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New Character update

Hi loves :)

Hoping you are all enjoying the book so far. I don't plan on making this book too long but long enough.

There are 2 new characters that will become very important to this book. Jesse Montes and Officer Martinez.

So Jesse Montes, the guy from Josie's English Lit class that was flirting with her. He is the same age as Josie, 20 years old. He will be showing up in this story a lot. And the role is played by Jack Gilinsky

Officer Martinez, he will also be showing up in the story a lot as well. He is 36 years old and the role is played by Mario Lopez.

I'm still thinking about how this story will go on and end and depending on how it ends will determine if I will write a sequel for it or not. There is a bigger possibility that there will a sequel but I'll just have to see :)

Much love, stay safe everyone xx

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