’t mind can I get your number? If you don’t want to it’s completely fine and understandable.” He says a little hopeful and with a smile

“Jesse that’s really sweet. But I don’t know, it would feel very weird for me.” I say quietly and quickly looking over at Cyrus and notice him staring us down

Is Cyrus watching Jesse try to get my number, is he jealous? I notice he actually looks very agitated and pissed. It’s actually pretty cute that he’s jealous right now. I slightly look over at Cyrus and he moves his eyes to me, clearly very annoyed. He breathes in and out hard. I look back at Jesse and smile.

“I’m sorry Jesse but just not today. I wasn’t even fully ready to come back here today, I was 2 seconds away from leaving when I got to the door. You are nice and I really appreciate everything you just said. But I’m sorry I can’t.” I say and look back down at my notebook

“It’s okay Josie, no apology needed. I completely understand. Maybe another time in the future.” He says and turns away


Once the class finishes the class scurries out and I’m the last one behind. Before I walk up the stairs to leave Cyrus speaks up.

“Jesse Montes huh? He was totally flirting, I mean I don’t blame him.” Cyrus says

“Awh is someone jealous?” I say turning around teasing him

“Damn right I am. I hated seeing him staring you down and flirting with you.” He says coming closer to me

“Now now Professor, I wish I can kiss you right now but there are still students passing by the classroom and someone could see. Am I right?” I say

“Sadly yes. But don’t worry, soon enough I’ll be able to feel your lips again.” He winks at me making me all soft

I smile and turn my heel rushing out of his classroom. Once I turn the corner I see Jesse walking listening to music. Even though him and I just met we can still be friends. I catch up to him and get his attention which causes him to take out his earphones.

“Hey, what’s up Josie?” He smiles slipping his phone in his pocket

“Nothing I just wanted to know if you’d like to be friends? We can get to know each other and everything.” I say as we walk

“That’d be great. I would actually really love to get to know you.” He says smiling

“Perfect! I have a little while until my next class. If you don’t have plans, let’s get something to eat. I’m starving.” I say

“Oh god me too, let’s get some Mexican food. I know this really amazing Mexican place about 2 miles down the road from here.” He says

I nod letting him know I’m down for it. We head down the stairs and out to the parking lot. I ask him if we can take his car because I just can’t bare to be in my car now after what happened. That’s the last memory I have with my car and it will haunt me. We drive to the restaurant, we sit and order our food. We sit and eat, spend time talking for about an hour and half until we realize we both have to get back to campus. Once we arrive back on campus we go our separate ways and go off to class. And I realized that for the first time in a long time I was happy. Not for Jesse or Cyrus, but because it finally hit me that I am no longer with Tyler. He can’t hit me anymore, I won’t have to be scared anymore. Even though I am still paranoid about him coming back to finish what he started, I just feel.. happy. And thank god, luckily the rest of the day went by so smooth and nicely. I never felt so good, so happy, so relaxed.

I love it.

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