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After the phone call I had with Tyler I became so overwhelmed and paranoid I didn’t want to go back to my dorm room on campus. He knows where my college is and he knows where my dorm room is. I ended up calling Toni and telling her to be careful and I told her how she should stay at her boyfriends place which is off campus. She agreed and ending up bringing me a bag with some of my clothes and necessities that’ll last me a couple of days.

It’s been about 2 hours after Tyler’s call and I’ve just been sitting around with Cyrus. I don’t know if I should call Officer Martinez or not. He told me to if Tyler ever contacted me but I’m literally in my professors apartment. We would get caught, but I have an idea. It might not be the smartest idea but I feel like it’s my only option right now.

“Cyrus, I have to go back to the campus and call Officer Martinez. I can’t call him right now with me sitting up in your apartment, he would need to come by and look into the call. We can’t have him coming here and finding out about us. It’s too risky.” I say getting up

“Woah woah woah, you can’t go back to your dorm room alone. Tyler knows exactly where that is! He could be there waiting for you or watching you in hiding.” Cyrus says grabbing my hand

“I know but would you really rather have Officer Martinez coming here and seeing us together? He knows I’m your student and that you are my professor. Shit would just go downhill.” I say pacing back and forth

“Sweetheart, of course I don’t want that happening. But you can’t go back to campus alone, especially after you just got a call from Tyler threatening you. It’s not safe.” He says holding my face

“It may not even be safe from me to be here. For the both of us! He threatened you and me. I can’t have Tyler finding out where you live and coming after you. God what if he’s been here in Chicago the entire time? What if he never left?” I say panicking

“Hey hey it’s going to be okay. You just need to call Officer Martinez and tell him what happened. He will find Tyler and you won’t have to worry anymore. And plus, I won’t let that bitch come near you.” He says kissing my forehead

“I’m not worried about myself anymore, I’m worried about you now. He knows about us.” I say

“That little boy can try to come for me, but he will lose. He will regret ever coming after me or you.” He says pulling me close

I sigh leaning my head against his chest going silent. I kiss his cheek and walk back to his bedroom putting on a fresh pair of panties and slip on some leggings. I throw on a bra but keep Cyrus’s t shirt on. I put on my jacket since it’s still raining outside. I put on my shoes and tell Cyrus I’m going to go down to some coffee shop and call Officer Martinez there. I grab my phone and purse kissing Cyrus goodbye then leaving. As I walk down to the parking lot of the apartments I’m constantly looking around everywhere holding my taser real close to me. Yes, a taser.. after I got out of the hospital I bought myself a taser.

I drive down to the nearest coffee shop and walk inside, might as well order myself a hot coffee while I call and wait for Officer Martinez. Once I order my coffee I sit down in a corner table dialing Officer Martinez on my phone slightly shaking. I press on call and put the phone to my ear taking a deep breath.

“This is Officer Martinez.” He says quickly

“Officer, it’s Josette Gilbert. I have news.” I say

“Is everything alright Miss Gilbert? Has Tyler tried reaching out to you?” He says

“Actually, yes. About 2 hours ago I received a call from an unknown number. So I answered and it was Tyler. He basically told me how he wasn’t bluffing when he told me he would kill me. He told me to watch my back because I wouldn’t want to end up in the hospital again.” I say with a shaky breath

“Okay Miss Gilbert. This is becoming very serious. May I come by? Where are you?” He says

“I’m at the coffee shop on Madison. Please hurry Officer.” I say

“I’ll be there shortly.” He says and hangs up

I place my phone down nervously waiting for him to show up. I text Cyrus letting him know Officer Martinez is coming down. I stare at my phone silently waiting for him to show up. Tyler’s voice keeps replaying in my head, his laugh, the pure anger and evil in his voice sends shivers down my spine. I feel goosebumps forming on my arms and legs. Running my hands through my hair in frustration I get interrupted from my thoughts by the sound of Officer Martinez coming from behind me.

“Miss Gilbert, let’s start getting into this immediately.” He says taking a seat next to me

I quickly put Cyrus on hide alerts so his name doesn’t pop up. I pull up the phone number Tyler called me from. Officer Martinez writes down the phone number and calls the police station so they can search it.

“It’s Martinez. Can you search up and phone number for me Adams?” He says

“Yeah. The number is 773 489 7612. I need the information quick.” He says after the man on the phone speaks

The phone call is silent for a couple minutes, Officer Martinez sighs is annoyance and hangs up.

“It was from a burner phone. He’s smart, but not smart enough. At least we know now that he is here from the area code of the phone number. I know it’s stressful and it’s making you scared but I promise you, I will catch him. I will spend my whole time looking for him.” He says

I nod and stand up thanking Officer Martinez shaking his hand. As I’m leaving I throw my empty cup of coffee and walk outside to my car. I quickly unlock it and get inside locking the doors. I sit there quickly as so many thoughts rush to my head, I feel tears coming to my eyes and I begin to cry. Covering my face with my hands and leaning my head on the steering wheel. I can’t take this, Tyler is after me. He is after Cyrus, Tyler could be after anyone who knows me and who I’m close to. I sit there crying as the rain pours on my car. While I’m sitting there thinking about everything, coming to terms with all that’s happening I finally admit what I’ve been hiding from everyone, especially myself.

I am broken. I am so hurt and I’ve never felt so empty, I feel like this is never going to end. Tyler is going to win. I can’t stop thinking about what would happen if he got to me again, or to Cyrus or Toni or my mom. I sob as I slam my hands on the wheel with anger and stress. Sitting there in silence, I slowly unlock my phone and dial Cyrus’s phone number. With only one ring he picks up.

“Josie are you okay? Did he find him? Was he able to trace the number?” He says clearly worried

“No Cyrus.. it was a burner phone. But the area code on the number was from here which mean he is here. He could be anywhere right now.” I say sniffling

“Please come back to my place. I don’t want you out alone right now, you will be safe here.” He says sweetly

“Okay. I’ll be there shortly.” I say and hang up

Taking a deep breath I turn on my car and start heading back to his apartment.

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