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It’s almost 6:30 pm, Josie is almost here and I am so nervous. I have never been so nervous or excited to be around someone or to see someone. I cleaned my apartment once I got home, I cleaned up my room and everything. I light the candles around my place and put on a record of the Beatles on my vinyl. I jump in the shower and quickly clean myself up. Once I finish my shower I step out and wrap a towel around my torso. As I walk over to my room I pat myself dry with the towel and slip on my boxers, I grab a plain black t shirt and put it on along with a pair of pants. As soon as I finish I hear a knock on my door, I quickly rush to the door taking a deep breath opening the door. Seeing this beautiful ass girl standing at my door makes my skin tingle and my heart feel warm.

“Hey beautiful, you’re finally here.” I say smiling and pulling her into a hug

“Hey you, how are you?” She says smiling sweetly

“I’m good, I’m happy you came.” I say letting her come in and closing the door behind her

“Of course I was going to come. I brought the food as well.” She says holding up the bags of food

“Oh yeah? What’d you get?” I say with a laugh

“I wasn’t sure what kind of food you liked, so I got a few different things. I got some Pho, some sushi then I got some burgers, and fries.” She says putting the food on my kitchen counter

“That’s a strange food mix. But I love it all” I say laughing

We take the food to my living room and place everything on my coffee table. I get some plates for us and sit down on the couch next to Josie. We both take some food and start eating and talking.

“So how are you doing Josie? I say staring at her

“I’m.. I’m getting there. It’s still very recent and new for me, if I’m being honest I am still very paranoid. I still feel like he’s here and he’s just watching me at all times.” She says sighing

“I get it, it was a terrifying situation. But I have very high hopes that the police will find him. And when they do he will be gone, you won’t have to worry or be paranoid anymore.” I say taking her hand in mine

“I really hope so, I just want to get past this. I want to move on but I feel like I can’t because I know that he is still out there.” She says sadly

“I know it’s not much help saying this right now, but I am here. And I will not let anything else happen to you ever. If that bastard tries to come back, he will regret it.” I say pulling her close to me

“Oh yeah? You’re going to save me again?” She says with a small laugh

“Hell yes, I will protect you no matter what. I won’t let anything happen to you again.” I say smiling

She smiles sweetly and moves in closer to me. As we sit together and eat while listening to music we just talk for what seems like the longest time. Once we finish eating we clean up the food and plates from the living room and take it to the kitchen. As Josie is throwing the boxes away and everything I come behind her and take her by the hands turning her around staring down in her eyes.

She looks at me and leans in closer placing her lips on mine. Finally I can kiss her again. I immediately kiss back holding her face in my hands, as we kiss I feel her soft delicate hands on my back which causes me to get goosebumps all over my body.



As Cyrus and I are kissing I place my hands on his back causing the kiss to get more intense. He moves his hands down to the back of my thighs and lifts me up sitting me down on the kitchen counter. I feel his hands explore my body as we kiss.

I have never felt this way before, no one has ever made me feel this way. Tyler never made me feel this way, not even at the start of our relationship. But Cyrus makes me feel something I have never felt, the way he makes me feel when he kisses me, or touches me or even just looks at me. I pull away slowly opening my eyes to stare at him.

“I want you.” I say quietly

“I want you too, but are you sure you are ready for this?” He says holding me

“Yes, I want you Cyrus.” I say

He smiles and kisses me deeply picking me up and walking me to his bedroom. He shuts his door and gently lays me down on his bed. I take his shirt and pull him on top of me as the kiss gets more intense he moves from my lips down to my jawline then neck leaving small wet kisses all over. I quickly pull off his shirt and throw it on the floor then take mine off. He kisses down my body down to my stomach then he pulls off my jeans and begins to kiss between my thighs inching closer to my core making me moan out his name. He runs his hands all over my body then pulls off my panties throwing them on the floor continuing to inch closer to me teasing me.

“Fuck please hurry Cyrus” I beg

As soon as I say that he begins to go down on me making me arch my back and grab onto his sheets moaning. I breathe heavily putting my hand in his hair lightly pulling on him. I feel myself coming up and ready to release which causes my legs to shake.

“No, not yet. Hold it in for me.” He says against me

I curse out and bite my lip holding in as much as I can. He comes back up and quickly takes off his pants and boxers ripping open a condom wrapper and sliding it on him. He leans over me staring deep in my eyes as he eagerly pushes himself into me causing me to yell out his name. He takes a hold of my hips and begins to pound in me taking in every inch of me, I lean my head back moaning uncontrollably enjoying every inch of him too.

“Don’t stop please. Don’t stop.” I beg breathing hard

He takes my face and kisses me sloppy as he continues hitting the perfect spot. I reach my hands on his back holding onto him as I wrap my legs around his torso bringing him in closer. Feeling him shaking and hearing him groaning in enjoyment with every thrust makes me come up higher. I begin scratching down his back leaving red streaks all over. We are both shaking and ready to release but wanting to have this moment last as long as possible, we both never want this night to end. He starts to slow down as we both release from our high at the same time. I feel the contact break as he pulls out and lays down beside me pulling off the condom and tossing it in the trash can. As we both calm down from that he pulls the covers on us pulling me in his arms keeping me warm and secure. I fall asleep with the sound of his heart beating and the warmth of his skin.

{Next morning}

I wake up with the sound of rain outside, oh wonderful Chicago. I love the rain, perfect way to wake up from a perfect night. Nothing can ruin this, I lay there in the bed with silence in the room since Cyrus is still sleeping. Luckily it’s Saturday so no class to go to and no class for him to teach. The silence is broken when I hear the sound of my phone ringing out in the living room. Not wanting to wake up Cyrus I quietly get up from the bed and put on his t shirt that was on the floor. I open his bedroom door and rush out to the living picking up my phone seeing it’s from a unknown caller. I don’t usually answer the phone to unknown callers but for some reason something inside me told to answer. I answer the phone slowly putting it to my ear.

“Hello?” I say in confusion

“Hi angel. Did you think I was bluffing when I said I would kill you if you cheated on me? I mean I assume that you thought I was, because you went and cheated on me. And with who? You’re fucking professor, you whore.” Tyler says with an evil tone to his voice

“Tyler..” I say feeling a shiver run down my spine

“That’s right. What did you think I was just going to go away forever? Oh no no, this will not be the last time you hear from me. You better watch your back Josette, you wouldn’t want to end up in the hospital again now would you? Or your little professor boyfriend ends up in the hospital.” He says laughing

“No please. Tyler do- don’t do anything to him.. please” I say tears rushing to my eyes

“Awh Josie, you have no idea what the fuck you did... hmm goodbye Josette Gilbert. See you soon angel.” He says and the line goes dead

He used to call me angel at the beginning of our relationship. He knows how much it would get to me and make me feel special. He’s just trying to torture me now by calling me that. I throw my phone on the couch and turn around seeing Cyrus at his doorway looking concerned.

“That was Tyler.” I say terrified with tears in my eyes

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