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I'm Sorry


I’ve been sitting in the police station for what seems like hours. I can’t stop thinking about everything that happened, it’s making my head spin and I can’t think straight. I’m sitting here in this room alone waiting for Officer Martinez to come in and talk to me. As I’m sitting here in my thoughts I hear the door open and Officer Martinez walks in with a cup of water and places it on the table pushing it towards me.

“Miss Gilbert, here’s some water. Drink up.” He says and sits down across from me

“Thanks.” I say bluntly taking the cup

“So, you know what we have to do. Tell me everything that happened.” He says taking out a pen

“I was.. I was” I begin saying

“You were staying at Mr. Jones apartment am I right? You guys are having a secret relationship am I right?” He says cutting me off

“Yes.. yes we are.” I say looking down in my lap

“Figured. Please go on.” He says shaking his head

“I’ve been staying at his place for a few days now ever since I got that call from Tyler. And today, Tyler came and he broke in. Cyrus and Tyler started going at it, they started fighting and I was hiding at first in the laundry closet. But then when Tyler was about to stab Cyrus I couldn’t bare it anymore, I couldn’t let that happen, so I ran out of the closet. Tyler starting coming after me and I tried to grab the gun to scare Tyler or.. I don’t know what I was going to do.” I say sighing

“What gun? Whose gun?” He says cutting me off again

“It belongs to Cyrus, it’s legal. He has a carry permit.” I say quickly

“Alright, carry on.” He says

“So then Tyler starting grabbing me and he shoved me to the floor and he grabbed the gun. He started to aim it at me, he was getting ready to shoot me but then Cyrus slammed into him and I guess he grabbed a knife before he knocked down Tyler because when I pulled Cyrus off, there was a knife stabbed in Tyler’s chest. That’s when you came in.” I say tearing up

He nods and finishes up writing my report and he stands up leaving the room. Once again I am alone. Seconds later he comes back in and tells me to get up.

“Miss Gilbert, get up please. You’re mother is here and she needs to tell you something.” He says and opens the door for me to leave

I rush out and see my mom standing in the front waiting for me. I run up to her and hug her tightly, she hugs me back and rubs my back comforting me.

“Baby I just got back from the hospital. Gina came with me and we went to the hospital and..” She begins saying

“What, what is it? Is Cyrus okay? Is Tyler okay?” I say worried

“Cyrus is fine sweetheart and he’s awake, he has a concussion and a few bruises and a very bad stomach injury. And he needs to stay over night at the hospital.” She says slowly

“Oh thank god. Oh my god.” I say touching my chest in relief

“But Tyler is dead.” She says making me gasp lightly

“Wh-What?” I say losing my breath

“He didn’t make it baby. They lost him once in the ambulance but they got him back. Then when they arrived to the hospital it was too late, he lost too much blood. He’s gone.” She says

I stand there dead silent, I feel like I can’t breath. I can’t think straight right now I can’t believe it. I feel myself losing every breath of air I have. Taking a deep breath in and out I grab on my mom’s arm and sit down feeling dizzy. She sits down next to me and pulls me in a hug.

Tyler is dead.. he’s dead.


My mom and I arrive at the hospital and we walk in together. I rush to the elevator and slam my hand on the button to open the elevator. My mom and I rush inside and we get to the floor Cyrus and Tyler are on. As soon as the doors open I rush out and see Gina inside Tyler’s room sobbing. Feeling tears form in my eyes I feel myself getting dizzy and weak. I rush inside Tyler’s room and pull Gina in a hug beginning to cry.

“I’m sorry Gina I’m so sorry.” I say crying

“He’s gone! Tyler is gone, my only son. My only child.” She sobs hugging me

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s my fault Gina.” I say pulling away

“What do you mean? How is this your fault?” She says staring at me with blood shot eyes

“This all started because of me. I cheated.. I cheated on Tyler. And that’s why Tyler hurt me that day when I ended up in the hospital. Tyler found out I cheated on him and that’s how this whole thing started. None of this would have happened if I didn’t do what I did.” I say with tears

“You cheated on Tyler? You cheated on my damn son?!” She yells getting in my face

“Gina step back from her face right now! Maybe if your damn son wasn’t beating the shit out of my daughter she wouldn’t have found comfort in someone else and cheated on him.” Amy says pushing Gina back

“But she cheated on him! You whore, you fucking cheated on him. You killed my son!” She yells giving me a death glare

“You need to watch what the hell you say to my daughter. Now is not the damn time to be pointing fingers and getting angry with each other.” Amy says

“I’m so sorry Gina. I’m so sorry.” I say and leave the room crying

As I leave the room I see Officer Martinez standing by the front desk signaling for me to come to him. I wipe my tears and walk over to him.

“Miss Gilbert. I know this isn’t the greatest time, but we need to do something about what you admitted to me in the station.” He says sighing

“Look please, please don’t get Cyrus in trouble. Don’t get him fired, don’t arrest him please. I don’t want his life getting ruined because of me.” I say with my voice breaking

“Alright then. I will make you a deal, if you here by swear to me that you will end any and every relationship with Mr. Jones and you will no longer see him outside of the classroom then I will make sure nothing happens.” He says

“What.. you want me to end things with him?” I say with tears

“Yes, right now. His room his down the hall, if you don’t want anything happening to him then you need to do it now.” He says

I nod and walk away holding in my tears. I go to his room and look through the window seeing him laying in bed looking up at the ceiling. I open the door causing him to look at me and smile weakly.

“Hey you. You’re okay, I’m so happy to see you.” He says sweetly

“Cyrus I have to tell you something.” I say with a trembling voice

“Hey hey, what’s wrong? He says worried

“Officer Martinez found out about us. He found out about everything. And he made a deal with me.. if I end things with you right now nothing will happen to you. And I can’t.. I don’t want your life to get ruined because of me.” I say

“What? No, no you can’t. Please don’t, I love you.” He says with a sad voice

“Cyrus I can’t, don’t make this harder on me please. I have to or else they will arrest you and you will get fired, and I can’t let that happen to you. I already put you through so much... I’m sorry but we’re done. We can’t see each other anymore.” I say and turn around getting ready to leave

“Just wait a second. We can figure this out, please Josie.” He says choking up

“We can’t, and we won’t. I’m sorry Cyrus, but we are done.” I say turning my head to him

He stares at me with tears in his eyes, his face right now will be engraved in my memory forever. I turn away and lean my head on the door crying.

“Goodbye Cyrus.” I say and leave the room without looking back

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